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  1. Just to add I do not dislike the new style menus etc and the new realistic player values etc but the player positions is wrong please SM look at what I wrote and try it for yourself you will see what I say makes sense To keep players fit and happy you require at least 2 for each position in your team with a couple of utility players but the new player position system makes this impossible and unrealistic.
  2. As a Gold manager I find the new player positions being tied so specifically to a single position is a step too far. It has made setting up a fully compatible team in the tactics section a nightmare. I feel it has made the game far less realistic and less fun. I find it almost impossible to field a realistic squad now! For instance with a formation like 3-5-2 are you really going to field no attacking midfielders in a real match??? Of course not! Yet now I cannot field a single attacking midfielder in a midfield role for many of the available formations. Also defense! If I want to play 3 at the rear then I require 3x CB If I require 4 at the rear I require 2xCB and 1 x RB and LB therefore I would have to have 2x RB, 2xLB, 6x CB to maintain match fitness and some formation options. Or I would require 6xCB just to keep a 3 at the back formation fit and happy. This is impossible and I feel these restrictions are going to and are killing any enjoyment of playing this game. I played 1x winger and 1x AM, 1x DM and 2x CM in middle and 2x forwards upfront. Whats not realistic about that?? yet now I cannot do this without 3 or 4 players in my team being penalised for seemingly being played out of position!! Im not going to complain about the new look but I do think they have to look at the enjoyment and realism of there over impeding player positions, as its killing the game. I should not have to sell my team and buy new players for positions they once played in with no issue at all And like I said its making managing a team properly almost impossible. If they wanted to penalise people for fielding say 5x attacking midfielders in a midfield all at the same time, why not apply it to there game engine and punish them for not having any defensive players in midfield by allowing the other team to score more goals against them as thats probably what would happen in reality. I hope soccermanager can have a re think as for now im re considering my Gold membership. If it aint broke dont fix it. If anyone knows how else I can bring this up with soccermanager please let me know as I see no way of contacting them about this directly.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks for the responses guys! i was thinking the same but wasnt sure lol That gives me a nice attacking choice with Torres, Villa, Tevez and Sanchez Just need 2 get another RB have van der wiel and some youths 2 cover tho!!
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... What do you all think? I have offered Sagna 92 and Soldado 91 and 10 mil for David Villa and its been accepted. Good/ bad deal?
  5. Re: Loans from Unmanaged clubs I have heavily invested in youth players in all my teams as in the long term this is the only way i can see of having some of the best players and making cash, i dont see the problem with it. I once had a low budget team which i built a good team but not a great team and that was about as far as i could take it as i only had a small youth team and had no cash generation. Now i have good teams ive built up and they all have large youth teams which has been hard 2 manage at times, but overall i got it 2 work. as for the new loan rule that helps me give my youth players game time and aquire some stats it also helps the wage bill both real life things I have noticed only few managers buy youth players, personally i think the ones that dont are missing a trick, as u can wheel and deal with them and cash in on them and potentially have the best players in the future if u spot the right talent. Thats what the big clubs in real life do aswell they try and sign the worlds best potential talent young, so they dont have 2 fork out silly money for them in the future. Like Lucas and Oscar were sold for thats because they were spotted young by there clubs and then they the small clubs cashed in on them having tied them down with crazy buyout clauses. So its simple start signing young talent!! And its your own fault if you havent done so before
  6. Re: Lamela or Oscar? I want to sign oscar but not gona happen in my worlds Not seen or heard much about Lamela
  7. Re: Nani for Goetze? I swapped Nani for Gotze and Lewandowski in my world, great deal i think however i dont think i would have done a straight swap Nani for Gotze
  8. Re: Sagna...safe 92? Hi i have Sagna aswell and im not sure if he is a safe 92 as he has been sidelined through injury for ages and hes getting on, but he is said 2 be possibly the best RB in the premier league. Think he might drop to 91 tho Wouldnt swap him for Reina tho as he has had a drop in form recently! Take the cash or try and get a better swap as there arent so many 90+ right backs in the game
  9. Re: Mata or Di Maria I would take Di Maria, Mata is overshadowed in his national squad by many others and possibly Hazard by the end of this season. Also di Maria is already 93 and may rise again whereas Mata might not rise at all Thats my opinions anyway hope they helped I would also try 2 keep Mata and sign Di Maria and swap some other players and cash to get him.
  10. Would you swap Nani for Gotze and Lewandowski? I did and think ive got 2 good young players that could rise Whats your opinions?
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