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  1. Re: Michael Svensson

    Ok a quick update. Michael Svensson continues to play for Southampton and has been appointed club captain. Now Southampton aren't exactly doing that well this season but their best players are rated 83/84. Assuming Svensson stays fit, I see no reason why he should not get a rating increase of between +5 to +8 next time up ie to 80 - 83. Most realistically I would expect an increase to 80 this time and then to 83/84/85 if he continues to play. Obviously for most people this will be for a quick sale as he is a very risky prospect or as back up for first teamers.

  2. Re: TomOwen's Swiss Rating Changes

    Tom I used the ESPN site to get data on an Ac Bellizona player I was researching , it also has data for the FC Vaduz players.

    FC Vaduz will be a slight problem for SM as they were registered in the Liechstenstein league but after doing well in the Swiss 2nd tier they were promoted last season.

    They only have a 10 or 11 players listed in SM.

    Hope this helps

  3. Real Club: AC Bellinzona

    Age: 20 years old

    Born: 15 July 1988

    Nationality: Swiss

    Position: Attacking Midfield (AM)

    Foot: Left

    SM Player Details SM Club: VFB Stuttgart

    Squad: Senior Squad

    Rating: 73

    Last Rating Change: 0

    SM Value: £198,000

    Contract: 1 Years - £3,600 per Turn

    After a relatively unsuccesful time at FC Zurich this guy is making an impact with AC Bellinzona who were promoted last year , he has dual Swiss / Albanian nationality ,although there is some debate on this on various sites such as ESPN and wiki.

    He has now played 4 time , 5 if he played this weekend.

    Will surely get a big rise in the range of +5 to +8 , you can pick him up for 140000 so a good money maker

    You may also wish to consider Genc Mehmeti from the same side.

  4. Re: "...Only Scouts REAL Talent" - Group

    I think the idea of Real talent group to be valid and should help sort out the cream from the semi-skimmed.

    Surely a thread could be started to satisfy those who want to find new talents who have played one or two games ie new finds or new starters or something similar. This would avoid cluttering up the main board. This would also help the "Real scouts " target certain players to scout and research to see if they are worth a write up. Then if they play 5 or 6 games research them properly and give the player an individual thread if you want to.

    I don't have time to be " a real scout " but will still menton players worth an increase when I find them.

    Good luck with your group

  5. Michael Svensson

    Real Club: Southampton

    Age: 32 years old

    Born: 25 November 1975

    Nationality: Swedish

    Position: Centre Back (CB)

    Foot: Right

    SM Player Details SM Club: Lyon

    Squad: Senior Squad

    Rating: 75

    Last Rating Change: 3

    SM Value: £274,000

    Contract: 3 Years - £7,500 per Turn

    Many of you will have had your fingers burned by this former Swedish International, a former 84+ player out for the best part of 2 years he has recovered from a crippling knee injury. If fully recovered could regain his former form and head back up to the 80’s higher if he regains place in national team. Hardly a new find but started first game for Southampton.

  6. Chris Palmer

    Real Club: Walsall

    Age: 24 years old

    Born: 16 October 1983

    Nationality: English

    Position: Winger (W)

    SM Value: £78,000

    Contract: 1 Years - £3,400 per Turn

    Formerly at Derby ,had a successful 2 year spell with Notts County scoring 5 times in 55 games. A transfer to Wycombe was less successful mainly due to injury , playing 30 times and failing to score. Has started well at his new club and could be worth a buy especially if he is fully recovered.

    Scott Rendell

    Real Club: Peterborough United

    Age: 21 years old

    Born: 21 October 1986

    Nationality: English

    Position: Central Striker (CF)

    Foot: Right

    SM Player Details SM Club: Crawley Town

    Squad: Senior Squad

    Rating: 70

    Last Rating Change: 2

    SM Value: £10,000

    Contract: 1 Years - £3,150 per Turn

    Initially with Aldershot was taken on by Reading but failed to gain a place in the team, was sent out on loan before signing for Crawley scoring 11 times and the Cambridge Utd scoring 17 times in 29 games. He was then loaned to Peterborough scoring 3 times last season.

    Played the opener this year , must be worth a punt could see a +6/7 increase

    Sam Baldock

    Real Club: Milton Keynes Dons

    Age: 19 years old

    Born: 15 March 1989

    Nationality: English

    Position: Striker (F)

    Foot: Right

    SM Player Details SM Club: Milton Keynes Dons

    Squad: Senior Squad

    Rating: 65

    Last Rating Change: 0

    SM Value: £36,000

    Contract: 1 Years - £1,260 per Turn

    Former Youth player , now starting to make an impact, started first game, played 7 times but needs a run in the side.

  7. Aidan Downes

    Real Club: Yeovil Town

    Age: 20 years old

    Born: 24 July 1988

    Nationality: Irish

    Position: Striker (F)

    Foot: Right

    SM Player Details SM Club: None

    Squad: Senior Squad

    Rating: 66

    Last Rating Change: 0

    SM Value: £35,000

    Contract: 2 Years - £1,240 per Turn

    Former Everton squad player , loaned to Yeovil last year played 5 times, played in first match of this season got to worth buying. Also in Ireland U21 side 3 times.

  8. Re: Joel Grant

    OK more details

    Joel Grant started his career at Watford where he played 7 games in 3 years, hence the drop in rating of 5 when he was transferred to Aldershot after a short loan period.

    At Aldershot he played 30 times scoring 4 goals last year , he has dual nationality and could play for England or Jamaica. Crewe's coach Steve Holland expects him to shine and says Grant has settled at his new side.

    Real Club: Crewe Alexandra

    Age: 20 years old

    Born: 26 August 1987

    Nationality: English

    Position: Central Striker (CF)

    Foot: Right

    SM Player Details SM Club: None

    Squad: None

    Rating: 68

    Last Rating Change: 5

    SM Value: £35,000

    Contract: No Contract

    You may well be able to find him on a free

    Hope this is enough detail. As my first scout surely worth a rep form someone if I beg

  9. Re: Squad Limit?

    If a squad limit were introduced now it would effectively kill off interest in managing the smaller clubs. This is due to not being able to increase stadium size and thus generate greater income.

    If I didn't regularly trade on players I would still have a club 5million in debt , losing 200k per week (which I inherited) and would be lucky to have a player rated over 80. I now have a squad value of £202 Million, which is of course entirely unrealistic for a Division 4 side but it does give me some hope of competing. Rather than capping squad size a better way would simply be to either have high ranking players be less lkely to sign for lower division sides unless offered extra wages and decrease the chance of any player signing as squad chance gets higher. ( chance of signing = (1% + (100 - squad size ))/division)

    Also if a players rating increased they would soon demand a move to a higher division side or a pay rise. If the pay rise was refused he would start to play at his previous rating until transferred or the pay rise met... This would create a cap without needing a limit ie no side could afford to keep 100 , 90 ranked players

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