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  1. 48 hours later no response from a single Dev or Admin. So this will be the end of my time in soccermanager. Have been here from 6 August 2011, was part of translation program, have 35 clubs and have won 36 standard and 462 golden trophies. Have winning strike for 150 games(still ongoing) with my Celtic in GC34. Won trophies in GC1. Highly doubt there are many around who can say smth like this about them as managers. And the stuff don't give a about such players. I can say only - Gratz, GREAT support. So 35 great clubs will be available in 30 days I hope they to be taken from someone an
  2. Sooooo, You keep asking people to log bug into build-in-game system. When I do reporting VERY important bug into 3 game worlds - SMFA Games not been scheduled for a MONTHS, but still set as my NEXT game, so every player who was at that time injured, show as injured even he's not at this moment, and you did NOTHING, but close my tickets!!!! And after I open second ticket to ask you lazy stuff, why my ticket was closed without a) fixing the problem giving some explanation here it's what I received: We do not respond to tickets which contain any profanities, are deemed threatening in
  3. Griezmann is 93 rated for some time mate But tnx for answer
  4. Will repost this EVERY day since SOMEONE of these I'm giving my money to play here answer me WILL YOU FIX THIS IDIOTIC ISSUE WITH PLAYER POSITIONS OR NOT???? Today I lost SMFA Cup Championship final in GC against a manager using as RM a player which have no RM position at all!! Every single round there is someone who continuous using 3 5 2 with AM as RM/LM and no problems! He's winning. Have changed 5 times the interface of the game since I'm playing it and didn't even try to make it more realistic! It's not everything about CSS! Invest some time in backend logic as well!
  5. Will any dev reply to my and metaphysical's posts? Will the new ME become working or not? It's very important for me to know, to renew or not my Gold membership. You have enough time to do it - 162 days, but if not I will become one of many left this game. If you don't believe me - see the Help with deals thread...............The forum became useless will you do the same with the game?
  6. Wonder when we gonna see those penalties for players not set on their positions.....So far we only listen about how they're implemented, but not yet, but very soon and so on. During that time I changed for 30+ clubs formation, bought new players and so on, when other managers just continue using their old tactics with players at yellow positions and NO penalties for them at all! Gotze - assist and 8 Salvio - goal and 8 Podolski - sub Gotze at 60 min - goal and 8 Will you finish what you started or it will be just like always?
  7. Seems like the game is really dead.....In that thread there use to have 50+ posts per day, now 2-3....
  8. Berardi or Alex Sandro? I have Evra as main DL, but it's clear he has past his best years
  9. Post in help session they said, you will get some help there they said...
  10. Hm, I see... Thank you. Although it would be more clear if the double them and make them per week Same balance less questions
  11. Can someone tell me why in some of my clubs it looks like that every week players get double wages? For example here: That's the balance for 9 December: That's for 12 December As you can see for both of the weeks player Wages are around 4 millions, BUT: The total wages for my squad PER WEEK are 2 millions..... So where came the other 2 millions from?
  12. Anyone have an idea how to increase my attendance? I'm already 9 seasons with CSKA Sofia in GC8. Along with 3 other managed by players teams, 2 of them better than mine I succeeded to become champions for 2 times, get 4 other trophies and reached 2 times the final for SMFA Champions Cup. Despite all these successes my average attendance is only 8000 from 22000 stadium, while BSC Young Boys, PC managed team get's 21 000 average with only 2 trophies won for 21 seasons and without a single success for last 6.... So any idea how to get my stadium full with fans? Also in my Celtic team
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