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  1. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

    Well done all those whose teams didn't throw the last game 3 - 0 and fail to qualify on goal difference...:mad:

    In response , entire Yeovil side is being sold to wipe the 30M debt we have racked up going for promotion.

    Most will go external. However there are 4 prime candidates for bigger clubs in Rafinha , Fuchs ,Kieta and Jonas who I will hold out for a decent bid , so long as it comes quickly. So if you fancy a Bayern, Roma , Valencia, or Schalke starter make a bid. In fact bid on any player I have and I will most likely accept so long as it is more than I paid...

    Next season will be tough love for Yeovil

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Re: Squad Sizes

    Squad size has absolutely nothing to do with the success of a gameworld or otherwise. Those who want a squad cap do themselves no justice by linking the issues. As has been said EC7046 succeeds with sides with relatively small sides in general. EC1 succeeds with absolutely huge squads in Division 1 with smaller squads in lower divisions.

    In EC1 I would never had got to where I am without a big squad , as I could never have generated the income to succeed.

    I do scout players , on my own and have some idea of their prospects. I don't hog players for the sake of it to stop others buying.

    A restrospective squad cap in unworkable. It will kill most gameworlds dead. The smaller sides will not be able to compete, it will drive down transfer prices as presumably after a set time players will leave on concerns or as a free agent so no point scouting , just wait for teams to fall apart.

    A squad cap under 100 will simply create 20 /40/80 indentikit teams soon after the start of any league as you are able to buy any player you like from externals so long as the price is right.

    Then as there will be few / no transfers , most of the small clubs will effectively be bankrupted as they will have high rated players , no chance of selling them or risking a few risers.

    I would only support any squad cap if it were linked to an introduction of sponsorship , building grounds, a better AI in the external teams so that they won't simply sell you all their best players and manager sackings for incompetent or unlucky managers in higher divisions. If you want realistic ,then fine, go all the way.

    The major reasons for gameworlds failing are.

    1) Over supply of gameworlds.

    2) Heinous cheating and little being done about it.

    3) Ratings not being regularly reviewed as they use to be.

    4) Bugs not being properly address for example a side being robbed of 3.5M in prize money , 5 players leaving a side as free agents and no compo being paid.

    5) Questionable A.I. of unmanaged & external teams

    6) Part of (1) no sensible way of merging almost empty gameworlds.

  3. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    I'm afraid that after 5 years of playing this game I have finally decided to quit.... at the end of the season. My life is busy now what with me graduating and starting my new job in Manchester. I have a girlfriend now who I spend the majority of my free time leaving little time for this game' date=' and the recent update has made the game virtually unplayable on my mobile. I'll decide closer to the end whether I will quit Preston or give my account to someone else, I don't want them ruined. I did hope to stay on until I reached 1000 games but that would mean staying on for another 112 games which I can't commit to.[/quote']

    Quite understand your thoughts. As a slightly more mature player, I think that you should schedule in a little "me " time. The early days with a new partner and job can be pretty intense. I remember leaving work, scoffing back food, cycling to my gf house , spending time with her playing scrabble and that sort of thing and hardly enjoying my hobbies at the time.. But as things progress you will find you have more time on your hands , the need to text 50 times per day will wane and your gf will have other interests as well besides you . ( hard to believe but Primark will happen! ) . I'd suggest scaling back SM. I think even with 5 minutes per day you could keep your Preston ticking over, maybe with one scouting session per month... Will expect an invite to the wedding when it happens and the kids named after me, mister is such a grand first name. Good luck whatever you do..

  4. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread

    And as I seem to have been dragged into the cup vs league debate despite never commenting on it.

    I never target the cup unless I reach the final, it has little or no effect on my team other than picking up a few injuries. Barnet's recent form has been stunningly good , he deserves to lead the league.

    My aim is to get promoted by right and avoid the playoff's, which will be achieved, even though I have to rinse my team through again in a couple of weeks, which Barnet are now able to do themselves from a position of strength.

    I can't see any other clubs than the top 3 going up , so it's a fight for the playoffs for the rest.

  5. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread

    Having played this game for more than a few years, you can't condemn this game world to an early demise yet.

    Managers come and go. The bigger the league the more that come and go. Granted there is a point of no return or at least a mutation into a 1/2/3 league championship but you are no where near there yet.

    A new forum EC atm is not the answer , it will dilute the pool of active managers and kill this EC and take others with it.

    If there was a mistake it was starting this one so soon after 28697 and then the subsequent semi clones that came after.

    I would suggest waiting for a good number 33333 would spring to mind or actually and probably better 40000.

    The best option to fill up this league is to offer up clubs to friends and try and get managers from half full forum leagues to move across.

    Don't give up to easily ,accept you are in it for the long haul and the game gets more interesting.

