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  1. Re: Best of Belgium - A tale of a Golden Generation

    I dont know where you got that impression. Spurs have more money to spend but Everton are a very good team with some great players. To say Spurs are miles ahead of them is ignorant.

    You gotta give spurs the nod this year as they have champions league football and will be able to offer higher wages but in terms of club and potential id place Everton and Spurs in the same bracket.

    I like Everton and I think they have some excellent players but I think it would be fair to say Spurs are the better team. You would consider going to Everton to gain some EPL experience and then look to moving on to a better team.

    I don't think he's being ignorant tbh as Spurs have always been regarded as top 6 knocking on a top four position whilst if Everton were to finish in top 6 that would be regarded as an achievement. For me, lack of cash to spend means that only Moyes and his shrewd buys have been able to keep Everton in Top Ten as they are very much in the same league as the likes of Wigan, Sunderland and Fulham.

  2. Re: Best of Belgium - A tale of a Golden Generation

    Excellent thread mate.

    I too share your optimism for the Belgian future, however it really does depend on 2 things - that being whether the players can keep their feet on the ground; and whether the Belgian authorities can find the right man to get the best out of these players.

    We will have to wait and see.....

  3. Re: SAS-Liga rating changes

    I have got NO response after making the first 4 teams in SAS-Ligaen' date=' so is there really any point in making the last 8? :confused:[/quote']

    Mate you've made some good predictions there but seriously, you need to stop acting all insecure cos thats wot it looks like B) lol im sure everyone uses these predictions (or at least reads them) at which case you've accomplished wot you set out for! I wouldn't be surprised at ppl not replying cos you keep saying no one is replying :P just take a chill pill and do your sh1t ;)

  4. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!!

    anyone knows something about that kid Renan? he is a goalkeeper for Botafogo and played full 90 minutes in the first match of the championship... he is not on the DB' date=' so somebody should send a ticket as soon as posible :)

    also, other brazilian yougsters who played in the opening round but i think they aren't on the DB:

    - Hugo - Coritiba - F

    - Rafael Carioca - Gremio - M

    - Renan Oliveira - Atletico MG - M

    - Alan - Fluminense - F

    - Sandro - Fluminense - D[/quote']

    Alan from Fluminense has been added.....I sent a ticket and he is on SM database as Douglas Alan.....he's a brazilian CF, aged 18 and rated 73! He's valued at £209,000 but you should be able to get him for £100k!

    I watched a game where he scored 2 goals....could be one for the future and for that price could be worth the gamble! ;) I think he has played 2 games and scored 3 goals but that was the last time I checked....

  5. Re: UEFA CUP 07/08

    lol Ok Welshman Admit You Were Owned By Machine In His Last Post :P

    Anyway Hopyfully The Russians Do The Business' date=' & Celtic Go On To Win The League, Il Give Rangers The Leahue Cup & Hope qots Do Them In The Cup,[/quote']

    All I have to say to that is.....

    COME ON YOU GERS!!!!! :P Lets just put this to bed shall we!! Rangers play defensive football!!?! SO WHAT!!! Look at:

    Greece - won 2004 Euros

    Liverpool - won 2001 UEFA cup

    and even look at Man U....they play a 4-5-1 albeit they have better wing men who make it a 4-3-3 when attacking! But no one's saying **** about their performances!

    Now everyone knows football isn't when you play a 5-a-side and show off your skills to score goals....ITS A BUSINESS! B) Whats the ethos of business?? Buy a product for 50p and sell it for £1. Sell it less than 50p and you're bankrupt.

    Now apply this to football.....why should we play (or attempt ;) to play lol) attractive football when it would lead to us scoring 2 goals but the opposition scoring 3 or 4 goals. At full-time, everyone says well done chaps for having a real go but unlucky you don't go through to the next round! That to me is a serious "D'oh" moment! I think every footie fan will tell you its about results and then performances! RANGERS ARE IN THE FINAL OF THE UEFA CUP! DON'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM THEM! WE'VE DONE IT! AND IF YOU'RE WANTING PREDICTIONS LOOK NO FURTHER THAN..

