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  1. Re: Taking over team and selling everyone to unmanaged You wouldn't have one person in charge of transfers. The system would work almost as now almost as now but with more human input. The managers within the gameworld would be able to report deals both internal and external. The moderator can then decide to leave the transfer as it is, reverse it with no penalty, reverse it with a warning, reverse it and impose a transfer ban. I haven't made up my own mind if moderators should be able to independently call in transfers as that would be more open to abuse. I have seen this work really well in other games, the usual is to have one player mod roughly per 100 players. Trialling this system can do no harm, if we don't try it we will never find out if it would be better. Again look at EC5579, the club wrecker there is deliberately swapping out good players + cash for worse players.. The SMFA system will never pick this up as you can't report external deals..
  2. Re: Taking over team and selling everyone to unmanaged I agree reporting deals is the way but , the deals have already been reported and he just sells on to another club or externals. We can't report external deals at the moment. If there was a human moderator this would have been nipped in the bud. In 5579 he has just spent 20M on 2 external free agent he could have got for 4M. He is collecting 40+ year old keepers none of whom will play. All his best players are sold and all the money is gone that he has got in. EC106 will survive this, 5579 will not as the external mark is now full of high rated players which the clubs with loads of cash will snap up thus unbalancing the league even more.
  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Wrecking a club deliberately is against the rules of the game since it heavily disadvantages one club, that is in the rules. Do you honestly believe any of the transfers he has carried out in 5579 benefit the club? Free Agent Campos Value 2M paid 12M Poltavet 84 rate 39 yr old paid 12M 6 keepers purchased over the age of 40 none of who will play or rise All the top players sold or for sale. All the money thrown away, no decent players left Yes that is against the rules, don't defend him
  4. Re: Taking over team and selling everyone to unmanaged That would be a risk we have to be prepared to take. It is like taking a pill to cure an illness. Sure there could be some side effects but if you don't take the medicine you could die. What is the best option? Moderators would have to be vetted based on reputation and a trial period. If they abuse their powers they are removed as moderators and removed from the game world with a permanent ban. We have to believe that most people aren't " complete tools". It is too easy to find an excuse not to do something, it has to be worth trying, if it doesn't ,well then I am wrong abd very little harm is done as many GW's are a right old mess anyway,if I am right then the world is a slightly better place. If we don't find a solution then many gameworlds will die.
  5. Re: Taking over team and selling everyone to unmanaged Hannah You miss the point , it isn't about dictating transfers, it is about stopping cheats and keeping game worlds of all types alive. So long as you play within the rules and spirit of the game , you can buy and sell who you want. However would you prefer to prefer to play in a game world where clubs are deliberately wrecked leaving them unwanted. Players would inevitably end up with the already big clubs as they would have the money to splash out from externals or would you prefer a competitive game world , where 99.99% of transfers would be left untouched but cheats would be kept at bay . Imagine these 3 scenarios. 1) A new game world. Club wrecker turns up , sells all the best players for peanuts, buys 21 rubbish players, spends all the cash. Club gets massive debt , can't ever sell enough players to clear it. This is the reality for some game worlds already. 2) You are in an established game world which has lost quite a few managers but you like it. Club wrecker turns up , methodically kills the best clubs one after the other. This leaves no real challenge , rest of the managers quit in disgust. This is also happening 3) You are in a top forum world. Club wrecker turns up. Destroys club. People get bitter about accepting or not accepting transfers. Club wrecker club hops. Cycle continues until forum world dies. This is happening in EC5579 and EC106 right now. If I were a moderator in either league I would have reverse all the Man City transferred and suspended him from transfers for 2 weeks. Then given him a chance to come back and play fair. I know what the vast majority of managers would want and if it occurs you could stay or leave, which would be a shame.