  6. Re: English Championship 1

    Will be sad to see you go..

    Don't think I'd swap 9th place Luton for 17th place West Ham.

    Calebs side has the obvious attraction of Hazard but has actually got slightly less value in players.

    West Ham though have a much bigger gate I suppose.

    Anyway good luck ,...

  7. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    Nuneaton transfer coup

    The Nuneaton rebuild is complete and ready to slay all opposition in Division 4

    In goal we have 89 rated Christian Abbiati , back in the AC Milan side in real life, former Huddersfield player is ready to keep out all opposition forwards.

    Along the back line.

    Angelo Palombo 88, from Sampdoria.

    Sylvain Armand 88 from Rennes

    Aleksey Beretutsky from CSKA via Cardiff.

    Christian Schulz from Hannover and formerly Barnet

    In the Midfield

    England and Chelsea legend

    Frank Lampard 91

    Walter Gargano from Napoli , Crystal Palace and Wycombe.

    Gael Danic 87 from Lyon , Padoin 87 of Juventus and Edmar 87 of Metalist

    Upfront is World cup leading all time scorer

    Miroslav Klose 91 and Javier Saviola 89

    Backed up by some young talent and experienced veterans , this should be the squad to fear in D4

  8. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    Nuneaton promoted with 5 - 1 win over managerless Braintree

    After last season's heart break, and a disastorous start to the game, the managers decision to sell almost his entire side has been justified.

    With the expected compensation due for the retirement of Chivu and Kevin Philips dependent on the release of higher rated players, the gamble had to be taken in order to rebuild quickly once the new season starts.

    Goals by Nazari, Joya and Hervais put Braintree to the sword and Nuneaton into Division 4.

    Division 4 will be a much easier escape with 4 possible promotion spots. Expect lots of new faces playing for us next season, with experienced players and a mixture of young prospects.

  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

    Hello.. I have some interesting news..

    I tried logging in earlier today and found that I could not. I also tried logging into google' date=' and my accounts were invalid.

    I found that I could sign up for a new account with the same name.. which means my accounts were deleted.

    I had around 5 accounts, which each had between 3-5 clubs, they'll most likely be gone now.

    If you see Oldham on offer, could you inform me please? It was a long term project I took on and I'd hate to see it end this way.


    Current Oldham manager has had team for 15 games ? When did you last log in

    Serdar Dragutinovic 24 Jun 2014 present 15 22 1.47

    ?? what other gw did you play in?

  10. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    Would appreciate it if Macclesfield, Telford and Kidderminster coudl stop winning so that I could win D5 in peace, sell off the entire side and service the 11M debt we have racked up by not stripping out the squad mid season.

    In all seriousness, the main rivals have stunning records in the last 6, and I will be lucky if I am promoted with 5 to go. If for any reason we explode I will sell off the side with 4 to go and put together 2 identical play off teams.

    Good luck

  11. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    Brentford stunned by Ronald McDonald's early exit

    After a great start Brentford fans were cheering the best manager in the club's history


    They hope to attract a new manager but seem to have switched allegiance already.

    Watch out for his alter egos aka , Lance Windsor, David Moyes ,Wesley Tanner etc as we won't be lovin his return.

  12. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread

    Sad news as McDonald quits Mansfield


    Mansfield saved by the combined forces of the Big King and Pikachu

    Mr Mcdonald who has the best average record point score with Mansfield will not be sadly missed. Keep an eye out for his alter egos of David Moyes, Wesley Tanner, Lance Windsor etc as we won't be lovin his return.

  13. Re: Managers who ignore Transfer Bids

    Routinely I respond straight away to bids, but now and again after I have silly bids on players i.e. 4M for a 90 or being offered an 87 for 25M I ignore it to stop another bid being made.

    Why not introduce a block transfer bid option, say for 28days to stop the griefers. Automatically accepting bids would be an awful idea otherwise people would target less active accounts and strip clubs out even worse than they are now.

  14. Re: Website Error

    Same for me, connect clubs work , can't log in to any "normal" game worlds and when I log out I get error message as well. Really handy on the day that Germany and Spain kick off as I will miss out on all the bargains.!

  15. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread

    It is fairly evident that MrMcdonald, reads the forum. He has or had multiple accounts. If you look at his clubs , he often joins and leaves just before or immediately after Lance Windsor or Wesley Tanner.

    He always seems to know when a club is available , meaning he has a friend , or another account within the same game world. For what purpose , I know not.

  16. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

    It is fairly evident that MrMcdonald, reads the forum. He has or had multiple accounts. If you look at his clubs , he often joins and leaves just before or immediately after Lance Windsor or Wesley Tanner.

    He always seems to know when a club is available , meaning he has a friend , or another account within the same game world. For what purpose , I know not.

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