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  1. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Great signing in regards to Depay, will add that extra bit of spice to the team. Happy signings and may they continue like this thick and fast. Reading some posts down below, outrages, simply outrages. One raving lunatic went as far and suggested that LVG would,or could buy up all Dutch players simply because of his Dutch connections/background, Lunacy, simply lunacy. No matter what nationality a player is, any player would love to be play for United as many dream to. To say players would come to United because of some sort of nationality connection is simply crazy.
  2. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Official Manchester United Thr
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Congratulations to you, money hungry, can only win by buying top players and playing dirty football lot. Fully deserved as Chelsea have been the team of the League. Think it will be a different story next season when United get there act together.
  4. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Poor performance by us no doubt. Hopefully better things are to come in the summer. Looked very poor and flat.
  5. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Its because I haven't posted' date=' so they got nothing to jump on. I posted I the Liverpool thread a few days ago and it went viral, same as City thread a week or so back. Let's leave it like this for a while, it really is nice and quite. When the season is close to finishing we can celebrate our return to the CL and how we finished ahead of Liverpool.[/color']
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread You obviously don't spent time on the Unied thread so you have no idea how it gets clogged by non United fans. Perhaps spending a little more time in there and you will see' date=' it's more clogged from non United supporters then any other thread. [/color'] Of course it is my fellow United fan. Yet' date=' when it's given to us, we take it on the chin, no sulking or being sensitive in our thread.[/color'] Im not sure why that is. We are constantly getiting clogged in our thread and things said to us' date=' but when we do it they get so upset.[/color']
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Give me time, I will have to go back to start of season and dig up posts about how Liverpool will finish ahead of United, and how Liverpool will be in the CL next season again. Terrible from you poor lot, simply terrible. Wrong players bought at start of season, that become clear when you lot hit the third or fourth week into the season. I said start of season, Baloteli is a muppet, he won't do anything good for you lot, I was pointed at and told I know nothing. Liverpool have been blow average his whole season. THere was a time, a few weeks back where you lot managed to string a few wins in a row, not sure exactly how much it was, and all of a sudden it was Liverpool this Liverpool that. Well, now it's Liverpool out of CL out of top 4 and trophie -less. I think I prefer this Liverpool. Happy days ahead for you lot. Be lucky if you hold on to Sterling next season also, along with him and couthino, it's all Liverpool have. Oh yeah, and a constantly injured Sturridge
  8. Re: Official Everton FC Thread Congratulations on the win. Do still you think it's time for Martinez to go? Or would you like him to stay in for next season?
  9. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Wow, didn't see that one coming, or I probably did. Totallly out of left field there. Everton played and defended well, deserved the points.
  10. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Here we go again' date=' no there not, that's clear. I'm talking about his team and the team they are playing. Remember what I said about trying to fit in...[/color']
  11. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread So how to you lot think you will go today? I'm almost certain of a Arsenal win. You need to be brought back a peg or two, and I think Arsenal are the team to do it. I think Wenger will get this one right, for once in his miserable last few seasons with Arsenal.
  12. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Easily pick up three points here and continue our serge top second or third place. Three points for us, nothing less.
  13. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Carrick doesn't need replacing' date=' not yet anyway. He actually wants to stil play for United. He doesn't let his agent control him and make statements like he will be leaving, or he is looking for another club. Toure on the other hand wants out, and I think City want him off the ridiculous wages he is also on. 31 isn't old no, and Im Sure he will find another club. But there is a big difference between someone who still wants to play for there club like Carrick, and someone who doesn't. Yes Carrick s older, but he actually wants to still play for United, therefore city do need to replace toure.[/color']
  14. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Yes he probably could' date=' but why there when he has a chance to play for the most famous and known football club in the world, with all sorts of history Behind them. And more trophies to come in the future, with a new and rejuvenated Manchester United team. [/color']
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