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  1. God I love seeing this useless lot suffering like this. Not far off relegation now, only a matter of time. We finally get to see the real Chelsea. I only feel sorry for mourinho in all this. He is the only one that actually wants the team to start winning, the players couldn't care less. Sack him and you would be sacking the best manager out there. Bringing in a former manager is laughable. You lot kicked Anceloti out, why would the club bring him back, that's just dumb. If that's the case bring back Di matteo, he at least won the CL for,you poor lot. Don't forget good old Avram Grant. Glory glory Man United.
  2. Just switch of then. Don't read it, don't reply to any posts. I think many people can't help themselves but to post in here even though they have nothing to say, or don't like the thread in general.
  3. Def would go with Mandzukic, a proven goal scorer where ever he has been,
  4. Great for the club. Will prove to be a great manager for them, mark my words. Done a wonderful as Croatian manager. Good to see Croatians around the world playing and managing.
  5. Terrible, absoulty terrible. Should be looking for much much more high quality players. Milner and Ings aren't going to win you the league. ?
  6. Because not all benchers are the same. You have more chance of playing on one teams bench then another. ?
  7. He is more likely to get game time at Everton then United. United are going to buy up, that's a given. So yes. He would look for another team to sit on the bench at then United, because there would be more of a chance to get game time at Everton then United. Hope you understand now. ?
  8. Anyone at the game? Or watching it? Looks like a great grower out there. They said it broke the record when the Olympic Games were on. Chelsea playing here in our own backyards. ?
  9. Don't think it was that bad. What exacly was disgusting about it? ?
  10. I think it's there best chance of landing Klopp. There signings have been diabolical. A big change is needed within he club if any managers is to take the job. ?
  11. Anyone watch the Spurs Sydney game last night? Harry Kane proving to be the difference again. Was a big crowd and atmosphere, but the United visit for me was way better. Didn't know Spurs had so many supporters over here. Some very big and loyal dedicated fans, was great to se them on T.v ??
  12. Great player at his peak. Loved him at United and the partnership he formed with Vidic.
  13. Not the biggest thing on the list but surley we can't go wrong with one.
  14. How do I make it so I see newest posts to oldest posts? Right. Now the old posts come up first, from when the read was first created.
  15. I would go Sanchez. Much better form.
  16. I am very confused. I. It's the old forum. Where are my subscriptions from before? My UserCP is not here. It's taking me to the threads very first posts and. It the latest.
  17. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Bastian would be ok, but surely we have to be looking for someone up and coming/younger.
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