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  1. We have to be carefull , when we got rid of pep,we lost 2 or 3 of our " army " of objectors as they went to far on the newsfeed and got themselves banned..
  2. I am less pessimistic, as I know that they can take action against cheats , it is just that they do not by in large have the resources to do so. That is why player moderators will work. I suggest trialling them in Ec106, 7777 and 5 with me as the moderator.. The world would be a better place ...
  3. In the long term they are shooting themselves in the foot. Everytime they block a post the names of all the objecting clubs and the post goto the moderators, since you haven't been banned from the newsfeed they must think it is a malicious report. Again as I have stated before we need player moderators to kick out these clowns. We should also not do any deals with them but NOT persecute of be critical of those that do as there are so many clubs 10 + that it is really hard to tell, we need friends in the game world not to push other managers into their camp. Also we should not spam th
  4. Well I shall bump this up to stop it getting lost
  5. Recently SM decided to introduce a limit of 5 multiple club reports per season, effectively establishing a cheats charter as in many popular leagues there are some managers with 10 + clubs. So they can Censor the newsfeed by reporting posts, report genuine honest deals, report other managers to stop them dealing with each other and cheat as per usual. The other managers report them, mostly getting the blah blah not enough evidence response. Or in case of transfers the thank you for reporting this transfer, which means nothing is going to happen. SM need to trial player mode
  6. Good to see at least part of the forum alive. Yeovil begin their first season in Division 1, with no unrealistic hope , other than to stay up in the first season and build on the increased crowd and funds that will bring. A star signing could be in the offing but let's see.
  7. Hi in EC2 there are 2 well known groups of cheats. I can't report either set via the multiple accounts , because they reported themselves before they did anything wrong and can't be reported again. When I report their transfers nothing is done. One particular group who control 4 clubs openly transfer 3 rubbish players from the mother club for double value and loan out players who should never play for the clone clubs to pay wages and reduce concerns. + They use the clone clubs to monopolise transfers by over bidding for free agents and then pulling bids in favour of teh mother club.
  8. 106 is still very active, realistically one of the 3 "forum" leagues still going relatively strong.
  9. Hi.. I'm sure I am not alone in noticing that the new and old interfaces allow certain clubs to overbid for players by a set amount that is know to a few. I have seen players who's max value to all clubs , which should be the same , go for 300k 600k or even 1million more than is allowed. I have raised this as a bug and got no reply. I have asked for the deals , which are being made as part of an obvious bug exploit to be reversed but no luck.. I'm sure this can easily be fixed.
  10. The cleverer I try to be with tactics the more I lose. If I stick to one tactic I seem to win.. .. mmm ..
  11. Well Ec1 still as popular as ever, always full lets hope it stays that way.
  12. Happy new year to you all for tomorrow, in my case a year older a year less wise.
  13. Well happy new year as EC7777 keeps on thriving despite all the changes made..
  14. Good to see 7046 still surviving against the odds. Happy new year
  15. The ratings changes are a joke, Hanover , fine deserve a drop overall. Marcelo didn't , he is class, plays all the minutes but goes down 1. 3 Other players with less time, who have played rubbish all season all 88 don't drop at all. What is this all about,,,
  16. Well now 36hrs in. I believe it is a brave decision to admit when you are wrong and SM have effectively done this by returning to the old interface if users want it. Please make this permanent , I can live with it now. Now a few more minus points. Player valuations, absolutely ridiculous. Today in 5 minutes I have turned a 4th division side and a 3rd division side into guaranteed title winners in fully populated worlds. Simple sell off the over valued youngsters and buy old codgers.. O.K. it may well bankrupt the sides but I need to test if that will really happen or not, no point po
  17. What makes this sad is that people warned that this would happen. Another well known soccer game which has been running since 1997, who had 1 million active users ! decided to sell out to another company who promptly decided to fleece the active users for more cash and break a founding principal of that game. They ended up handing the game back to the original developers but now they have lost 700 000 users and lose 0.1% of their customer base per week , they use to make a good income from that game and now make 70% less. However to be constructive. I understand that it was deliberatel
  18. Apparently we can have the old interface back for a while. Sounds like using a can of coke to put out a fire, or using a match to shut the barn door...
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