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  1. Re: World Championship 1 If there is a free spot in this set up invite me in !
  2. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Actually this setup is quite healthy , at 75% that is still quite strong.
  3. Re: English Championship 1 Ok re youth tournie. I don't have a decent enough U21 keeper to take part. If I can play Nick Marsmann 22yr 78 I will take part Other than that DL Jack Robinson 20 82 DL/M Lykogianis 20 80 DC Jeanvier 21 80 DR Jonney 19 82 DR Puel 21 80 DC/DM COEFF 21 83 DM BiYoko poko 20 83 Mid BRADY 21 84 MId Fossati 20 84 AM Shaub 18 82 AM Ricardo 19 84 AM Klonardis 21 82 FC Torres 20 84 FC Konate 20 82 FC Mayi 20 80 FC Sane 20 80
  4. Re: English Championship 1 Hi re youth tournie last time I entered I kept falling foul of the rules. Due to being old and busy...I may occasionally forget to take a player out. let me have a look at the rules and I might have a few spare players who can take part..
  5. Re: English Championship 1 Gosh it's tight at the top. Draw with Herby he slips from 1st to 2nd, I go from 2nd to 4th !
  6. Re: English Championship 1 Some would have changed, but this is a game , more or less amongst friends so I don't think many would..
  7. Re: English Championship 1 Haha this thread will never die, ... lets have a little look back to keep the old codgers happy. Post 1 was from Mr Leigh himself 7/24/2006, 3rd season into SM, extolling the vitues of Lawrence Lakeland who had Cardiff at the time , Cardiff once won 41- 0 by the way ! Lawrence quit his last club last year after giving up most of his sides in 2010 50 Pages on, it's Dave Leigh again reviewing Season 4 Liverpool won that year under Dave Stephenson, probably with pretty much the same side he currently has. Fulham gained promotion with that teb in charge Page 101 ha
  8. Re: English Championship 1 A mad season so far though, keeping up with Herby will be tough.. Just waiting for Lopez to rise...
  9. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Sadly don't think I can work a miracle on Tottenham. The damage had been done before I came with 16 defeats in the first 28 games.. One of the few sides with very few managers only 4 during the GW History so I certainly won't quit them if they go down. That said the SMFA shield is a possibility + if we maintain the current win ratio a quick return to Div1 is certain. Good luck all
  10. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Actually Division 5 is very tough to escape from. Only 1 guaranteed promotion spot .. Even harder if you have a team of donkeys like mine, still good first win..
  11. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Hi , decided to join this setup after the invites ( thanks ) Nuneaton will be a tough challenge but I will get promoted next season if not this, lets keep this one running.
  12. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread I had the same problem some time back, thought I was just going mad, was offered a player for 8 - 10M , never accepted , then the next morning got up and the deal had gone through... So it seems to happen from both ends.
  13. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Ok having left my Notts County to try and save Tottenham, Ansaldi 89 6 - 7Mil Krancjar 5M Sulejmani 5M Schwarzer can go to a deserving side currently without an 88+ keeper for chairmans value
  14. Re: English Championship 1 Well I'm hoping the title race isn't over yet. The Posh have hit their best form for many a season, If I can keep in contact with Utd and the Liverpool Maestro we have a key game 2 weeks from now. Have to agree Herby don't quit!, the ratings have seriously miffed me as well, but I suppose we have to adjust.. even if some poor unfortunates never rise, while other golden oldies go on for ever......
  15. Re: Accused of cheating No , my wife hates football, my children are only interested in moshimonsters. So no thats not possible. How do I contact SM directly about this as there seems to be no way
  16. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Bath manager stirs up the transfer pot Perhaps some people don't understand the inner workings of the game too well. After a not so great start to the season and the stupid new ratings system I cleared out some players from my size. Now those who know how it works. You sell your top players. The lower rated ones mysteriously rise in value. You sell them and repeat . You carry on until the p/e price is greater than sale price. You then buy back players of approximately equal ranking. However. I get a rubbish gate each month. So I constantly
  17. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Very pleased with recent signings, after last seasons disaster of a 2nd half season ,I hope Notts County bounce back up. The 2 staples are there a , 90+ fwd and a 90 rated keeper. Paid the kings ransom but needs must.
  18. Re: English Championship 1 Hull in 6th , could argue that they are the strongest squad in the league. Their manager though takes no prisoners and the fitness level leaves a little to be desired. Arsenal in 7th are an attacking variety of side, another manager who works his players hard. Sold Eboue earlier in the seasons and has Rodwell on loan. Sheffield Wed in 8th , my kind of team, build of the players no one else wants, including De Sanctis, Perreira, Varela , Plasil, Pareja ,Ibson who once ran proudly round my home pitch. With this kind of side you need good back up ,which they have an
  19. Re: English Championship 1 It's a funny old game anyway.. Liverpool are top for now, and despite being a bit more active in the transfer market this year lack any strength in depth , despite a mighty first XI. Any kind of injury, especially to the front line will leave them wanting. Man Utd are second . Strong in the midfield and loads of potential, this could be their season if they keep the form going. Peterborough are 3rd, and now lucky enough to have the Real Madrid goalkeeper, ( bet you all regret not taking my various p/e offers involving Lopez now ). A generally less aged squad see
  20. Re: English Championship 1 It's not dead , just resting......
  21. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Talking of dodgy deals, Anyone think it is a bit odd. An 87 for two non players and cash against a much better deal worth 11M from me. Both managers co exist in all their game worlds.. Obviously this deal will go through unchallenged!
  22. Re: English Championship 1 Great match reports for D1. A may as well photograph the table as it won't last!. Strangely I normally start badly and then my largish squad helps me overcome stamina concerns at other slightly better sides. However as I lost Marchetti as shoe it 90 in the next increases to a concern transfer I doubt I will maintain good form. Caballero's very generous increase was welcome.
  23. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Haha I'm not bitter about Southampton's victory over Bath, After all we were only superior in every category except scoring goals.. . Oh well roll on next season..
  24. Re: English Championship 1 Fantastic league win with 3 to go well done Herby
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