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  1. I have cristiano Ronaldo in my squad, but no matter what position i play him, his rating is never above 6, he doesn't score or and has very few assists, other players with lower ratings tend to do better, how do i get the best out of him?
  2. Hello, this game could do more managers, please come and join the fun.
  3. My squad has players rated between 88-90 and I have no money, I have had a bid for L.Bonucci who is rated 91, for £23m, I had a look at players to replace him and for a similar rating, players in his position are costing even more. What to do and why? Cheers
  4. In my game world I am managing Birmingham, and all my players have a rating of 89-90, the other teams that are managed are the big five, all have most players rated 92+, is there a particular formation and tactic that would be most effective against superior opposition? When I look at other teams tactics, some have arrows pointing to a direction where their players can move position into, how can I do the same? Thanks in advance.
  5. I apologise in advance if my questions are silly. My squad size is 22 including some players I have loaned from other clubs, I recently had a transfer offer declined as it said my squad would go below 21 players, are players I have loaned from other clubs not included in my squad size? if they are should I just take a player on loan so I can go ahead with the deal? I am looking to buy a centre forward, and want to know the difference between players with same rating and the huge price fluctuations. i.e if two players have a rating of 90 and both are 25 years old, why is one £5m and one £15m? Thanks in advance
  6. Re: Player rating help Here is my squad, sorry it's a bit messy, i'm looking to survive in my first season, anything else is a bonus. Cheers again. VARAS, Javi GK 30 88 £6.4M - - BUTLAND, Jack GK 19 82 £3.2M - Int BALZARETTI, Federico D,DM,M(L) 31 90 £8.0M 4 Mar - ZIEGLER, Reto D,DM,M(L) 26 88 £7.0M 26 Mar - MARCANO, Iván D(LC) 25 88 £7.6M - - SÍLVIO, Azevedo D(RL) 25 88 £7.6M 23 Mar Rtd GROSSO, Fabio D,DM,M(L) 35 85 £2.2M 28 Feb - BONUCCI, Leonardo D© 25 91 £16.5M - - TOMOVIC, Nenad D(RC) 25 86 £5.5M - LnL CASTRO, Alejandro D(RC) 25 80 £1.1M - - SPECTOR, Jonathan D®,DM© 27 85 £3.0M - Int FERNANDO, Francisco DM,M© 25 90 £12.1M 4 Mar TrL GOMIS, Morgaro DM,M© 27 83 £2.0M - TrL DELLA ROCCA, Francesco M,AM© 25 84 £2.6M - - BURKE, Chris M®,AM(RL) 29 85 £2.8M - - EMANUELSON, Urby D,DM,M(L),AM(RLC) 26 89 £8.1M 23 Mar Int CALLEJÓN, José AM(RL),F(RLC) 25 88 £5.3M 23 Mar Int PIZARRO, Claudio F© 34 90 £6.6M 2 Feb Int PALACIO, Rodrigo AM(RL),F(RLC) 30 90 £7.9M - TrL KING, Marlon F© 32 84 £1.9M - TrL BILL, Amâncio F© 28 83 £1.8M - Number of Players Average Rating Average Age Average Value Total Value Average Wage Total Wages 21 86
  7. I have just been promoted to division one and have 10 players rated between 88-90, i can't afford to buy or loan any more players, the rest of my squad is rated 84-87. having never managed in the top flight,can someone give me a guesstimate of how i should do? Thanks in advance. (I know it's a difficult question)
  8. Re: Promotion help Ok, it's all sorted, i was a bit impatient, got a message saying i finished second in division two, still no mention of promotion, i received just above £4M, that's not gonna get me much in the Prem
  9. I've just got a team promoted from division 2 to division 1, however apart from a "P" along side my teams name in the table, there is no mention of the promotion anywhere! is this normal? What is the normal procedure? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello all, I have a question as a newbie. Is a player who is 25 years of age going to stay in better condition for longer than a player who is 30? Also nearly all of my players who begin a game on 100% condition are only 80-90% condition for the next game, is there anything i can do to improve players condition other than to sub them? thanks in advance.
  11. Re: watching matches live Cheers for the reply.
  12. Hi, i'm new and hope this question isn't silly, but can i watch my matches live? i.e. at 8pm, so i can make tactical changes if need be, if so, how? Thanks in advance. newbie
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