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  1. It does seem that some worlds are running in the back ground for example English 7777 , where I think my Bath played a playoff match last night without the team being changed from the 2nd XI I had put in the previous match to rest players.,,, + it will also mean in the those worlds some managers may get timed out as they can't log in but will have passed the 30 day limit
  2. Most are down, only ones that are up , oh err missus for me are 7777 spanish 1, gold 1 and a custom.
  3. I also think that new managers in an established world should have a manager mentor from within the world. The main aim of the mentor should be to get the new manager involved in the game . The mentor should be able to veto any dodgy dealings carried out by the newbie for say 14 days and within 28days have some kind of additional reporting tool to remove them if they decide to deliberately wreck clubs. There are also some clubs in established game worlds that are unplayable ie minimum squad size so can't sell, huge debt, and shipping money each turn. Something needs to be done about that. In addition I also think it is time to test manager moderated worlds to keep things above board and also lower the work of your team .
  4. Well made the playoffs with a game to spare. Regardless the current Bath project ends win or lose, as I'm shipping 20M + a year to maintain a promotion challenge,. Next season will be a rinse and repeat , I will hope to build up a fighting fund of 200M + and then run for promotion again or a top 5 finish in D1
  5. Indeed it is vital to keep the forum going to keep the gw alive and vice versa.
  6. It's going to be one of those seasons, I can't win for toffee ,so desperate times mean a return to an old favourite , never will win a title with it , but also will never get relegated.
  7. Bath are trying to hang on to a play off spot, will have a good chance if we get a spot due to squad size, could do with a guaranteed place by next week so that we can rest the team
  8. another silly loss, not going well at all this season
  9. Well after a great last season, my team has it's usual start of season leathargy... don't like giving people 12 pt head starts , prefer to blow big leads at the end of the season
  10. Still think this GW has a lot to offer
  11. Still a very active GW, lets keep it so with the forum
  12. Forum is slightly improved , very active game world still let's keep it so
  13. The only way to keep the GW active is to keep the forum active and the other way, sad to see Ben go, I would rarely say this but I would prefer the golden oldies to sit on their teams rather than let them be shredded by certain people but when you have to go, you have to go..
  14. It's slightly better than was, now at least you can go to the last page read ( sometimes )
  15. Applied for a job , would love to get in before the A.I , spends all the money!
  16. Some great clubs free , which will soon be wrecked by the internal a.i. ..forum has been made a little more usable this is one of the best gameworlds let's keep it going
  17. I have the Doncaster offer. I will sit on it for upto 7 days , after that there is little more I can do.
  18. If the time span is shorter everyone gold or not should be allowed at least 1 holiday mode per year. I would also allow one vote per season in each game world initiated by any member to change the log in time to any value from 10 - 30 days. Surely it would also be possible to start leagues with log ins between 10 - 45 days to suit all tastes , so you know what you are getting into before you start. However surely the big problem isn't just the time period but those managers who only log in , to log in once per month. Surely they should get a mark against their account in that gw and after say 3 successive long log in time the chairman warns them , then sacks them .
  19. Sadly the same clown has now rejoined as Swansea in EC2... seems to be no stopping him.
  20. Haha,, SM really managed to kill to goose that laid the golden egg by destroying the forum.. However realistically the forum worlds are strong and if we keep using the forum it will pick up.
  21. Well done to Blackburn, even if my guys managed to bin it in the last 2 games.
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