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  1. I will go with Calabria. Will get loads of game times for Milan.
  2. Here's a future report. Mendy will come back in 2-3 weeks, play for 2-4 weeks then be injured until the end of the season. I would sell Laxalt
  3. Will it be wise to sell Lille's players? They are still going strong and might get bigger rises in next review?
  4. What does one make of Pereira of United? I mean he is 23, haven't nailed down a place apart from that spell at Valencia and still being touted as potential.
  5. You missed everything but something good came out of it 🙂
  6. Btw what's the catch in following ppl here in the forum?
  7. My simpleton friend I said new prediction thread. Not funny at all and epic fail
  8. Where are my Asian buddies? while we are at it Ryder cup managers can open their own prediction thread.
  9. Go for it. In in future if it doesn't work out you can swap Sane for another GK. In SM GK is so unpredictable. In one of my current gw and couple of past GW's I have seen a 85 rated GK doing much better than a 90 rated GK.
  10. There are two threads for that. For your question you will love TM Costa x-files and then there's thorgan's thread Belgian 18-19. You will get few there as well
  11. Firstly I never understood why he chose Bayern with the midfield Bayern had. It's hard to see how get a rise soon but he is still 91 in sm and that's pretty good.
  12. Has Belotti reached his max? Don't even read about rumour linkups anymore. Only downward from here from him?
  13. Our very own, Rahul, is from whoscored.
  14. Dude what can you tell me about Maximiliano of sporting and Fabio Duarte of Benfica? And who has bigger chance of making it?
  15. You are looking at it the wrong way. Sterling's performance was on a consistent level from the beginning of the season. Sane just recently notched up most of those stats. And WC and international matches have everything to do with it. Netherlands are in the semi of new international cup by beating two very good teams. Yes sterling didn't do much and in that theory Sane literally sat at home. And what's with the argument with Mane? Just coz Sane has better stats for 4-6 months he should surpass or be equal to it? City and LFC were excellent reviews according to me. Koulibaly and VVD are the best defenders at present and the rating shows.
  16. I rate him but he won't go above 89 if he stays at Bremen. No idea about tuanzebe hence didn't answer. PS: Feels privileged to be tagged by Krooss25.
  17. I wouldn't I would keep Van den Beek. Few months back I said it and will say it again Van den Beek is a better player than Frenkie.
  18. Balerdi's transfer to BVB is almost done with only the announcement left. In that case should I expect more than +2?
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