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    The Random Thread

  2. Re: What grinds my gears... The new sm
  3. Re: The Official Tennis Thread Gosh how I dislike Murray, most arrogant player with a filthy missus! So glad Djokovic won it
  4. Re: The Official Tennis Thread Grinch, set and match!
  5. Re: Serbian Football Some additions: Luka Jovic Marko Grujic Mihailo Ristic Andrija Zivjkovic Danilo Pantic Vukan Savicevic Vukasin Jovanovic Hope this helps
  6. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Good news, Nemanja Vidic is returning to Manchester!
  7. Re: Official Cricket Thread R.I.P Phillip Hughes
  8. Re: What tv series are you into? I'll take a look at those. What about Blacklist? Any good?
  9. Re: What tv series are you into? That actually is very true and the reason I'm continuing to watch it is I want to know if the boy and his mum are okay, yes I do have a crush on the mum, shes hot... Edit: Like I said, this is the first TV show I am getting into. If you could suggest me some amazing ones, would be good
  10. Re: What tv series are you into? You're right lol, this is the first show I have started "following" lol. Never really got into any shows.
  11. Re: What tv series are you into? I suggest that all of you start watching The Following. I recently watched 8 episodes of season 1 and it is by far the greatest TV series I have ever watched, I am absolutely glued.
  12. Re: Euro 2016 Seeing as how Serbia played against Denmark, we should have gotten banned from all competitions for 10 years. Absolute disgrace, my local under 13's side plays some better football.
  13. Re: Official Tennis Thread Looks like Djokovic is in great form, anyone know who he is playing next?
  14. Re: Every Person's Dream Well since I am making a strictly Yugoslav/Majority Serbian team, the good players are restricted and need to make sure I get them
  15. Re: Official Tennis Thread Well Djokovic absolutely obliterated my cousin Cilic, now I hope he defeats Vavrinka. Don't want Djokovic to lose the no.1 spot.
  16. Re: Every Person's Dream Well I got every player that I wanted besides Nemanja Vidic Thanks alot Dortmund You had to steal my all time favourite player and hero/idol lol Still got a fair amount of dosh left over, time to invest
  17. Re: Every Person's Dream Applied for Crvena Zvezda.
  18. Re: Football Manager 2015 Surely 25 euros wouldn't hurt your back account
  19. Re: Football Manager 2015 How are you finding the game currently?
  20. Re: Football Manager 2015 Just bought the game and is currently downloading. Bought it for 36.14 AUD (25.11 euros).
  21. Re: Every Person's Dream I'll take Crvena Zvezda please. My in-game name is Vladan Drašković, just added you! Thanks
  22. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Melbourne City
  23. Re: "International Forumers Championship"
  24. Re: "International Forumers Championship" I would like Crvena Zvezda please, I am hoping to god that it isn't taken .. No chance in hell I would take Partizan lol. If Crvena Zvezda is taken just put me in the Australia category with Melbourne City thanks EDIT: Btw I am a Serb living in Australia
  25. Re: Euro 2016 Albania at fault, very provocative flag and players defending it.
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