    2-1 to the TEDDY BEARS....with wee Nacho scoring the winner and Alexander playing a BLINDER!!!! Cant wait for the game tomorrow night! :D

  6. Re: Italian Ratings

    I think Montolivo should have got 92' date=' I have watched Fiorentina ll the time this season and he has been outstanding. He has made that Viola midfield tick...

    Saying this, I think that at least he had an increase at all.....Its a start and if he continues like he has been playing then there is no way that SM can keep him at 91.....

    Its not as bad as everyone thinks.....If he had stayed at 90 then I think that would have been crazy.[/quote']

    I think they were a number of factors holding him back from an increase to 92 namely that he just got a rise from 89 to 90 last turn and I personally think 91 is right for him! If Fiorentina had reached the final of the UEFA cup, I'd consider a 92....having said that I still think he's an extremely good player who has the potential to rise to 95! Obviously breaking into the National team will help him ;)

  7. Re: Spanish Ratings

    I asked about Marcelo and Llorente as was surprised these two didn't increase:

    Their mind seems pretty set so I don't fancy chances of an increase for them...

    Did you get a response for your second reply?? Would love to know what they had to say to that :D

  8. Re: Ronaldo Is God!!!

    not from smart *** people like you that think there mr big shot if i asked for your opinion i would ask okay.GOOD

    After making such a (surprisingly) successful and topical thread, you've went and ruined it! The only thing that some of us have suggested is that this post shudnt be where it is - THATS IT!! I dont think anyone has implied that they are big shots or know more than you....its called some friendly advice! :rolleyes: And a little common courtesy wouldnt go a miss if you know what I mean ;)

  9. Re: Ronaldo Is God!!!

    I only posted this thread to see what people would say about this statement.You might say this is a pointless thread but it got people talking in it

    so it cant be one' date='if you having a heated argument inside a thread which you call 'pointless' it cant be because your talking in it.Overall i think it is a very successful thread.[/quote']

    Mate I don't think anyone would have said anything about this thread if it was anywhere (lets say misc) because this is a RATINGS THREAD which means ur supposed to consider ratings about a player not have a debate of whether he's the best or not, or whether Man United are the best! I actually quite like the thread as it is quite topical however I have to agree with the views shown above that this should never have been started and should be somewhere else!

    My advice is to see if you can move it B)

  10. I mentioned this player first in an earlier thread about Bruno Galla and I thought seeing as the brazilian ratings are drawing closer and closer, I'd let you know how he's getting on. He's a Vasco da Gama player so I better give tell you how many games they've played:

    Dubai Challenge 2008 - 2 games

    Campeonato Estadual 2008 - 17 games

    Copa do Brasil 2008 - 6 games

    Total 25

    Bruno Reboli Meneghel

    DOB: 03/07/89

    Plays for Vasco da Gama

    Rated 73

    So far he has played 5 games and scored 2 goals....I know that doesn't sound a lot but my sources tip him highly! With Romario retired, I'm positive he'll show what he's capable of!

    I predict that he'll get an increase to 76/77

  11. Re: Ronaldo Is God!!!

    Saf is so great that Grant got more points than him this season.. :) bye bye

    You cant compare half a season that Grant has had to a full season! Both are good managers but like I said before Sir Alex Ferguson is a top-draw manager and in my opinion he is probably one of the best managers in the world (and if it was based on success then he'd be the best) Every manager is judged on success...look at his record:


    He is a highly successful manager and it's not always down to him having brilliant players....he won the European Cup Winners' Cup with Aberdeen FC, beating teams such as Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in the final 2-1. It was him that picks the players...and to think some of the people on this forum are saying that he isnt good or you could be just as as good is extremely irrational! :rolleyes:

  12. Re: Ronaldo Is God!!!

    First off, no footballer player is god! :rolleyes: If this expression means he is the best or the all time best then I think you have to analyse how you are rating your players! Do you like a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or striker. Well a defender can be the best defender in the world but still won't be the best player and that goes for the goalkeeper as well. Thus, I think everyone will agree that it goes without saying players are deemed to be the best because they play attractive football and/or score goals. If you want a Ronaldinho type player then yes Messi is your star player! But thats not how I judge a player! It should be the overall picture! Looking at his dribbling, goals scored and also his magic!!!!

