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  1. Re: Iniesta thanks for the help. i will accept now also anyone no any rising defenders who will get to 93+ in the next few months cos once i've done this deal i'll have 55million..
  2. Re: Iniesta can anyone help please??
  3. Re: i need help!!!!! why dont u try making some desicions for yourself?
  4. hi i wonder if you can help me. i have an offer for iniesta in my barca team of 55million + alexandre pato and was wondering if you guys think this is a good deal? my other midfielders/AMs are: kaka julio baptista ribas diego juninho yaya toure diarra any comments would be much appreciated.
  5. Re: My New Unique Setup! kevin whats the setup name?
  6. Re: My New Unique Setup! lol ok. so passwords tonight do you reckon?
  7. Re: My New Unique Setup! what do you mean?
  8. Re: My New Unique Setup! i've got a mate who i've told about it (hope thats alright) dunno if he'll join or not, so will you be sending round a password tonight?
  9. Re: My New Unique Setup! hi kevin any ideas when this setup will be made?
  10. Re: My New Unique Setup! kevin could i be leemuir's partner and be atletico madrid?
  11. Re: My New Unique Setup! yeah i will be. what team are you? who will i be?
  12. Re: Ben's New setup - Ideas anyone... you talking to me? can i have portugal?
  13. Re: Ben's New setup - Ideas anyone... are there any teams left? could i get involved?
  14. Re: My New Unique Setup! when's kevin back from belguim?
  15. Re: My New Unique Setup! hi this looks an interesting setup, will be fun to be a random team... could i have barcelona sc please??? when will the setup be created?
  16. Re: young brazilian talent great find i have just bought. rep for you i've never heard of him before, who is your source?this is an incredible find!!
  17. Re: Brand new setup called :The Justice Super League can i have porto please?
  18. i know navas was a good player is it true he has a mental problem and whats going on with that?his transfer ban is just about to end in my team and i was wondering if its worth keeping him or getting rid?is he gonna still be good?will he go down? any help would be good cheers
  19. Re: Bacary Sagna alright cheers mate i'll make an offer
  20. Hi I have a Barcelona team in a private setup and at the moment my defenders are: K.Toure 94 Ujfalusi 92 Fernando Meira 92 Lahm 93 Castro 90 Marcelo 89 I have heard Fernando Meira is going down and have seen Bacary is at an unavailable club and will cost me 15 million to purchase. do you think this is worth it?He has played 28 games for arsenal this season 2nd only to Clichy who has played 30 do you think he is going to get an increase? I would much appreciate any help. cheers
  21. Re: Valencia Squad + Spanish Rating Changes cheers for all the advice guys, top stuff
  22. Hi i have just taken over a ver strong valencia team and was wondering of you guys could help me out with who to get rid of and who to keep. I am unsure about which players will be going up and down in next weeks spanish rating changes and if anyone has got any advice then i think it would be beneficial not only to me but to anyone else who has got or is looking to get any of the following players. So here is my squad, what are your thoughts? - HILDEBRAND, Timo G 28 92 - CANIZARES, Santiago G 38 92 - KAMENI, Idris G 23 90 - MORETTI, Emiliano LB/CB 26 91 - CAPDEVILA, Joan LB 29 91 - ZACCARDO, Cristian RB/CB 26 91 - ALBIOL, Raul CB/DM 22 92 - MILITO, Gabriel CB/LB 27 92 - ALEX, Rodrigo CB 25 92 - PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos CB 15 72 - VICENTE, Rodriguez LM/W 26 92 - GONZALEZ, Luis RM/CM 27 93 - JOAQUIN, Sanchez RM/W 26 92 - TOURE, Yaya CM/DM 24 91 - BOSTOCK, John CM 16 74 ALBELDA, David DM/CM 30 94 - MARCHENA, Carlos DM/CB 28 91 - NASRI, Samir AM/CM 20 91 - SIMAO, Sabrosa W/AM 28 93 - SILVA, David W/AM 22 92 - PIATTI, Pablo W/F 18 86 - GIOVANI, dos Santos F/AM 18 82 - GALVAN, Martín F 14 71 - MANCINI, Filippo F 17 70 FERNANDO TORRES, José CF 23 94 - IAQUINTA, Vincenzo CF 28 92 - PALERMO, Martin CF 34 90
  23. Re: Players NOT to buy i've been doing some research and these players look set to go down... a lot! 1 GK Casper Ankergren 2 DF Frazer Richardson 3 DF Paul Huntington 4 MF Jonathan Douglas (vice-captain) 5 DF Rui Marques 6 DF Matt Heath 7 MF David Prutton 8 MF Alan Thompson (captain) 9 FW Jermaine Beckford 10 FW Leon Constantine 11 MF Ian Westlake 12 GK Alan Martin 14 MF Jonny Howson 16 MF Bradley Johnson 17 MF Sébastien Carole 18 MF Rob Bayly 19 FW Tore André Flo No. Position Player 20 FW Trésor Kandol 22 MF Andy Hughes 23 MF Curtis Weston 24 MF Peter Sweeney 25 GK David Lucas 26 DF Ben Parker 27 MF Scott Gardner 28 MF Fabian Delph 29 FW Tom Elliott 30 MF Filipe da Costa 32 FW Mark de Vries (on loan from Leicester City) 33 MF Radostin Kishishev (on loan from Leicester City) 34 DF Simon Madden 35 DF Darren Kenton (on loan from Leicester City) 36 MF Sebastian Sorsa 37 MF Neil Kilkenny i want to be fair in this thread and this lot are crap!
  24. Re: Bargain buys (italian league) great thread, very helpful john joe is god
  25. Re: Players NOT to buy nice post there. i would definitley disagree about bangura though, he is a talent. i have a watford season ticket and the composure bangura shows on the ball shows the talent he has. o'toole is also a great buy, he has just gone up 6 in the last rating changes and is playing more and more for watford. Also only a matter of time before he gets called up to the full rep. of ireland squad. Riquelme - however well he is playing for boca juniors the standard is that much lower that he is sure to go down Adriano - also due to go down having moved from inter to sao paolo he looks set to go down in the next brazil rating changes Thuram - at a 92 rating now he is 35 years old and out of favour at the nou camp, definitely a player to get rid of Deco & Ronaldinho - 2 very good players but not exactly on form for barca at the moment, if own a barca team much better to hang on to the like of bojan and dos santos than these two.
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