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  1. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Haha, I love new age Madrid fans, and in reality, new age any successful team fans. Pellegrini is not a winning coach, fine you can out muscle teams like Malaga by sheer individual talent, but as D.M. has said, he can't wing big games. That requires more than just throwing your best players onto the pitch and saying win. Mourinho might not be the most stylish coach, but he wins, and that is what Madrid fans and the Bernabeu want after so many years of no CL and Barca domination. On a side-note every time I come back to this forum I see Reddevil and Burs prayi
  2. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Mourinho has already signed with us. It's a spoken contract. Pellegrini is rubbish anyways, he's like ranieri, a forever destined second-place coach.
  3. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Ultra Sur,tatata Ultra Sur,tatata Ultra Sur,tatata The bernabeu has one of the most amazing atmospheres in all of football.
  4. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Hala Madrid We taking La Decima this year
  5. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Now Ribery must sign for Madrid, because I'm sure Madrid wouldn't have done buisness with Munchen after the fiasco they almost had, Bayern wanted to report Madrid to Fifa, Ribery must be coming to the Spanish Capital.
  6. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Marca is the biggest rubbish/biased newspaper in Spanish football along with elsport. Neither can be trusted nor are they reliable. The most reliable soccer site in Spain is AS.Com
  7. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Hala Madrid Xabi ALONSO finally signs for our glorious club, Now Guti, Drenthe, Huntelaar, Van Der Vaart out and we are complete
  8. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread I am in spain right now and have not heard anything like this in any sort of media, the only rumor is that he will be going to inter.
  9. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread ---------Benzema------------- -Ronaldo------Higuain/Raul---- ---------Kaka------------------ ---Lass--------X.Alonso------- Arbeloa--Pepe--Albiol--Ramos --------Casillas---------------- 09/10 Season
  10. Re: The Best Midfielder ever is.. DM - Makelele CM - Xavi AM - Zidane y Juan Roman Riquelme
  11. Now that the 09/10 season is almost upon us I would like to ask a questions. Which League do you predict will be better, this is a very broad question and I don't plan on limiting it beyond the fact that I am asking only about this season and not season's past. Last year the two: La Liga and the Prem were very even, in my opinion almost inseparable. But seeing as Barcelona won the Champions League, Madrid has made a few massive buys, of which the best player in the Italian League, the best player in the Prem and the best French player have arrived. I think that La Liga will be a step ahead--
  12. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Haha I love the haters. So none of you know the meaning of pre-season? Have you never experienced one yourselves? Football Incults
  13. Re: Manchester City New Player Ratings - The Rises and Falls of the New Money
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