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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread If you look back on this season, Szczesny performed much better after being displaced from the team by Fabianski. Considering that Fabianski is by no means a superb goalie, it strikes me that Arsenal don't necessarily need someone as high-profile and expensive as Cesar to help push Szczesny. While I don't deny that Cesar is better than Schwarzer right now, and that Schwarzer's arrival wouldn't have Szczesny trembling in his boots, bringing in Schwarzer would keep Szczesny honest, just as Fabianski did. Schwarzer provides more experience, and arguably more quality than Fabiansk. Were Schwarzer to arrive, I could see him starting games at the beginning of the 13-14 season, with Szczesny taking over midway through, almost like Friedel and Lloris for Spuds this past year. Is Szczesny good enough to win the League yet? No. Is Arsenal good enough to win the League yet? No. Is Szczesny good enough to win a Cup yet? Yes. Is Arsenal good enough to win a Cup Yes. Based on that simple analysis, I'd say that Szczney is in the same boat as Arsenal's squad as a whole: still not the finished product, but on the rise ready to prove their capacity as League-contenders in a season or two. Therefore, signing Cesar seems like a waste, as he'd be a quick fix now, but wouldn't be able to contribute in a couple of years when Arsenal can really make strides, albeit with an unexperienced Szczesny if Cesar is starting. To touch briefly on wingers, Cazorla can cross, and Walcott is better than people give him credit for. I really see crossing as a more important skill for our fullbacks than wingers, as our wingers cut inside often, and while Gibbs' isn't great(but he offers a lot in terms of attacking build-up play), Sagna's crossing is awful.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread To touch on the keeper issue, why not purchase someone like Mark Schwarzer? We've seen how fantastic Brad Friedel has been for Spuds, and I can easily see someone like Schwarzer giving Szczesny competition, helping him develop, and stepping aside in a season or two when Szczesny is ready to take the no.1 position for good. We've certainly seen that Szczesny has the qualities to be an amazing keeper, but needs both competition and mentoring to grow. Schwarzer is also a cheaper option than Cesar. In terms of wingers, both Griezmann and Cabella would be great options, as mentioned previously, but I'd like to see more of Serge Gnabry next season. I don't think Arsenal are taking enough advantage of their youth academy, and Gnabry is the one prospect in particular who looks ready to play a 5-15 game bit-part role in Wenger's plans next season. Also, while he looks set to join Real Betis for another season, let's not forget about Joel Campbell, who could be a very industrious option on the wing for us. That would leave us with Cazorla, Walcott, Gervinho (he shouldn't start all the time, but when in form, he's definitely our best all-around winger), Oxlade-Chamberlain (assuming he's not converted to a full-time midfielder), Gnabry and maybe Campbell. Seems like a pretty good combination to me, with skill, pace, experience and youth all in the mix.
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I have to say, if he does come to Arsenal, I think we can all throw the Fabregas rumors out the window. Grenier looks like a great player, but I'm worried that if we by him someone like Thomas Eisfeld won't get any first-team chances, unless Wenger tries to convert either of them into wingers that is...
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread All this talk about a new striker, but why don't we take Joel Campbell back from loan? While not the finished product, he's got all the qualities of a complete striker, and clearly is ready to at least be a contributor to the first team. I'm by no means saying that having Campbell is the equivalent of having a Higuain or a Jovetic, but promoting him to the first team seems like more of a typical scenario than Wenger spending 25million at once.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread While I don't think that it is likely, I honestly think that Ilkay Gundogan would be a better fit for the team than any of the aforementioned DMs. Gundogan essentially can play the exact same role as Arteta, and his speed of play would help invigorate an Arsenal attack that looks slow. Also, Wenger wouldn't have to change his existing tactics, which have worked very well, to incorporate him into the team. The problem I have with signing a physical DM is that the makeup of our midfield would have to change quite a bit. With a physical DM at the base of a midfield, both other midfielders have to be more resourceful going forward than our existing bunch. For example, Ramsey wouldn't have nearly the influence he already has if we played with a physical DM, because Ramsey would no longer be responsible for breaking up play and tackling too, but rather his offensive contributions would have to rise significantly. If we buy a physical DM, I think that forces us to buy a second midfielder to balance our attack. Strootman would be a perfect addition were we to buy a DM, as he'd balance our offense with a physical attacking option, but is it worth it to buy a DM if that forces Wenger to replace some of our existing players who might not do well in a new system? I think we need cover for Arteta and Ramsey, but trying to change the midfield system with which we've had success seems unnecessary at this point in time, especially considering that the team needs a strong, consistent start to the season, which we haven't had in years past.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread 30mil is a small part of a club's finances, but 250mil is pretty significant. You're right about wages though. Arsenal have one of the worst wage bills in Europe.
