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  1. You've probably opened this post thinking what's this all about. But I thought while everyone's making threads about upcoming stars we still need to think about when to get rid of players and which players not to buy. I have not seen any threads like this before so I thought I'd start one. I'll make the first post later but if any of you guys have got any ideas about who is going down and is worth getting rid of while they still have some value then post it on here.
  2. Re: Deal Involving Abidal ok cheers lads
  3. Re: Deal Involving Abidal i really would get ramos but i know the manager beacuse he goes to my school and there is no way he will sell ramos. any comments on whether i can afford to get rid of abidal in whatever kind of deal looking at my defence and how it will change after rating changes?
  4. Re: Deal Involving Abidal alright cheers guys i've been pushing for 19million + heinze but he did initally offer me heinze + soldado soldado seems like a very average player - am i missing something!! with the defence i've got at the moment and only playing 3 at the back do u think i need to bring a defender in the deal?
  5. Hi i am new to posting on here so hopefully this will work. I have a Barcelona team in a private setup and would appreciate your advice on a deal involving Abidal. My defensive players at the moment are: Abidal 93 Zambrotta 95 Castro 90 Marquez 94 Fernando Meira 92 Ujfalusi 92 Firsty how is he playing in real life does anyone know whether he is likely to go up or down or what? I have been offered, by Real Madrid, Baptista + Heinze for Abidal... Does this look like a good deal to you guys, and are these two players likely to go up or down in the next rating change? Any advice would be much appreciated...
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