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  1. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Depends on how you look at it. If it's the right of players' date=' then yes. [/color']
  2. Re: Official Manchester United Thread A decent season no matter how you look at it. We finished 4th and could well be back into CL. Hit by a lot of injuries early on in the season and the.n Throughout. Players came in, not performing all how we would of liked but still we got results. I think LvG is in he right track, obviously more time is needed. De Gea no doubt our player of the season, saved our rear ends so many times. Next season will be interesting. LvG knows what he needs to do and what areas he needs to work on and buy in. Now, I must go over to that over side congratulate that hopeless lot on finishing ahead of us. I was determined they wouldn't and they did.
  3. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Why not? I would of thrown it your way also. What are your thoughts on a City playing braking the road rules like that? And putting other motorists at risk like that? Shouldnt he be setting an example?
  4. Re: Official Manchester United Thread I'll do a dancpoli here and ask' date=' based on what? Last I herd it he was staying...[/color']
  5. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Yeah....last you herd. Last I herd it was Manchester a week or so ago. so it could change each day. Not basing it on anything but what the papers write like you. You herd Barcelona when you read it' date=' I herd Manchester when I read it.Thats what I'm basing it on.[/color']
  6. Re: Official Manchester United Thread As they should. A team under construction and in transition' date=' VS a team that is well established under there manager, been playing together for some time now, plenty of Cover all over the park to make two decent teams, lots of money behind them. Oh, and they still chocked in CL. [/color']
  7. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Lets hope he stays' date=' fingers crossed. Even if he doesn't move to Madrid, it doesn't mean another club might want to buy him and he could easily move there. Interesting times ahead.[/color']
  8. Re: Official Manchester United Thread I don't think he meets Stuart's criteria to move to City...I mean it's City after all. Such a big European club like that who have great Champions League potential...who do well in Europe every season...I mean come on...
  9. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Apparently we have inquired about Sterling in a sensational attempt to make some sort of a bid. I was only saying the other day on the Liverpool thread how much I would and wouldn't pay for him, and how he isn't going to get any better then what he is now. Interesting now. I stand by what I said price wise. As for him getting any better, well, perhaps if he was with more talented and world class players around him, e.g Di Maria, Rooney, RVP , Carrick, Herrerer, Depay, Falcao, I'm sure he could turn into the running goal scoring machine we know he could be. I think he is restricted at Liverpool. He can't do much more due to not having the talent/players around him to grow. This is all speculation of course, but hey, I'd welcome to guy.
  10. Re: The Official A-League Thread Muscat didn't play anything perfectly' date=' it was a good team with good players, went in like hand in glove. Once again, you don't know swat about A.League mate.[/color']
  11. Re: The Official A-League Thread The better team won on the night and the best team all season won. Sydney have been great this season also, but Victory that bit more. Muscat thinks his Jose Mourinho now. Feel sorry for frank lowey, don't like to see anyone fall over and be hurt, let alone someone at that age, all the best mate. Highlight of the night.
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