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  1. Samu is a nickname or short form of which player?
  2. It is because on the squad page it's the current fitness which is day by day. On the tactics page it's the expected fitness for next match day. Remember the fitness on tactics page is expected not guaranteed. So on match day day it may increase or decrease by 1-2.
  3. Calabria without question. Can play in both wings, club performing better, younger, playing better.
  4. I read today Sarabia rejected Chelsea in January. Does this change your opinion?
  5. (1) Anyone with German football knowledge shade which players will benefit the most with Lowe deciding to start a new era - Brandt, Havertz, etc? Also who is locked to play LB in German national team? (2) Brandt or Sarabia?
  6. I wouldn't. I like to change my tactics during matches and it always suits me when my forward can play in the wings or multiple positionsas i.e F(rlc). I should say, I have Kane in a gw and quite often I play him in the wings.
  7. Yes, it's double the cv for outfield players and CV for GKs
  8. To the person who asked yesterday if Mbappe will get 97 playing for PSG. I hope you got a live answer last night. If PSG keeps choking Mbappe will go back to 90.
  9. (1) Guys which is the best deal from the following? - i) Suso+Fabregas ii) Suso+Benassi iii) Chiesa (2) Belotti or Lukaku
  10. I am confused. Fabregas will drop 1 and you would still go for him? Benassi and Grillitsch are both same position - DM/MC.
  11. Banega or Fabregas and Ox, Benassi or Grillitsch?
  12. Does this mean players such as Moussa Dembele, Benatia, Monaco players, Cahill, Fabregas, etc - players who did not feature much but at worst got only -1 have the possibility to get random decreases?
  13. Guys, couple of years ago I asked Kessie or Naby and if I recall correctly all the answers was Kessie. What do you all make of Kessie now?
  14. From what I gather is and it simply is my understanding, he said it he didn't pay attention to SM world for over 2 years. And with 100k users and 50k daily active users it's hard to pull the plug but his aim is to bring these 100k users to the crypto game. I think SM intentionally stopped paying attention to world so we grow impatience and just leave. So it becomes easier to pull the plug on world. Additionally, say if crypto gets 1m managers it again becomes easier to pull the plug on world. 1m vs 100k? That's brainless. SM world takes a lot of resources - review, bug replies, keeping the game running, etc, etc. So my conclusion is SM World will be taken down as soon as a target is met in crypto. World will only survive if crypto fails, which I doubt it will. All "millennials" will join the new one because of crypto currency and earning quick bucks. With crypto SM is targeting a different market which is humongous in size compared to world.
  15. Why does the very few times I comment relating to this thread gets lost among everything? Anyone?
  16. Banega worth buying? I understand he won't rise anymore but due to his age will he decrease?
  17. Yes. The way he burst in I was hoping a quick development. But now so many others have surpassed him. He also disappointed me was because when he came in I went for him and in many I sold or didn't buy Mbappe. That's how highly I rated him. But we'll...
  18. I have quite a few but the two names that prop up instantly is Pietro Pellegrini and Emre Mor. Though Mor was fantastic with his low rating for me but was disappointed nonetheless with his development.
  19. @zsp2 can you tell me who of the three Torino players have the brightest future please - Lukic Betenguer Parrigini(?)
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