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  1. Nobody can help me with why Rahul would think Neto will get +1 but not Trapp? I need to buy 1 of them soon, so your thought(s) will be very useful.
  2. @Sir Rahul You have Valencia GK Neto for +1 but don't think Frankfurt's GK Trapp will +1. Both are 89 atm and same age. Why is that? If anyone else know how the ratings for GKs work please do share your thought. I am looking to buy either Kevin Trapp (Franfurt) or Neto (Valencia). Can't make a decision and Rahul's prediction threw me off a little as well (No offense intended).
  3. Onana or Pickford in SM terms? Ajax is having a great season and almost whole team deserves random rises but I don't remember GKs getting random rises. Pickford as bad as he can be, he is more visible to the world.
  4. I am pretty sure De Beek was playing in a deeper role few months back. And as you can see I disagreed with you last year.
  5. I am assuming you are not talking to yourself but me. What you say is mad and out of depth. Where do you see stats to what I said? Where? You have an opinion and I have mine and so does everybody. The reason my message may come out as rude or angry is because you are saying and based your reply on something I never said. Yes I am a little infuriated. Don't do that, don't say I said something which I clearly didn't. And also don't teach me football.
  6. Rodri and Allan OR Rodri and Partey OR Partey and Allan
  7. Must say there was a huge difference between what you predicted (+1) and what Kylian Hazard got (+5).
  8. Berenguer is playing as a forward tonight against Milan.
  9. Sterling and then Mane. Stones haven't played enough. Eriksen 50/50
  10. @zsp2 which of these following Torino players are worth keeping, considering Torino are doing well in Serie A? Avelar Parigini Lukic and Berenguer
  11. Are Oblyakov and Akhmetov been touted as future stars or even being linked to bigger European clubs? As the Russian review is just once a year is it better to sell them after the review?
  12. Did Acuna of Sporting play as LB this whole season? What is his best position?
  13. You don't expect Dennis of Club Brugg to get a rise? He has good minutes behind him, I was told.
  14. Not yet. See where De-Ligt ends up first then you will have a pretty good idea how quickly he will rise. Same for Rice.
  15. The United prediction needs to be revisited.
  16. Gomez to Westham United. So this 1 "dying" is dead in ratings.
  17. @Sir Rahul in the first page under Prediction Done section, are those the ordersl of the leagues (country) you expect the reviews to be done before top5?
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