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  1. You lot are in terrible form. Second season syndrome has hit you lot again. Bako was a terrible buy and the Matic deal was just the perfect give to United. Perhaps no CL football for next season either if Conte doesn't pick up his game.
  2. Sitting comfortably well in second place. Lets hope we can finish of second and continue to rebuild for next season. it can only be up up and up from here on for United. Thought we could of done a lot better in the Sevilla game. GGMU.
  3. Rubbish player, never done what was expected of him and never will. Smokes and parties over football and keeping fit. If and when he does return he will be sold or loaned out again. English players don't pan out for Arsenal. Wont be playing in a Arsenal shirt again.
  4. Well said here. Bringing back that side show melon is almost laughable, well it is. Why would you bring a 30 year old defender back when you are building for the future. surely there would of been other, more younger, melon then him around. Don't get me wrong, i not complaining chelsea brang back a liability of that kind back to there team, good I'm happy they did as there will be more goals scored and chances created with side show bob in defence.
  5. Really happy with how the team is going so far. We are a different team under Maureen. Still early of course but we are looking decent and getting results. Was hoping for one more signing before close of window. Glory Glory Man United.
  6. I included Batshuayi when I said, "besides the one they bought". Hardley be worth selling? I herd athleti are willing to pay top dollar for him. Would be well worth selling. You would get back nearly all you paid for him if it's true and if athleti did want to buy him back.
  7. A player we should never of let go yes, but that's behind us now and it's done and dusted, no need to keep Bringing that up, many clubs out there and managers make different sorts of mistakes about players. We do not fall short of Chelsea nor man city. City are in shambles, over weight and unfit not to mention a overflowing squad with 10 players that play in one position. Chelsea aren't far behind bough last years best midfielder in kante, but are still sloppy at the back. Up front, they will need another striker. Costa is rubbish. Besides the one they already bought. Pogba is not worth the money we paid for him no doubt about that. And yes, I would love to of had a Modric in the team over Pogba, Kroos not so much, would rather Pogba over Kroos any day. All in all we have done good and much better then under LVG. MoU came in and new who he wanted and what he wanted and got it done right away, something we lacked after fergie left. There is only one way for united now and that's up.
  8. All hail legend ibra and King MoU. There is only one way for United and that is up up up. Not the best performance but still early days. King ibra has settled in well. Another decent signing and we are well on our was after the messs LVG left us with. Mourinho could turn out to be our best signing. Hala, glory glory man united.
  9. Every other top side and slightly lower have bough up and got there act together in some form, hell, even that poor lot of an excuse Liverpool have managed to buy some below average player or players e.g wjamabaula and manie. You lot still still can't get it together. It's nearly close to start of season and Wenger still can't find it in him to bring a decent striker into the team. He can't bring himself to sign anyone. Instead, he relays on the Ox and pot smoking whilshire. I would hate to be an arsenal supporter. Wenger needs to go, and needs to go fast.
  10. Looking good so far in preseason fellas. King ibra has settled in lovley. We finally have a proven and given centre forward, even if it is for short term. We are building slowly but nicely. The only was is up with mourinho in charge. GGMU.
  11. I give Conte till Christmas before he gets the axe. The signs are already showing...A hefty compensation payout no doubt.
  12. Why do you mean by, "Glory, Glory Man United"?
  13. You still around? You disappeared, I make a return and you all of a sudden decide to crawl out also? (Rolls eyes). No, we are not certain of winning the word cup, we are not certain of winning anything, there is no certainly with United untill Mourinho gets us back to winning ways and brings back the United of old. I know you poor lot would die to have him at Spurs, but stick to the one hit wonder managers like Pocettino, it gives You lot something to dream about, about what never will come.
  14. You still around? You disappeared, I make a return and you all of a sudden decide to crawl out also? (Rolls eyes). No, we are not certain of winning the word cup, we are not certain of winning anything, there is no certainly with United untill Mourinho gets us back to winning ways and brings back the United of old. I know you poor lot would die to have him at Spurs, but stick to the one hit wonder managers like Pocettino, it gives lot something to, I guess, dream about...
  15. So the old fashion messiah has got the old he hoe. The man with the master plan that needed time to lead us to the glory days, (rolls eyes). The only thing he was leading us to was mid table. Let's see how we go under the special one. I am by no means his biggest fan, nor do I agree with the things he does, or has done in the past, But the guy Is a proven winner wherever he has been. I think there is brighter days ahead for United. I think we will also attract more better players then what we have under LVG. I'm pumped for the new season under Mourinho. Glory glory man united. (Jealous ashtini?)
  16. And that's where it ends for you lot. Summer signings are over before they even begin. I'd say one more signing will do it, probably a under 18 year old of some sort that Wenger presumes will have some set of potential. It's good you lot got your business done nice and early. Now Wenger can relax until the start of the season knowing he bought a player.
  17. Your kidding aren't you? What Wenger says and what he does are totally different. My god, you poor lot have been bleeding for a decent solid striker since Henry left, and your telling me in 2016/17 season Wenger decides he will buy? Let's wait and see. As a United fan I hope he doesn't buy anything but a sack of potatoes and some brown sugar for this morning tea. Administrator now noisy? Wow, I guess I better watch it....
  18. Yes, a striker would make more sense and would be most important the club should do. But this is Arsenal we are talking about, signing the correct players for the correct positions that need filing doesn't happen here. Wenger seems t think he can win the league with Oliver Giroud.
  19. LOL, leave him alone talentseacher, he needs to brag about something good from this poor lot. Look at the season they had, no CL football, no top 4, no Europe period. If I Was a Chelsea fan I'd be digging up rubbish like that also. There needs to be some sort of light inside that dark, glimmer of hope tunnel.
  20. Absolutely disgusted with the result. Typical though, had a feeling this would happen. Same story all season. I wouldn't put all the blame on VG. No CL football for the biggest club in the world is just not accepted. Something has to give. Either we are signing the wrong players, wrong managers or the team is still post fergie era. I'm positive for next season though. Heads up lads and let's bring the title back to Old Trafford.
  21. We are all well thanks for asking. Yes, it s a bit late but still never to late to stick it to a chelsea fan. Yes, SM has definitely changed over the years, shame about the forum, it has completetly died in the rear end. i do miss the old days though. it really is true what they say, you don't know how good and fun somthing is until it is gone. Im still not sure about you lot for next season. lets say a new manager comes along and new plays hop on bored, will it be the chelsea of old? i think clubs like United and Chelsea are slowly going to drift. perhaps the Glory days for both clubs has past. Of course, you will still have your Man citys blowing money like crazy on unnecessary players, Arsenal choking at the same time season after season, (thats standard for them now), and Liverpool signing playings like Can and Markovic, and then giving there oh so desperate fans some sort of glimmer of hope, (which lets face it, Liverpool won't win the title for another 10-15 years). But lets wait and see. Bring on the next season i say.
  22. What happened to all the Chelsea fans in here? an absouute joke from you lot this season. Last year champions to this? Id love to see Ash and Kieth around.
  23. Heads up lads, i can smell a title challange from us coming up next season. we have had time to get our act together and buy who we need. This off season i am expecting solid signings. I have no doubt, we will be challanging for the title next season. Hala, Glory Glory Man United.
  24. ​How dare you even say "you lot" your in no position to be talking about "our lot". You lot fail season after season, most of your lot are in denial still.
  25. I agree, the guy needs to go. Team is going backwards not onwards. Chelsea need to hurry up and sack Jose, that way we can lick him up. This job would be to hard for pep. He needs everything handed to him on a platter. World class players, etc.
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