    That's the reason why Ronaldo gets my vote! He really is a top player and is the best player in the world this season! why? Because he scored 40 goals that have came in arguably the best league in the world and Champions league. These goals have came from headers, strikes and even free-kicks (just like to add ronaldo does score a number of good free-kicks). He can also play in the wing or up front and anyone will tell you that a striker is judged on the number of goals you score! No one cares if your striker has a quiet game and then in the last minute scores your winner. People are saying Torres is "close" but come on you cant say thats because he scores a number of goals in his first season and then not use Ronaldo's goals! That's called hypocrisy ;)

    On the issue of diving, lets get this straight! If a player dives and wins you a penalty that will win your team the match, I'd put my house on it that after the match the player's manager will say "lovely jubbly" B) If you're in the box, and a defender touches you, then every striker will say why not!? Im not saying its justified but I do believe you can't not like him because he goes down a bit too easy. There are many more players that have done and will do the same thing! There's been times where he has been hacked and not got the freekick or penalty and theres been times where hes got the frrekick or penalty when he shouldn't have! At the end of the day the referee is the man to decide not anyone on this forum so sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't!! WHOOP DE DOO lol **** happens!

    Man United could win the double (the Champions League and EPL in case you didn't know :D ) and it has been mostly done to him! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! I don't support any team in the EPL but I do rate Sir Alex and I think he wouldn't have gave the number 7 shirt to anyone! That shirt has been worn by very famous players such as George Best! And what I suppose is quite interesting is that he is ONLY 23 so WILL only get better :eek: If Barca had a successful season and a fully-fit and consistent Messi then everyone would say yep he's the player but they haven't. Accordingly, that must mean if your team are successful and you are their best player then thats always going to prove pivotal in deciding whether you are the best of the best!

    On the issue of Pele and Maradona, I don't rate any player better than these two and I have the deepest respect for both! They played football and never got the nutrition tips or technicalty benefits that are being abused by players today! To think if they were at their prime today they would have shown the world the meaning of playing foorball.....or maybe not as most people (including those that are on this forum) don't appreciate a player until he can't play no more or worse DEAD! Ronaldo is no god but he is the best player this 2007/2008 season...I think everyone should just appreciate that and see how well he performs for portugal in EURO 2008!! ;)

  13. Re: Spanish Ratings

    I was also very disappointed with SM during this Spanish ratings period.

    There were 3-4 players I was tracking who really should have gone up' date=' but did not (not even a -> 0 update). These folks being Zabaleta, Marc Torrejon, Amorebieta, & maybe Garay.

    I am still hoping in the back of my mind that they *forgot* some players or *missed* some things & will come back around to fix them during this week.


    Well I, too, agree and I personally thought Marc Torrejon and also Carlos Vela deserved rises of 90 and 88 respectively. But after sending a SM ticket, it's been confirmed that they have indeed looked at every player (or claim to have done) :confused:

    I was a little mystified seeing as their last rating still showed and the normal way in telling whether your player had been reviewed or not would be if that had changed.

    They have confirmed that Espanyol have let in a flood of goals recently and hence a rating of 89 for Marc Torrejon is fine.

    They have also said that Carlos Vela is fine at 87 for a top flight player!

    On this, one can only conclude that they have indeed reviewed every player's rating and unfortunately our analysis is being overlooked :mad:

    But hey life goes on and we'll just have to wait until the next Spanish and Portuguese ratings! :rolleyes:

  14. Re: Spanish Ratings

    Alright y'all,

    was just wondering if anyone would be able to do some rating changes for all the big changes???

    I was interested in the low 70s going into high 70s or even 80s!!! These changes don't need to be reserved to one position, I'm quite flexible that way :P If someone could help us out, I'd appreciate it.