  6. Re: Taking over team and selling everyone to unmanaged I think with the number of gameworlds they have, it would be difficult to monitor every single one. I know of a number of online games that actively involve their players as moderators, as they are the ones who are, in reality, best placed to judge who / what is cheating. As an idea I would say that 1 in every 100 new game worlds should be actively moderated. It should be by a player with a high reputation from within the gameworld. Current gameworlds should be able to vote to be or not to be actively moderated. Alternatively have a team of "floating " moderators who would receive the smfa requests rather than the computer. I think it has to be trialled, it would be a massive leap forwards.
  7. Re: Taking over team and selling everyone to unmanaged Sadly this has spread to EC106 and 5579 the Palace manager in EC106 who is the same manager as EC5579 Man CIty is methodically selling his best players cheaply while buying rubbish externals for 3 x 4 x their value. Some deals were reversed but he has just put them for sale again. To stop this could you put in place a player moderator in each league ? They could have limited to powers to a ) Reverse transfers Suspend a club for conducting transfers. This would save SM a lot of work. If you want to trial it get in touch with me and we could test it out in Ec106 ,5579 or any game world you like.
  8. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Hi, thanks Longnose ,someone beat you to it so I will offer it to them , if thats ok
  9. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread The SM Devs are investigating the griefer at Man City, all the deals will be reported until he leaves,
  10. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Many of his internal deals have been reversed , hopefully the externals can be reversed as well
  11. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Hammer has done the decent thing , he has cancelled the deal..
  12. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Orient job offer. I will hold onto the side as given the current circumstance I don't want the Palace Manager to club hop. If anyone is genuinely interested pm me and I will reject at a suitable time
  13. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Great and honest move well done !
  14. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Sadly all the deals from Man City are just an attempt to wreck the side.. 95 rated players to externals... Please when he leaves, if it can be done give the players back to CITY for CV or what you paid which ever is higher.
  15. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Do not buy from Crystal Palace He is wrecking the side Shame on any team dealing with him, . He threw away 20M today on 4M worth of externals , do you want any more evidence.............. Well done Hammer for sending back Barry, actually that is one way to stop him, accept a bid , and then reject it,,,,
  16. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread The situation with the Palace boss is odd. He was previously with us for 3 years as Bristol City and I don't remember any sillyness. He hasn't played SM for almost 18months, returns and starts wrecking 2 forum clubs. It almost seems like a hacked account or someone had previously sat some clubs for him and still remembers his pw. Could be wrong.
  17. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Hi The new Palace boss is methodically ruining the side. Please don't bid for any of his players. I know they will goto external, which is better as it will take him longer. Hopefully by the the SMFA will investigate and kick him. If you have already dealt can you do the decent thing when he is kicked and sell the players back to Palace at the price you paid or CV whichever is the highest.
  18. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Hi The new Man City boss is methodically ruining the side. Please don't bid for any of his players. I know they will goto external, which is better as it will take him longer. Hopefully by the the SMFA will investigate and kick him.
  19. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread I'll give Southport a couple of 2 for 1's
  20. Re: English Championship 1 Ticking along nicely as ever
  21. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN bound to happen with so few actives
  22. Re: New Improvements There use to be a little click box which I could use to quickly access my team sequencially , this has vanished and it now takes an additional screen load to go back to my list of clubs. Please put this back it was really good and a great feature..
  23. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Division 2 is just too close . no one can put a good run together. Watford in 2nd should have sealed promotion but have lost 4 in a row! Only Barnsley show any real form. Saturday sees Middlesborough the leaders vs Barnsley in 5th 6th place Orient face in form outsiders Newcastle in 9th Huddersfield vs Swindon should help the Wiltshire side make some progress Watford face Leicester who they should easily beat but Leicester are dragging themselves out of the mire, so who knows. Rushden vs Preston could well see Preston go top Southend who have won the last 2 face 7th place Villa who have lost the last 2. My Wycombe have a must win against Sheffield Utd who musn't lose. I can see the leaders being on 57pts with 2nd and 3rd 1 pt behind, 8th place will have 53pts with Newcastle being in the frame on 50pts ... Of course it could all go horribly wrong , but who for....
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