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  1. You should buy Timo Werner if he is at external or available. With 40m it will be difficult to change the structure now. Stick with it. Win a trophy collect the prize money. During the season many clubs will not like where they are and they will need a quick fix and often go for 30+ year olds. Sell them when appropriate and for good cash. I feel Werner will become a great player and if you have a chance get him.
  2. Gary Neville and Michael Owen are not in this forum.
  3. Seems to be taken in every GW I am in. So by that he should get good rise.
  4. His value will drop on the 1st of July. That's how it works.
  5. I am a bit surprised nobody mentioned players like Sturridge and Welback (I know SM is very patient with injured players) kept their 89. Sturridge wasn't even injured and last updated a year back (-1 to 89).
  6. Why stop at Vidic? Bring on Maldini's stats
  7. Wendel of Sporting worth buying?
  8. Holy cow who am I talking to? League position shouldn't have any bearings in ratings? But winning some internal award counts? You must be a real football person. You know how I know that coz LFC and Neverton both played 4 at the back and coz the real Robo and Trent overlap all the time they are wing backs. I bow to you sir. Sir, I have a question for you though how did Europe's best LB Digne get 4 or whatever the number assists?
  9. So league position doesn't have a say but a player getting voted by fans somehow makes your argument? Well I have realised I am wasting my time here (I still see no stats to back your claim). A club that finished 5th and runners up in Europa had their LB given a -1 to 89. And I would like to end my argument with that. Pickford should get +2, he saved penalties for England and got voted the best player in his family by his family.
  10. @RobboEFC I will wait for you to get back home and use your laptop. You said "competing with top left backs across Europe" and only gave Robertson as an example. And in your next reply can you start with your league position and how much you spend please? Thank you!
  11. I tried to stay out of this but can you back the highlighted part?
  12. Who can tell me about Bruno Roberto of Atletico Mineiro, Brazil? Does he have the potential to ride quickly in SM?
  13. Arsenal is done. SM started with Tottenham and will not go back to Arsenal.
  14. Essentially isn't that what I am saying? According to SW/SM Pogba has had a better season depending on stats and hype. I don't have any other way to put it. This is my 2nd and final attempt.
  15. It can't be difficult to understand that ratings depend on stats and not SM/SW watching every single player playing in every single match. Pogba has more goals than Eriksen. Have better hype/media than Eriksen. What more does SW need? I won't be surprised if Pogba gets +1. In fact I am 60-40 in him getting an increase.
  16. Easy peasy. Sell Sanchez, Dembele and Arthur. Since you made up your mind on the last option, the sellers look to be Sanchez, Dembele and Zielinski
  17. From my observation defenders are done before. Only attackers are done on the 2nd day. So I don't think Bernat will rise. VVD will guaranteed get +2
  18. Who is more likely to get +1 this review - Romagnoli or Skriniar? Skriniar gets tremendous hype which I don't understand. Saw few matches but there was nothing extraordinary about him. Inter rarely kept a clean sheet as well.
  19. Pepe will get +2 guaranteed. Also the way Ajax and Lyon players got 91s I will repeat myself LFC players should be 92+. I would do that deal if I was getting De Ligt.
  20. Is David Tavares of Benfica really that good? I read benfica is trying to set his buy-out clause at 100m after interest from LFC.
  21. Values only drop on odd years and 30+. If the age is even it will remain the same
  22. What did you make of Belotti this season? In SM terms you think his end of the season form and rumours of a move to Roma are enough for +1? Side note: The unusual sequence of SM this review where England is getting done before Italy makes me think big and unexpected reviews are coming for Serie A.
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