    Cheers in advance ppl :)

  15. Re: Vieira BRUNO GALLO - Just Been Added To The DB!

    Name: Vieira BRUNO GALLO

    Club: Vasco da Gama (Brazil)

    D.O.B: 7 May 1988 (19 years old)

    Position: M (Any where in midfield)

    Foot: Right

    Nationallity: Brazilian

    Rating: 72

    SM value: £91' date='000

    Height: 1.82 m


    Bruno Vieira Gallo de Oliveira or simply Bruno Gallo (born May 7, 1988 in Niterói), is a Brazilian defensive midfielder. He currently plays for Vasco.

    Bruno Gallo has started two games for Vasco this term (Playing 180 minutes in total) after having a good loan spell at G.R.Brescia-RJ last season.

    Is renown for his skillful play and his pin-point passing.

    Has just been added to the DB and at a value of 91k is surely worth a gamble? :)

    Feedback appreciated.

    Just about to do a post on this player, but it seems you bet me to it! :rolleyes: lol well it was me that sent the SM Ticket to get this player added so...... :P Now Vasco have been known for their players (Alex Teixeira and they have Romario), but this player has been described as "special". In relation to only playing 30 minutes in his first game, that was to due a fellow player called Vilson getting sent off and the manager had no choice but to substute him to change the tactics for the game. He's started to play and I think he will continue to play. He's a clever player with an eye to split the defence. He idolises Romario and states that he wants to be entered into folklore for Vasco by doing his atmost for the team. I think he's a definite buy!

    I can't be bothered to add another post so will include another player I noticed playing for Vasco and that is:


    aged 20 and rated 73.

    Now this brazilian striker is another one to keep an eye out for. Very fast and has started to score goals as well!

    Now I'm not going to suggest that these are the next Kaka and Ronaldo, but I'd say both players are for the future and will have a successful future :)

  16. Re: Deveneeey's Scottish Premier League Risers, Part 1.

    Dude' date=' his dyslexic, he can't help it, but as for you, you have to get your [b']grammar[/b] right and don't swear. Neg rep comin' your way. Yeah and we do have daft kiddies on this forum, main idiot = YOU!

    Sorry for this ruining your thread Deveneeey, but I will now stay out of this, rep coming your way Deveneeey, once again, sorry.

    "don't swear"?? LOL read all my posts and I think you will find that I've not swore at all! :eek: I've made predictions based on my opinions and challenged more opinions! That doesnt make me daft, but to refer Rangers fans as "scum" is idiocy!

  17. Re: Deveneeey's Scottish Premier League Risers, Part 1.

    With all due respect' date=' Rangers are playing a v. defensive line-up yet have scored more goals than Celtic, should Rangers strike force and attacking midfielders be rated higher than Celtic's?

    Having seen basically every goal scored in at both keepers I have to say it's difficul to claim Boruc is better, let's work from rating to rating, sine the last ratings change McGregor has been the best keeper in Scotland and the only people claiming otherwise are blinded by Boruc's past performances.

    Is it true colours day on here, it's a game mate (football not SM) but clearly you're one of those who bring hate into it.

    As for Boruc's claims about why he wouldn't shake hands, I'd take them with a pinch of salt, the man is a nutter.

    Like Boruc McGeady has not improved since the last ratings change, he'll probably get his increase beacuse SM know nothing about Scottish football but is he deserving? No, he's been playing worse sicne the last ratings change (still very good though)[/quote']

    TRUE TRUE....listen up all the man clearly knows what he's talking about! :D:P

  18. Re: Deveneeey's Scottish Premier League Risers, Part 1.

    You know your a real azzhole' date=' why take the **** about his grammer, for all you know he could be dislexic or anything.

