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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Supposedly Alderweireld is available for just under 7million, which seems like a smart move to me. I too would like to see Miquel given a run out for a string of games, especially considering how long he's been waiting on the bench for opportunities.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread If the deal happens, hopefully it's not for the rumored 15ish million as was mentioned earlier this summer. He's been impressive at the u-20 WC, but still has a lot of developing to do. His strength and dribbling remind me a bit of Diaby, but his passing is sometimes sloppy. He could really benefit by learning from an intelligent passer like Arteta, because physically, he's already pretty impressive.
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Let the rumors fly... https://twitter.com/AFCAcademy/status/354958554014302208
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Whoops, mixed up my Lyon players. It's too early... Gonalons would have been a pretty decent addition had we signed him, but on the bright side, the more big name players that choose to stay in Lyon, the more chance we have at getting Grenier.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread So I guess Gonalons isn't coming this year. It's a shame, since so far he's the only player who we know for a fact that Arsenal made a bid for.
  6. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread What do you guys think about Francis Coquelin joining Freiburg?
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread This seems REALLY fishy to me. I can't see Wenger being happy with a prospective transfer target's father telling the world that his son is in London to finalize a deal. I'm worried we've lost the chase and are out of the running for Higuain.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread This seems much too blatant for any realistic Wenger transfer. You almost wonder if Jovetic might be back on his way after the rumors went quiet:D.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Grenier or Draxler, if they were the same price?
  10. Re: Eredivisie Discussion Thread It's great to see PSV sticking to principal and buying some great Dutch youth with the funds they got from the Mertens and Lens transfers. Strootman looks bound to be leaving too, but if Dzsudzsak's departure is any indication, PSV will reinvest most of the transfer kitty. They'll be really exciting to watch again this year.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Now that it looks like Juventus aren't looking for any more strikers, I wonder if both Real and Fiorentina will be more flexible with the transfer fees they're demanding? If both were available for around 20mil, I could see them both arriving, especially after Gazidis has been so vocal in reassuring fans that Arsenal can both attract and sign big-name, big money players. There would still be enough money to buy a midfielder, and most of our other positions have good depth already. That being said, unless Wenger is prepared to give Ignasi Miquel some first-team action, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to sign a promising young defender as our 3rd or 4th choice CB.
  12. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread What ever happened to Oriol Romeu? He seemed to be doing well for you, but I haven't heard his name come up in a long time.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread PSV would be a really interesting draw. They've lost their two starting wingers in Mertens and Lens, with Stootman on the way out as well, but PSV have a history of reinvesting transfer fees in youngsters (they bought Strootman, Wijnaldum, Mertens and Willems after selling Dzsudzsak two years ago). They're a very strong, fast-paced attacking team, but aren't always solid defensively. Ultimately, Arsenal are better than them, but they may prove trickier customers than expected, especially if some of their youngsters like Narsingh, Depay and Wijnaldum shine. Also, with Juve tying up Tevez, would fans rather see Higuain or Jovetic join the club? Let's say they were both available for identical fees and wages. Higuain would be a better short-team option for me, but I'd honestly rather see Jovetic at Arsenal. He would provide the extra creative influence we need to establish a really potent attack, and he'd fit into the squad better, as he's more versatile than Higuain.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread It sounds like Podolski is staying for the time being, as he's indicated on twitter that he's staying put. However, I think that swapping him for a more technical and creative winger would be ideal for the team. Gervinho would be a good option but for his terrible final pass. Remy Cabella would be my first choice if we were to buy. He's quick, good at 1v1s, and offers more in the build-up play than some of our current wingers.
