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  1. Re: Wrestling/Strategy Fans i am currently, just reggied and playing a match atm. Its dificult, but it seems to be fun
  2. I myself am not the biggest Wrestling fan, but i'm always searching for good strategy games and i fell across that one. Master of the Squared Circle Master of the Squared Circle is an online, turn based, strategy wrestling simulator. Check it out Edit: i forgot to mention that its FREE, though u can upgrade stuff just like you can buy a gold membership here
  3. Re: The Official SM General Knowledge Quiz - Interested? *shows interest* i forgot to sign up, but i answered already
  4. Re: The Official SM General Knowledge Quiz - Week 1 EASY QUESTIONS In The Sound of The Music, what was Maria's occupation before she became a governess? a nun Which language very nearly became the official language of the USA? german What do female mosquitoes feed on? blood On which river is Paris situated? Seine What is unusual about the book The Hungry Catepillar? The Caterpillar was supposed to feature a worm, but it was changed due to some reason Name the player that shot the deciding penalty against Juventus in the 2002-2003 UEFA Champions League Final. Shevchenko What do you call a group of lions? I didn't know the english description for it, but i guess it still counts to call 'em a pride, after seeing whats it called What type of vessel travels on a cushion of air? Whats a vessel? MEDIUM QUESTIONS What are gnocchi? Italian pasta-like potatoe balls, can be filled with whatever you want, i personally prefer a parmesan Which American athlete set a new record in the 100m in 1991? Carl Lewis What was unusual about the 1980 Olympic Games held at Moscow? Many nations didn't take part, due to some war Who painted The Laughing Cavalier? Frans Hals In which ocean would you find the Canary Islands? Atlantic Who were the Luddites? a social movement of British textile artisans in the early nineteenth century Name four players that played in the EURO Finals that originated from Brazil Deco, Pepe, Mehmet Aurelio, Roger, Kuranyi, Senna Which Roman gladiator led a slave revolt in 71 BC? Spartacus HARD QUESTIONS Where were the earliest known coins made? some say in india, others say in china, i personally think that both is correct What country operated the first public railway? england How many grams of gold are there in an Olympic Gold Medal? 6 Cambridge, England lies on the River Cam. On which river does Cambridge, Massachusetts lie on? Charles Who said: "That woman speaks eighteen languages and can't say "no" in any of them? Do i care? When did the USA withdraw its troops from Vietnam? Sorry, but American history doesn't really interest me much Name the two fictional football players in Goal II. i only know bout Gavin Harris What is a haiku? japanese poetry style EXTRA HARD QUESTIONS Why did the Arab League move their headquarters from Cairo to Tunis in 1989? i guess i gotta correct that question, as The Arab league moved their HQ from Cairo to Tunis in 1979, due to Egypt signing a peace contract with Israel. They moved back to Cairo in 1989, as Egypt was admitted back in again.
  5. Re: The Official SM General Knowledge Quiz - Week 1 i'll answer the rest later, but i don't got enough time rite now to read through all of them... Roger, Pepe, Deco, Senna, Mehmet Aurelio (Turkey), Kevin Kuranyi (Germany). btw... a football or sports quiz would be better, as this is a football forums and some ppl here are not really 100% in english language. Like the lions question, i know how its called in spanish and german, but i never heard the english expression for it. Or the Gnocci question, i know what they are as i got them in my fridge, but i don't know the correct expression on how to explain them in english... in german it'd be "Kartoffelknödelchen"
  6. Re: My 2nd setup i just received your pm and i'm happy to join your setup I've been looking through several teams and i guess i found one that suits the modifiers given. Panathinaikos Stadium Cap: 42000 Average Squad: 85.8 no player above 89
  7. Re: My 2nd setup i'd happily take a reserve spot just like Ben. As far as commitment goes, I'm still having my first 3 teams before i became gold member, and i rarely leave setups (i only do if rules get broken and noone does anything about it)
  8. Re: Gold Championship 15 - Match Reports / Transfers ETC. i'd help you, but my Dortmund side doesn't have wingers
  9. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=25047 There you go
  10. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread Uhm... why? I was just born there, i spend most of my life in Spain and i consider myself spanish + my dad is Spanish so i can choose to consider myself whatever i feel like and i feel like a Spaniard
  11. Most of us probably watched the Game yesterday and there's a lot of people around saying Germany were just lucky and/or defending throughout the match. My opinion is that Germany fully deserved their Victory over Portugal. As far as my football knowledge goes, I'd say that Germany tacticly outclassed Portugal. I'm not saying that Portugal played bad, no way, they actually did play good, just that Germany has been better that day. Throughout the match the german defenders made nearly no mistake and the offensive players were in the right positions at the right times. As far as Ronaldo goes, he didn't have his best game, but that wasn't just due to him, it was mostly due to Lahm and Friedrich who hardly ever left him with space to show his abilities. Lets just be fair sportsmen and agree on the fact that Germany was the better side that day and that Ricardo made 2 major mistakes.