    Daft kid ? your post sums up your maturity, loser :rolleyes:[/quote']

    I think anyone reading my posts will realise up until now I have been very civil! At no point have I referred to any Celtic fans as "scum" or anything like that!? Football players can't speak their minds, they have to lead by example as people look up to them! I'm not saying Rangers (or Celtic) fans don't become abusive to the players playing for the opposing team, but I don't see any Rangers players getting cautioned. That's because Rangers players don't get affected by chants or what not! And if they did they would be dealt with by the same way!

    With regards to the statement in bold, it seems when someone makes mistakes they are obviously dyslexic!? (Just a side note, if he is then my apologies, however reading his previous posts I seriously doubt he is;) ) Can it not equally be that his grammer and spelling isn't as good as it ought to be B) What's definitely worth noting is that I think you tell a alot about a person with the way he voices his argument! And the fact that all the Celtic fans are becoming abusive isn't the best way to show how intelligent you all are :P

  19. Re: Deveneeey's Scottish Premier League Risers, Part 1.

    Well another dilusinal rangers fan who is just as byest.

    what a alood of cr@p u just write :rolleyes:

    Also i do no that rangers and celtic caint get best players but strachen must go. Also boruc is better than mcgregor no quistion and if u scum caint handle a keeper doin sign of cross and a few swer words then whats ya doin watchin football :) it happens in every league every day so no change but since u lot caint take it well thats ur prob ;) .

    Can u blame boruc not to shake hands with ya if i was abused i woudnt shake hands with my opponents and they would of abused him thats what players do. Also another wrong thing u got was that craig moore would not shake hands with bobo balde a few years back so get ya facts right :).

    doint get ahead of ya self scotish cup and the league aint urs yet so shup plz :) all we need to do is beat ya twice at park head and then u slip up were back in it and abberdeen aint no mugs.

    Aiden mcgeady is better than any player in ur team so no need to cry about it we were all over ya in first half but u scored fair play strachen changeed tatics like a idiot u were better team in second half but mcgeady was very good but also like u said ur defence is pretty good better than ours any way ;)

    In the end ur just like 95% of the stupid rangers fans who like to call us dilsusinol well u can have the league scotish cup blah blah but we shall be back wee walter doint no whats comin to him and it aint orange eather.

    Hail Hail the celts are here

    My word' date=' don't we have a lot of "daft kiddies" on this forum *shakes his head in disbelief* so you think Rangers will lose twice and then ur [b']hoping[/b] we drop points! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D I think what I wrote above was (to the best of my ability) as unbiased as I could be! *Sighs* We'll just have to wait until the end of the season to see who is talking "****"!!! :rolleyes:

    BTW you better go back to that teacher of yours and tell her to tidy up on your grammer and spelling....it's all over the place B)

  20. Re: Deveneeey's Scottish Premier League Risers, Part 1.

    Dont think he'll rise. Was playing for Hearts reserves' date=' the player himself thought he was good enough to play in first team then returned to Romania in a huff couple of months ago.

    Supposed to be suffering from homesickness, dont think he's returned to Scotland yet.

    With regards the Boruc/McGregor argument starting there, if anyone is thinking of buying a keeper Boruc is the better of the two.

    [b']Rangers play a v.defensive line-up yet have still conceded more goals than Celtic, Boruc also has to play behind mediocre players like Caldwell, Naylor etc.[/b]

    Boruc will be at Euro 2008, and like at the last World Cup i'm sure he will prove himself a v.good keeper.

    With regards Boruc being more controversial, which then made McGregor the better keeper, i think the fact u mentioned that he was given a police caution for blessing himself is more to do with Scottish society and Rangers fans than Boruc himself.