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Manchester United net transfer total over the past 4 seasons : -23,200,000£ (offset by the Ronaldo transfer; they lost another 60,300,000£ over the 2 previous seasons) Manchester City net transfer total over the past 4 seasons : -277,250,000£ Chelsea net transfer total over the past 4 seasons : -240,000,000£ Arsenal net transfer total over the past 4 seasons : 33.150,000£ People criticize Arsenal's players for celebrating after the win today, but I think the figures above show the enormity of the achievement that fourth place is for the team. Arsenal have shown that in a football world dominated by spending, they can still compete at the highest level, the CL, year after year. Having finished with five less points two years ago, Arsenal have shown that after losing their only three world-class players over the span of two seasons, they can still compete at the highest level. Arsenal have shown that even while operating under a rigid, responsible, business-like financial structure, they can still compete at the highest level. The other encouraging thing about today's game was the tremendous team spirit. I think that this team knows that there won't be too many big departures this summer, unlike in previous years, and that investment will be made. I almost looked like the players know that this is a transitional season, where if they could just snag a CL spot once more, the squad will see big improvements over the summer, the team will be settled during the pre-season, and the club will finally be at a level where it can not just compete with the best, but challenge the best.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Nike's deal with Arsenal runs until the end of the 13-14 season. However, Nike are using the same home kit for both 12-13 and 13-14, but our current away kit will be scrapped for next year.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Moreno Rodrigo for Heung-Min Son, Benteke or Aubameyang?
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Bruno Martins Indi for Stefan de Vrij?
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Rumor has it that Higuain's transfer to Arsenal is all set to go, contingent on CL qualification. Reported fee is 19mil. Also, apparently Robben is available for around 12mil. His wages don't look that astronomical, so Arsenal could probably afford him. He's 29, but still world class in my eyes. Should Wenger swoop in?
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread It looks like he's going to Liverpool, but I'd be ecstatic if Eriksen were to sign for Arsenal. He's a great CAM and winger, but can also play as a deep-lying playmaker to great effect. Remy Cabella of Montpellier is another winger who would fit right into our system, but would cost around 12mil. If Sociedad don't make the CL, I can see Griezmann potentially leaving, who would also be a good buy. With SAF leaving Man U and Wigan winning the FA Cup, I'm surprised that there aren't more "Wenger out, Martinez in" rumors. To be fair to Martinez though, he was a tactical genius today.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread If the Ronaldo to Man U rumors are true, Bale will probably head to Real Madrid, especially if Spurs don't qualify for the CL. If Bale leaves, Spurs will be at a huge disadvantage going into next season, and I can see them struggling to replace his goalscoring. However, the club was smart to spend last summer when Modric's departure was imminent, and that may happen once more. I'm confident that Arsenal will sign a couple of players this summer, maybe not world-class players, but a couple of players nonetheless. However, the real benefit to Arsenal is that there shouldn't be any high-profile transfer sagas this summer, which will certainly help the team prepare for the new season and get off to a good start. Arsenal will still have the upper edge on Spurs come 2014, regardless of Bale leaving.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Spot on. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Willems for Matip?
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread What does everyone think about the Geoffrey Kondogbia rumors? I think he'd be a great signing; he reminds me of Yaya Toure.
  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Would signing a DM really help things? Over the past couple of games, we've been vulnerable on the break, when the opposition's wingers play high and by pass our midfield. Besides having a midfielder who might be able to win a 5050 ball in the middle of the pitch to not let his opponents pass out wide, a designated DM would have no effect on the team's defensive record. Arteta played great today, not letting Rooney receive the ball, and occupying Man U's passing lanes so that they couldn't penetrate centrally. Along with Ramsey, who harries his opponents all over the pitch, we've been pretty defensively solid recently, again, with most threats coming from wide positions. It'll be important to buy some cover for both Arteta and Ramsey, but to spend 15mil on a big, physical DM to plod around the field making tackles seems utterly useless to me. In terms of the relatively limp attack, to play their prefferred possession style properly, Arsenal really need a couple of new wingers to slot into the team. Players like Walcott are very effective on the break, but don't offer much when their team has a long spell of possession in the opponents' half. When in possession, a team needs wingers who offer clever movement inside, and who can beat a defender 1v1 with skill, and not just pace. This is why Gervinho can be so effective in the team, except for his terrible finishing. The Ox is more accustomed to playing a possession style as well, but he hasn't had a consistent run of games all season. Someone like Cabella or Eriksen would do wonders for the team in this department.
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Willems for either Nastasic, Carjaval or Juan Jesus.
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