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  1. Aaaaand 3 years later he joined AS Roma. Great club choice. Fingers crossed he'll start some games for them.
  2. We just beat Spain without Modric and Mandzukic! OMG Perisic is the most underrated player on the planet. Great goals aswell, but it would be even more awesome if that overhead kick from Pjaca went in . Kalinic also proved that he's way better than Mandzukic.
  3. I really feel ashamed to share the same nationality as those idiots yesterday.
  4. Josip Brekalo has been added today. I strongly recommend you to sign him. He will be huge in the future!
  5. ​Don't know if anyone has done that but let me give you some risers from Croatian 1st divison! Marko Pjaca (83) Armin Hodzic (78) Filip Benkovic (76) Ante Majstorovic (76) Ilija Nestorovski (78) Mario Musa (78) Fran Tudor (78) Amir Rrahmani (78) Vinko Međimorec (72) Luka Capan (77) Eros Grezda (75) Ivan Fiolic (78) Dino Peric (78) Ivan Prskalo (73)
  6. 2 internal deals - Daley Blind and Sadio Mane. Sell one 85+ rated player to external: Diego Reyes. Ajax's job is done .
  7. Well, firstly i wanted to leave the original squad , but then i decided to sign all players that used to play for Dinamo.
  8. Halilović, Vida, Vrsaljko, Leovac, Kramarić and Brozović are joining us for 29,1M .
  9. Confirmed! Applied for Dinamo btw!
  10. He's good but nothing like Hazard. Rather get Josip Brekalo when he gets to the DB. He's way better than Lovren.
  11. Omg, i can't believe that my Dinamo won against you! Happiest day in my life! )
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