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  1. 1 hour ago, Soccahappy said:

    A little bit of Fun!

    Percentage chances please of a rise Next Review in May (From 0-100%), Obviously your estimation on who wins League or Cups or Champions League or goals scored or performances will be critical also:-


    Lucas Moura 0

    Shaqiri 0

    Xhaka 0

    Mane  50

    Issa Diop 70

    Doucoure (Watford) 80

    Sterling 90

    Bernardo Silva 100

    Laporte 50

    Luke Shaw 50

    Lindelof 30

    Pogba 70 

    Lukaku 0

    Winks 50

    Solly March No idea





  2. 4 minutes ago, koplfc said:


    Do we think Son would ever get 93? Dybala is nearly the same price as Sterling.  Son would be 4th choice potentially. 

    Then, Coutinho, Pjanic, Pogba, Thiago or Koke. Which two?

    It's hard to say if Son will increase, he has gone quiet.

    Pogba and Coutinho. Countinho coz he has age on his side. Koke not bad option  either but it seems he is married to Atleti and Atleti is producing dross football atm.

  3. 3 minutes ago, koplfc said:

    Kovavic (£20m), Bellerin (£10m) and Ruben Neves (£20m) are surplus to requirements at my club, and I need a striker. 

    Dybala, Sterling, Costa, Son, Insigne, Immobile and Morata are my potential options. 

    Sterling, Dybala (though must say in SM he didn't do well for me), Son, Insigne, Costa, Morata and then Immobile.

  4. 21 minutes ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:

    Hi, sorry to go a little off topic, but it is transfer related.

    Am I right in thinking that the external team that owns a player that you have on the transfer list will pay the most for the player? and is that a set %? I have a player with a just over 10% above value offer from his real life team, if I reject that what are the chances of a higher bid next time, or will another team come in with a random bid?

    thanks in advance

    The real clubs (if external) bids between 10-20% above CV and that the highest. Other clubs will bid too if you leave it long but it's like just 100k above CV.

    In my experience if it's the first time external club is bidding and if you reject it, you will get slightly better offer the second time. But sometimes it takes two weeks for the second bid to come.

    PS: You have to reject the first bid and not wait for it to be automatically rejected.

  5. 28 minutes ago, Soccahappy said:

    Who will win the race for the Bundaliga??

    Well Dortmund managed, with some difficulty to win away at H.Berlin yesterday. They had gone behind twice before equalizing early in the 2nd half thru Jadon sancho assist for Zagadou to score. Going into extra time  it was Sancho who again assisted a Reus sidefooter and it ended 2-3 to Dortmund.

    Diallo, Reus. Sancho, Akanji, Pulisic, Zagadou and Weigl all got 90mins. Wolf 78mins, Bruun Larsen 75, Hakimi 12mins.

    Of these I can see Diallo, Zagadou, Bruun Larsen, Hakimi and of course Jadon Sancho all getting rises.

    So Bayern are 3pts behind but play their game in hand today Home to Mainz at 5pm and already have +1 goal difference advantage over Dortmund

    Then next, the BIG possible Decider on Saturday 6 April Bayern v B. Dortmund in which incidentally Tolisso may well be fit to return. Whose your money-on for the Title forumers?

    I think Bayern will come triumph at the end. BVB will buckle if Bayern take a tiny lead.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Milanista1 said:

    I agree, if Seville can reach 4th he should definitely hit 92. He certainly plays at/above that rating at times.

    Didn't you choose Brandt over Sarabia when I asked? I am confused. You said Sarabia will only increase if he moves which is unlikely. But now you are saying he can get 92 with Sevilla? 

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