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  1. With not only Zabaleta taking his starting role at the end of last season, but now with Maicon coming into Man City, whats gonna go on with Richards? do you think I should cash in on him now?
  2. Re: Dani Alves for Neymar and Kagawa
  3. Re: Most amazing/jaw dropping transfers you've been involved in or seen in your world Once bought Ronaldo for Villa+Bojan+5M for Ronaldo(Like A Year and a half ago haha)
  4. Re: David Villa DEAL!? No I wouldn't do that. Villa could possibly drop in the next ratings and if not, I expect him to drop by the end of the season in all honesty. At the same time Toure is Young and could potentially reach 94 by the end of the season. Toure alone is to much for Villa, so both together is just a definite no.
  5. Re: Offerd subotic and verm for t.silva Maybe try to sell Puyol for that amount, I see him being benched/retiring soon(ie year or 2)
  6. Re: How much should I bid for these players. Don't know how much money is worth in your league, but I recommend bidding enough to make sure you get the ones I bolded.
  7. Re: Song or Vermaelen? Vermaelen for me, Don't rate song very highly(Think he's a big reason for Arsenal's conceding problems in recent times). Don't think he'll get much time at Barca so could probably stay or drop in the future.
  8. Re: Turning the World Blue Citizen's Pick Up First Point Of The Season Result: Internazionale--- 0 ------------------------ 0 ----Man City Players: 1 J HART 7 2 M RICHARDS 7 3 G CLICHY 7 4 V KOMPANY © 6 5 J LESCOTT(60) 6 6 Y TOURE 7 7 D SILVA 7 8 Y M'VILA (60) 7 9 S AGUERO 5 [Sent Off In 80'] 10 C TEVEZ (60) 7 11 S NASRI 7 Manchester City Substitutes 12 M TER STEGEN - 13 M YANGA-MBIWA - 14 S Reinartz (60) 7 15 G BARRY (60) 7 16 M BALOTELLI - 17 A SCHURRLE - 18 E DZEKO (60) 7 Stats: Inter------Possession------Man City 52% 48% Total Shots 11 9 Shots On Target 6 3 Corners 8 6 Yellow Cards 3 2 Red Cards 0 1 To say this match was an improvement by the Man City football club compared to last match is very true. Keep in mind, however, that really anything would have been an improvement over the past match. The manager seemed to fix the defensive leak in the back and didn't lose much offense in doing so. City allowed Inter only 11 shots as compared to 18 they allowed against Milan. Here is what the manager had to say...
  9. Re: Turning the World Blue Manager Embarrassed In First Match Result: Manchester City--- 0 ------------------------ 6 ----AC Milan A Pato 3, 17, 48, 72 A Nocerino 40 M Flamini 51 Players: 1 J HART 7 2 M RICHARDS 7 3 G CLICHY (60) 7 4 V KOMPANY © 7 5 Y M'VILA 7 6 Y TOURE (60) 7 7 D SILVA 7 8 S NASRI 7 9 E DZEKO 8 10 C TEVEZ (60) 8 11 S AGÜERO 8 Manchester City Substitutes 12 M TER STEGEN - 13 J LESCOTT - 14 M YANGA-MBIWA (60) 7 15 G BARRY (60) 7 16 M BALOTELLI (60) 8 17 A SCHURRLE - 18 S JOVETIC - Stats: Man City------Possession------AC Milan 52% 48% Total Shots 13 18 Shots On Target 2 8 Corners 5 5 Yellow Cards 0 1 Red Cards 0 1 In a incredibly disappointing and morale breaking loss, Manchester City Manager InterRM10 was to blame in a complete dismanteling of his team against AC Milan. Starting the first game of the season, many knew of the managers inexperience in the tactics side of the game. What they didn't know, however, is that it would result in disheartening losses like this one. It is easy to see that the Milan squad won so confidently due to tactics for 2 reasons. The first is that overall, the Man City team had a better Starting XI then that of their opponents. The second is that the Man City players did not play poorly. Their ratings of 7+ means they all did what they were asked to do, and yet still lost 6-0. This all points towards the Tactics. Here is what the manager had to say...
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