  12. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace
  13. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread How about we rate it as to how i support national sides? 1. Spain ... ... 2. Germany ... ... ... ... ... 3. Austria
  14. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread ok, lets start then... I was born in Germany and lived there 7 years (Got German ID) I grew up in Spain for 12 years (Got Spanish ID too) and i now live in Austria since almost 6 years (Guess what, i also got Austrian ID ) What does that make me count for?
  15. Re: Loan Rules The maximum number of loans varies from country to country In La Liga there can be loaned up to 7 players, but only 4 of them are available to be registered for the First Team Squad. In the German Bundesliga Teams are able to loan up to 5 Players, of which a max of 4 can be played per game AND only 3 of them can be on the pitch at the same time (very strange rule, i know) and thats how it goes for almost every league with their own Loan Rules. Its been said above, that when u loan out a player he wont be allowed to play in cup games, BUT that would only help the big teams. Something like pay X Million (set a max limit i.e. the player value) to loan a player for an entire season, in which he can NOT be recalled.
  16. Re: International D&G Match Reports & Transfers oh well, i guess the setup is pointless from now on as new managers already purchased players from random nations... I guess I'm out
  17. Re: Gold Championship 12 - News, Transfers & Match Reports my Salzburg side beat Rapid Wien with 3:0, now 3 points ahead of 2nd... and guess what... winning the league would also be my fourth GC honour
  18. Re: Hex`s World Cup Challenge transfers, Match overview etc. thread! The Wondermaker has arrived! America (Mex) have today announced the appointment of Wondermaker Oliver Blanck. Not only did he win lots of trophies, he also is a man with lots of experience in this business and most likely the manager to bring success to the mexican side.
  19. Re: Hex`s World Cup Challenge Mexico please with America as team
  20. I hope this is the correct place to post this and yes i did send a ticket, though I'm still really ....'d as it seems to be happening more often now than ever. Within the last few days, I've tried to be active on several Transfer Markets in the GC's. After staying up until very late (and I mean very late, 4-5 AM CET) and making very high bids for players, i found that when I locked in next time, that all my bids got for those players (88+) collapsed! Though suddenly the new Manager did not like his Teamand resigned just seconds after and some "lucky" Manager signed the player (eventhough there were tons of bids before until the takeover) for a lousy fee. I don't know whether I'm allowed to name those ppl, but i certainly know that i can report them via the ticket system, though i see nothing to be done about it. As stated above, this has now happened to me multiple times and I'm starting to get fed up with it, as i can NOT normally stay- or wake up until the last transfer minute due to job issues. I'm also honestly thinking about quitting this game, as those sort of "Transfers" take away every fun there is in the game. I believe many suggestions have been brought up to fix this problem and here are mine: - Transfers are normally to be completed early in the morning, why not change it to a random point every day. That way ppl will not know when to "cheat". - Make new Managers stay at their clubs for atleast 5 hours before they can quit the club again. - Bring back the idea with offers not being cancelled when a new person takes over (this should also include an IP ban for multiple accounts)
  21. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Marchena set to leave Mestalla! Manager Blanck has today announced that Carlos Marchena does no longer feature in the first team plans of Valencia and can therefore leave, if a decent offer comes in. The highly rated, spanish international is said to be available for about 15 Million. After signing Jonny Magallon, Pavel Pogrebniyak and Rivaldo, Blanck has still not finished his transfer actions. Rumours are that he is still looking for a decent (90+) Centre Back and a new (90+) Central Midfielder.
  22. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread 6 Points from the last 3 games weren't enough to save Valencia, will Blanck still stay?
  23. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! i couldn't be bothered to go back and check who did it. Atleast i didn't cut his hands off
  24. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! after seeing the attempt someone made' date=' i thought about perfecting it for you, so here we go [img']http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/8563/bannerrooneylc1.jpg[/img]
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