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread What do you guys think of Arsenal's playing style? Having watched the Spain v. Uruguay game today, I saw some similarities between Arsenal and Spain in the attacking sense. Uruguay were playing super defensive, as many teams to against Arsenal, but Spain were still able to create many scoring opportunities despite Uruguay's stubborn tactics. All in all, Spain had a couple of distinct differences in their playing that seemed to make them much more potent than Arsenal, but it strikes me that Arsenal can take some of Spain's tactics and make them work in the PL too. Firstly, when other teams park the bus, Arsenal seem to pass the ball laterally about halfway between the halfway line and the opponent's 18, with Arteta and Ramsey combining to switch the play from side to side. Spain, on the other hand, seemed to be passing the ball in deeper areas, closer to their own half, and instead of switching the play constantly, they'd crowd midfielders in the wide areas, passing the ball around, and slowly make their way to the opposite end of the field(with LOTS of one-touch passing). The other main difference is that while Arsenal use Arteta and Ramsey for the bulk of the midfield passing, with someone like Cazorla or Rosicky combining as well, Spain played Iniesta, Xavi and Busquets play very close to each other, combining as a trio, while also playing with the fullbacks and wingers. The virtue of the Spanish game is that as they play with the ball deep, Uruguay had to push up the field a little farther, creating a bit more separation between their two banks of four or five. Consequently, the Spanish midfielders were able to play penetrating balls between the Uruguayan midfield and defense to their wingers or striker, who would receive the ball with their back to goal, and try to combine with their attacking colleagues quickly as Uruguay's midfield dropped to squeeze them out and defend. With Arsenal's midfield playing higher up the pitch on a regular basis, they are unable to play these kind of penetrating balls with pace into the front three, as Arsenal's midfield squeeze their opponents' midfield really close to the opponents' back line, which leaves little space for our front three to operate in. Secondly, while Fabregas was officially labelled as a winger on the team sheet, he actual positioning was certainly far from it. He was very mobile; he alternated wings with Pedro and supported Soldado almost as a second striker, but also came deep into the midfield to combine with Spain's midfield trio. Fabregas' positioning was really effective in making space for his teammates, as he was always either drawing Uruguay's defenders away from the play, or providing a passing option if Spain wanted to try intricate passing plays through Uruguay's defense. Fabregas' positioning kind of reminded me of how Cazorla played for Arsenal as an CAM, as Santi would often come very deep to pick up the ball, but would also find himself combining with our wingers out wide, and with the striker up front. Thirdly, with Sergio Busquets often dropping between Spain's CBs, that allowed Spain's fullbacks to advance and contribute to the build-up play, while also providing crossing options from out wide. Linking this back to my first observation, Busquets was able to play between the CBs because Spain's midfield three played so deep, which led to a really interesting offensive setup, with Spain's CBs and midfield in front of Uruguay's midfield, Spain's fullbacks often out wide but in between Uruguay's midfield and defense, and Spain's forward three either on the backs of Uruguay's defenders, playing in the space between Uruguay's midfield and defense, or taking turns coming deep to combine with Spain's midfield. Arsenal don't really have a midfielder who's defensively sound enough to get away with playing in between our CBs on the attack, but if we were to add someone who could do that, I think we'd reap the rewards of increased use of our fullbacks when attacking, especially on the left, where Gibbs' build-up play is quite effective. All in all, to apply this to Arsenal, I think that those who are yearning for another creative player in the Cazorla mold have the right idea, as adding one more creator would enable Arsenal to have creativity both in the midfield and the attack. While I think that sitting deep and waiting to play penetrating balls to someone like Giroud would really help Arsenal break down teams who are parking the bus, a mobile winger or striker would do wonders helping our sometimes sluggish front three deceive defenses and make nifty combinations. The closest thing we've had to this was Gervinho playing as a false nine, and barring his finishing, I actually thought that he was really effective up there. His movement off the ball was instrumental in making space for the likes of Cazorla to exploit, and he had a knack for drawing defenders into positions where Arsenal could play through balls and send their wingers in on goal. Now, we all know that Gervinho isn't cut out for a the striker role. Therefore, I'm curious to see if Rosicky could play as a mobile winger a la Fabregas, coming central to help out with the play and roaming out wide to link up with the fullbacks. To make a long story short, the changes I think would benefit Arsenal's playing style are as follows: 1. Play our midfield three deeper, drawing the opposition's midfield farther forward, and enabling our midfield to play penetrating balls into our front three. 2. Find a more mobile winger to play in a free role, helping out where needed in the attack. Giroud would keep his place in the team, however, as he'd be needed to hold up the ball and provide a solid, consistent option that our other attackers could feed off of. 3. Wenger has been doing this, but try to get our fullbacks to offer width, and our wingers to play a little narrower. Playing a midfielder between our CBs isn't the solution right now, but we've seen how effective Gibbs can be when offering width when Cazorla plays as a narrow LW, and we should exploit this when feasible. 4. Play Wilshere deeper, similar to where he was played in 2010-11. Yes, he's not as sound defensively as some may like, but like Fabregas, he can develop into a more well-rounded player if he spends more time playing deep. Right now, as effective as Wilshere's incisive runs are, running at the opposition often leads to the opposition collapsing, clogging up space, and not leaving Wilshere any passing options. This would be fine if Wilshere scored more from midfield, but until that happens, I think we should stick with a primarily passing CAM rather than a primarily dribbling CAM, and let Wilshere do his thing in deeper areas of the pitch. Sorry for the length of this post, but what does everyone think? Keep in mind that his is mainly regarding Arsenal playing against teams who park the bus and close down space, as we've had some issues scoring against that type of opposition.
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread He's had injury troubles having been out on loan for the past season and a half. However, Wenger has more than once publicly stated that he has immense faith in Ryo. I can see him possibly going to Betis on loan, but regardless of what happens, he's still a really raw prospect. His dribbling is decent, but is speed really the only area he excels in.
  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Whoops. Pretty stupid typo on my part. Thanks for pointing it out. Where do you all see Ramsey fitting in next year? If we sign someone to play in his box-to-boxish position, what happens to his place in the team?
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