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  1. As we know the object of Soccer Manager is to give as realistic as possible a simulation of the real world of football management. And yet when it comes to the transfer of players, SM falls short. Simply put, when it comes to having a lot of cash to spend, the average manager discovers it is next to impossible to persuade a fellow manager to part with a top player however good the cash offer is. What might work is a new player ratings system which might allow for more flexibility in the transfer system. My proposal is new ratings bands. I will use Lionel Messi for example. Under the current setup let us say Messi is rated 99. Under my system he would be rated 95-99. Other ratings bands could be 90-94, 85-89, 80-84, etc. Soccer Manager could continue to rate players in the manner they do now and continue to update players ratings both up and down. However, the actual rating would be hidden from managers. Using Messi as an example, all the manager would know is that Messi's true rating is between 95-99. Under the current format, if Messi belonged to manager A and received a cash bid from manager B, it would automatically get turned down as manager A would quite rightly say why would I sell a player rated 99? Under my format if a cash offer was received, manager A might have a personal opinion that Messi was rated as 95 in the 95-99 band (okay maybe Messi wasn't the best example to use but you should still get the gist of the idea) and if manager B rates him as a 99 player and makes a suitable cash offer for a 99 rated player then this transfer may well be accepted. I feel this system would allow for greater flexibility and movement of players in soccer manager which would mirror how the real football world works. In my example, manager A is happy as he thinks he has received excessive cash for what he thinks the player is rated and manager B is also happy as he thinks he has paid what the player is rated. And just like the real football world, only time would tell who was right in the end! It's just an idea and probably nothing will come of it but I'm curious to know if other managers out there support the idea. Ps.. If the SM administrators love the idea and wish to reward me then I'll gladly take the next available Gold Championship Barcelona side going. Ha!!!
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