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  1. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Just upload them to an image hosting site like imgur or tinypic and then post the link here.
  2. Re: English Championship 1 Anyone still looking to get into this game world and want my Bradford let me know via PM or on my wall (and a bunch of other decent gold teams with a gold membership). Otherwise I'll just quit them. Edit: Account given away
  3. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Apparently the packs went within 30 seconds
  4. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I'm not sure whether to buy tonight or Monday (Cyber Monday, and apparently they did pack deals on this day too last year). I'm just going to buy up a load of players I want to use and then try and fit them into a team.
  5. Re: What tv series are you into? She's great in Person of Interest! I loved watching Life too.
  6. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread I just discarded my last two, I made a profit overall anyway. Really need a new formation now, 3421 was fine in Div 5/6, but I get absolutely hammered in Div 4 and struggle to stay in the division every season!
  7. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread You're missing Nedum
  8. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Just got Alexis Sanchez from the reward pack for winning the gold tournament . 3421 is my favourite formation now. Seeing as I can't defend I might as well just go all out attack, first two games I scored 14 and conceded 10 , got a lot better the last few games though.
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