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  1. Re: Counter formations Guys please help! There's a manager in my league who uses 352 with defensive arrows on all of his players, none of us know how to beat him?
  2. Re: Counter formations What do I use to counter a 442? Tactics: Attacking Short Own Area (Others are mixed/normal) Counter Attack Play Offside Trap Playmaker I'm at home if that matters, and we have about the same avg rating squads, mine is 93 his is 92 Please help
  3. Re: Counter formations That's what I thought as well, I normally play 352, and this guy always plays 451d and wins against 352 teams, so I need a different formation, any help?
  4. Re: Counter formations Up against someone using 451 defensive with all back arrows tonight, any advice?
  5. Re: Counter formations How do I beat a 4222?
  6. Re: The Squad Advice Thread Here is my squad, who should I sell, what areas do I need to improve in, what formations would be good for me? Thanks IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan AM,F© 31 96 £28.3M - Int PIQUÉ, Gerard D© 25 95 £36.7M - Int SILVA, David AM(RLC) 27 94 £26.1M - Int SILVA, Thiago D,DM© 28 94 £25.2M - - VALDÉS, Victor GK 30 93 £14.2M - Int PEDRO, Rodríguez AM(RL),F(RLC) 25 93 £24.5M - Int TOURÉ, Yayá DM,M,AM© 29 93 £14.6M - - KOMPANY, Vincent D,DM© 26 93 £24.2M 30 Jan TBd HUNTELAAR, Klaas-Jan F© 29 92 £10.4M - Int BONUCCI, Leonardo D© 25 91 £13.8M 22 Mar Int ARBELOA, Álvaro D(RL) 29 91 £10.6M - Int MATUIDI, Blaise DM,M© 25 90 £8.1M 14 Feb Int BAINES, Leighton D,DM,M(L) 28 90 £7.3M 12 Feb Int IRAOLA, Andoni D,DM,M® 30 90 £5.0M - Int NOCERINO, Antonio DM©,M(RC) 27 90 £7.6M - Int EL SHAARAWY, Stephan AM(RL),F(RLC) 20 89 £11.6M - Int TAISON, Barcellos AM,F(LC) 24 88 £4.1M 19 Mar - ARNAUTOVIC, Marko AM,F(RLC) 23 88 £4.8M 18 Mar - HUSZTI, Szabolcs M,AM(LC) 29 88 £3.7M 18 Mar - FLORENZI, Alessandro M,AM© 21 87 £4.6M 22 Mar LBd MICHU, Pérez AM©,F(RLC) 26 87 £3.2M - TBd ROMULO, Borges DM,M© 22 87 £4.5M - Int OBIANG, Pedro DM,M© 20 86 £5.0M 15 Feb Int ROMEU, Oriol DM,M© 21 86 £3.8M 22 Mar Int BEN YEDDER, Wissam F(RLC) 22 85 £2.8M - Int DE SCIGLIO, Mattia D(RL),DM,M® 20 85 £4.2M - - GABBIADINI, Manolo F© 21 85 £2.9M 22 Mar Int LÓPEZ, Nicolás AM(RL),F(RLC) 19 78 £720k - - PELÉ, Judilson D,DM,M© 21 77 £520k - TBd GANZ, Simone F© 19 75 £280k - - MCKEOWN, James GK 23 70 £10k - Int HEARN, Liam F© 27 68 £10k -
  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 What about Adriano of Barca, is he on for a +1 rise to 92?
  8. For the same amount of cash, who should I go for, Fellaini or Farfan?
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I tend to play one of either T Silva or Kompany at CB with Pique, and my other wingers are Griezmann, El Shaarawy and thats it
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I give 20mil+El Shaarawy for Xabi Alonso? I already have quite a few players who can play as cm or dm (Yaya, Nocerino, David Silva, Kompany, Thiago Silva) but Xabi Alonso would be class. I know El Shaarawy is going up, and I actually could do with a winger, as my only current wingers 90+ are David Silva and Pedro. What do I do?
  11. Hi lads, was wondering how my players' ratings would change? Zlatan Ibrahimovic-96 Gerard Pique-95 Thiago Silva-94 David Silva-94 Victor Valdes-93 Yaya Toure-93 Vincent Kompany-93 Rodriguez Pedro-93 Klaas Jan Huntelaar-91 Alvaro Arbeloa-91 Andoni Iraola-90 Antonio Nocerino-90 Antoine Griezmann-88 Ezequiel Munoz-88 Borges Romulo-87 Perez Michu-87 Stephan El Shaarawy-86 Peniel Mlapa-86 Ricardo Rodriguez-85 Alexander Merkel-83 Thanks lads
  12. Re: Counter formations Tonight I'm playing a guy with these tactics: 3-2-2-2-1 lloris 92 sagna 92 terry 93 ansaldi 90 lampard 93 sneijder 94 doumbia 90 zhirkov 90 fabregas 95 suarez 92 eto'o 94 diagonal forward lines on doumbia and zhirkov Tackling Style Normal Mentality Attacking Passing Style Short Attacking Style Through the Middle Tempo Fast Pressing Own Half Counter-Attack Yes Men Behind Ball Yes Tight Marking Yes Play Offside No Use Play Maker Yes Use Target Man Yes Captain J. TERRY Penalty Taker F. LAMPARD Corner Taker Y. ZHIRKOV Free Kicks C. FÀBREGAS Play Maker W. SNEIJDER Target Man S. ETO'O What formation and tactics should i use? Thanks lads
  13. Re: Counter formations Hey lads, in my league half the clubs are using 433 wingers, seems almost impossible to beat, what are the best counters for it?
  14. Re: Pato for Xabi Alonso or 30mil? I have Nocerino, Yaya Toure and Romulo as DMs, though T Silva can play there too. And players that can play up front are Ibra, Huntelaar, Pedro, Griezmann, Mlapa. Although I usually play Pedro and Griezmann out wide, and I have had a bid accepted for RVP when he is no longer transfer banned.
  15. I have received two offers for Alexandre Pato, one is Xabi Alonso, the other is 30 million. This is the first season in this league, though season ends soon. Which deal should I go for?
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