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  1. For once thank you SM even if it took a forum post to sort it, sadly he lost the side he had put the most genuine thought and work into, but there had been many warnings from myself and others in EC2 that this would eventually happen.
  2. Now he has quit 2 of his clubs Plymouth and Watford. But he still controls more.
  3. He has now quit his Watford and Plymouth sides but still controls others
  4. This guy openly admitted to identity theft on the newsfeed yesterday , he needs to be remove, SM please do something
  5. Scott also now admits to identity theft and is using his clone sides to block newsfeed posts
  6. Got a slightly different response , SM say that no irregular transfers will be allowed between Newcastle and his clone clubs but I ask for the max fixing to be looked into.
  7. Hi. In English 2 the Newcastle manager has 3 times max fixed his result vs Plymouth. He by his own admission runs both clubs plus Watford and maybe 3 more. In each game he has played Plymouths 3rd eleven , leaving out all the 90 rated players. In each game he has changed the formation to suit Newcastle. In each game he has taken off the Plymouth keeper at half time and replaced with a 77. Can someone from SM sort this guy out and reverse the fixtures.
  8. Scott continues to cheat. For the third time this season he has match fixed his Plymouth vs Newcastle result in favour of Newcastle. In each game the formation has been changed in a beneficial way for Newcastle, In each game PLymouth have played their 2nd / 3rd team. In each game the 3rd choice keeper has been substituted at half time for a 77 rated replacement. We need him out, Scott is a self proclaimed cheat and brags about it. Lets do what we did to Jorge and get rid of this pathetic cheating idiot.
  9. The new forum is absolutely hateful. I personally find it hard to read , it is to harsh on the eyes, the font is too small , it is impossible to navigate.
  10. The new forum layout is a hideous mistake. Needs to be changed back straight away, the old one wasn't broken , no need to fix it.
  11. There will now be absolutely no interaction if all the posts have to be moderated.
  12. yes you can moderate that one as well. It's going to be a really proactive forum if all the posts need moderating..
  13. and for some reason my posts now need moderators approval , that is after I have been posting on here for years with no problems what a complete farce.
  14. It is absolutely terrible and doesn't get through standard malware features. It takes ages to load, is slow, hard to read and difficult to navigate. What was wrong with the old one, it worked really well. This is rubbish. The green banners at the top are insulting and seem to have been written by someone with no grasp of manners or grammar.
  15. Who decided this new forum layout was good, as it absolute rubbish
  16. It is a hideous mess. It doesn't pass through some standard malware filters such as ABP which concerns me. Some of the green banners like the one at the top are insulting and down right rude.. Need to go back as it was.
  17. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Man Utd manager is booted time to celebrate. Almost wish I didn't have the job offer as it looks like a complete fix...
  18. Re: Gold Championship 1 News I've contacted them on twitter but I am sure I will get zero response unless I hashtag it somehow
  19. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Some more bad news. You may know that there is a persistant club wrecker aka Oli Ward, Wesley Tanner , Bahomet. Well he tipped up in 7777, 30000, 28697 EC. So I reported him in 2 game world and he has been booted and I received a polite response to my tickets. I basically just said , these guys are wrecking their squads in identical ways they must be multi's Unfortunately I reported the Man Utd manager 2 days earlier. These 3 tickets which were much more detailed have been utterly ignored. So 1 rule for a minor club wrecker, another for a multiple cheat .
  20. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Unfortunately the censorship of the newsfeed and the forum is simply helping the manager of Man Utd to get away with what he is doing. If no action is taken people will walk and the game lose income through gold memberships and advertising fees since less people will be on the site.
  21. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Bahomet now has 2 teams in this league under the guise of ancel lotti an old alias and beken bauer
  22. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Unfortunately Bahomet is back in our game world under the new name Becken bauer. He is currently wrecking 2 sides in 30000 28697 ..
  23. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Add to this list Ron Vlaar from Celtic Nov 2014 , manager then fails to log in until 2 dec 2014 and gets booted 30 Dec 2014 Toluca Manchester United £3.2M and Jermaine JONES Adelino VIEIRINHA Manager still present but also Toluca seem to be willing to pay fortunes to other Jorge related clubs Gedoz from Sevilla manager quits next day ! why was that never reversed,! New Velez manager joins 20 Apr and immediately throws 10M Man Utd way one to watch
  24. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Hi , it is meant for all threads, it is a warning to people in all forum game worlds
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