    Now let me get this straight you're comparing goalkeepers on how defences do! The league stands at this:

    1 Rangers 30 16 0 1 46 9 8 3 2 27 15 49 75

    2 Celtic 31 10 4 1 34 4 11 1 4 35 17 48 68

    which means Celtic have conceded less goals, but Rangers have scored more (but I thought Rangers are the more defensive team :rolleyes: ) You should judge a goalkeeper on their abilities, not on defences! I mean Boruc has made top saves making him a top goalkeeper but the idea of McGregor being inferior to Boruc because he plays for Rangers is really absurd...look at the save he made against Hinkel in the very recent 1-0 win against Celtic. TOP CLASS B)

    I never said McGregor was the better goalkeeper, only less controversial!! I actually think they're as good as each other with McGregor having the potential of being better but who knows what the future holds for both players! I don't mind people stating their opinions but would prefer it not being based on bias! I don't think any manager in the world would have been impressed by Boruc's antics at the end of the 3-0 game! I mean everyone promotes the idea of sportsmanship and setting an example for the Kids (and especially for the very vulnerable Glaswegian neds!! :P ) To which I can say yes it is to do with Scottish society! I think Euro 2008 will be a big test for Boruc....lets see if he actually behaves :rolleyes:

    Also mate you should read the whole bit about the caution, it was because he was aggravating and provoking Rangers fans by making obscene gestures including a V sign! The blessing part had nothing (or very little) to do with it....as proved when he blessed himself again at the next Old Firm derby game in Dec 2006 - the police took no action...meaning it had nothing to do with the blessing part! The reason he got the caution had nothing to with religion, it was a breach of the peace....you think about it....50/60 thousand fans and half to 3/4 getting ****** off as they see a goalie who is making obscene gestures at them, it could easily have turned into a bloody catastrophe (a war zone esp. seeing how passionate Old Firm fans are!!!) So that was the rationale behind the caution!

  21. Re: Deveneeey's Scottish Premier League Risers, Part 1.

    Now to issue at hand. The Scottish league is quite difficult to predict so will give you my opinions (based on the season so far) on Old Firm players and others who are doing well for their teams.

    First off, I feel most Celtic players will stay the same or decrease - with the exception of:

    McDonald (really good signing for Celtic) +1/2

    Samaras +1

    McManus 0/+1 (most likely no change)

    For Gers:

    McGregor +1/2

    Cuellar +1 has been the best defender in the league (guaranteed 90)

    Weir +1

    Broadfoot +2 (should also have a position change to R/CB or even D)

    Buffel -1/2

    Whittaker 0/+1

    Papac +1/2

    Davies +1/2 (done really well and I hope he signs for gers)

    Ferguson 0/+1 (mostly likely to stay the same though)

    Hemdani 0

    Burke 0/-1

    Adams +1/2

    Daily 0/+1 (maybe increase due to few starts but doubtful)

    Naismith 0/+1

    Cousin 0

    Darcheville 0/+1

    Boyd 0/-1


    Prince Buaben - 19 and rated 84; will increase by 1/2 BUT definitely one for the future! Will not be with Dundee United for long....since the start of the season, he's been the main reason why Dundee United are still in the hunt for third place and effectively Europe!

    Morgaro GOMIS - 22 and rated 84; will increase by 1. Like Buaben, he's a very gud player (used to be in Chelsea youth says it all really)

    Both of these players run the show for Dundee United, but Buaben is still the one most likely to make it past SPL!)

    Steven Fletcher - 21 and rated 86; will +1/2 (very good prospect like Buaben albeit for different reasons....was linked to Real Madrid and is wanted by Newcastle United and Bolton...WILL DEFINITELY PLAY FOR SCOTLAND IN THE FUTURE)

    Ross McCormack - 21 and 83; will +1/2 (doing wonders with Motherwell at the moment! Biggest mistake is that Paul Le Guen let him :mad: would have definitely have played for gers if he was still at Rangers! and without a shadow of a doubt he'll DEFINITELY PLAY FOR SCOTLAND IN THE FUTURE)

    Sone ALUKO - 19 and rated 80; will +2/3 (on loan to Aberdeen from Birmingham City and what a player this guy is! An English player with big future....lets just say how many players get a man of the match against Bayern Munich and score the second to make it 2-2??;) )

    Josh WALKER - 19 and rated 79; will +3/4 (like Aluko is on loan to Aberdeen but this time from Middlesbrough...was captain of England U18s and came from youth team from the likes of Cattermole, James Morrison and Stewart Downing)

    That's all folks B)

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