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  1. Ok. 1 day on 9 clubs lighter.... Had to spend most of today listing young players to sell before they get old or develop concerns and any older players who already have concerns. To offer some advice.. 1) We need to see if a player is transfer banned in transfer searches, as it now takes too long to check. 2) When you search for a player, click on one player and then press next all the search criterea are reset, so you have to go back type them in again, then scroll through 3 or 4 pages to get back to the players you were looking at. Can't possibly see how the valuations of the play
  2. For me the days of playing with loads of clubs is over as the game is just too slow, most of the good advice given by test world managers has been ignored, for example a drag down menu to access important screens in one hit., In addition I can't see how one will succeed with smaller clubs. In my case with some clubs 6 + years of work has been undone over night and we will soon see a large number of clubs, in my opinion up to 25% bankrupted as they have so little value in ageing squads and such high wage bills. What is the point in that ?
  3. I played the Pavillions world and gave some very constructive advice much of which has been ignored. Unfortunately you have managed to alieniate much of your current user base . At least 5 of my clubs have lost in the region of 200M in value and will be effectively bankrupted by the end of the year. In one day 5 years work with one club and much more with others has been undone. You have also , as I informed at the time , created a short cut to short term success as teams have hoarded younger players to sell now. These clubs will under no circumstance sell thier older players or stars a
  4. I agree the forum is better. The issue with the game never has been player hogging... If people want realism , they will not get it now. No one will want the lesser teams as their are few ways of improving them , unless you are lucky enough to have a huge bunch of 64 rated 17 year olds who are now worth more than some 80 - 85 rated veterans. Smaller clubs will be effectively bankrupt in a year or so, no way of paying their debts even if they sell off all their key players. In new worlds smaller clubs will find they can't buy from externals, only free agents will be easy to gra
  5. new forum is good, shame some of my sides being wrecked by the changes,, lost 220M from one side overnight so to speak..
  6. Amazing that this thread is so far down. Lets cross promote please 106/7046/7777 alliance. If you aren't in those game worlds please go there to fill them up and keep out the numpties.
  7. If people are willing can we cross promoted across 106/7046/7777 to keep forum dependent worlds alive, and if you are in these game worlds either go back there or give them a try.
  8. Actually a very tight season in EC1, Teams who were well back early on are now making good progress , should be a close finish.
  9. In this modern world people aren't prepared to wait for 1 or 2 weeks while the forum was down and another 2 - 3 weeks when it was unusable. It certainly is not as easy to use as it was before. and people have walked, either to the newsfeeds or blogs.. However we need to cross promote across forum world i.e 106/7046/7777 ec 1 etc
  10. Now a quick question. When the new changes come in , I think that some of my sides will be valued between 1/2 and 1/3 of their current wealth. a) Will clubs be compensated for the change in value of players. or be given plenty of warning so that they can sell on players if they wish c) Neither of the above the problem with a) I guess is that clubs will hoard old duffers just to get compo the problem with Is that they will have loads of money to buy them back cheap if they can.. the problem with c) A large number of clubs will be effectively bankrupt and managers will just walk away.
  11. Hi , I've had a few goes on the new interface so lets start with the positives. Graphically it looks nice. I like the inbox and newsfeed being bigger and side by side. Negatives It is much slower and more graphically intensive than the current interface. I think that it is vital to be able to switch quickly from club to club if you control multiple clubs as I do . At times I think there are too many clicks to get where you want to go. Would it be possible to have a drop down / pop up menu bar somewhere on the screen to allow very rapid access to say shortlist or transfers in , I can sho
  12. Grand job Hull are doing atm, a great squad but there are no easy matches in this league. On the long serving players topic, it's a shame some of the stats got removed a few years back. I was reminded of my team's regular keepers. In my Div4 days I had Jelle Ten Rouwelaar, who improved from around 75 to 85, and was a real mainstay of my early seasons and a rock at the back. Then I had Tim Wiese for many seasons, who rose to 90,,, For the last 6 years I've stuck with Diego Lopez,, I first had Javier Hernandez in 2008 and brought and sold him 3 times. he was part of my Mexican gold scouting s
  13. Made a bit of a recovery against the higher performing teams ironically, no cash injections for me as I run a tight ship.. should have racked up a 30M debt
  14. No it would help the smaller clubs as they will be more financially able to buy these players rather than bankrupted right from the start of the game... , as I mentioned in my post the bigger clubs have a much longer burn time ie 3 season where they could sit on the rear ends and do nothing , not even play a game and they would still have assets , smaller clubs would last around 1.2 - 1.5 seasons. Therefore the big clubs are much more able to make money as they will a) already have it and they will make more of it quicker than now.
  15. Ok. Ignoring bugs for now, the problem I see immediately ,irrespective of squad sizes etc is that the bigger clubs have been handed a massive advantage in their player value to wage ratio. The top clubs have something like a 200x player value to wage ratio , the smaller clubs 100 - 60 x . This would mean that without a gate and tv money the smaller clubs would have zero value in 60 turns the larger ones 200 turns. I really think that the higher rated players 92 + need a much higher wage ie 2 / 2..5 x what they are now , 88 - 90 around 1.5 x 2x that would also stop player hogging and the lower
  16. All Bath players for sale for cash following historic promotion. Originally the worse team in Div5 now in division1 following a tense playoff win on penalties. Cash only deals, ridiculously high offers accepted immediately , starting with highest rated players first.
  17. One thing which would help tremendously and is only a minor change would be to go to the last post of a forum by default. I also don't see why it can't be skinned ,which is I believe the technical term to look exactly like the old forum if people want as an option. I know this caused considerable problems on a popular weather forum and they simply allowed people to use the new or old style...
  18. Thats a good point links nicely into the grabbing all the best clubs and immediate success problem,, why bother continuing if you can buy your way into Real Madrid.
  19. Hi , however if the game was rolled back at one point, which people suggest it was, my team would be wrong , where as the other manager who knew 2 /3 games ago he was in the playoffs would be at a huge advantages and I have almost certainly lost. Hopefully the Friday fixtures haven't been played as it is pretty much 5 years work down the drain in EC7777 if I've been eliminated for that reason.
  20. From a outsider point of view, the reason so many gameworlds are opened is the demand for popular teams, most people , not me, only want the biggest teams or their own favourite club. This is most likely to be Real M, Barca, Bayern, Juve , Chelsea, Man Utd , Ajax, Psv , etc.. These teams also do better as they have better starting squads and better reserve players to dump in exchange for stars from other leagues. So the managers at smaller clubs either need to join for the long run,, or try another league, which is why more GW open. People quit as in the modern world people want immediate succ
  21. I also presume gold membership will be extended by at least 2 days... as the game has really been playable all yesterday and most of today depending on where you live.
  22. Blackpool finding it tough. The obvious whipping boys of the league, survival and rebuilding this season, ...
  23. I think they are struggling to put things back as they were when the maintenance began yesterday... If matches say from Wednesday have been replayed and transfers cancelled / not done, people are going to be unhappy. In 7777 I think I played a playoff match with the 2nd eleven still in place...as I couldn't change it.
  24. does seem some worlds are running in the background, others got rolled back, must mean some managers will hit the 30 day limit and get booted, others maybe can't enter holiday mode. + not realy the time for this to happen , specially with the forum just starting to get going again.
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