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  1. Arent Napoli buying Trippier? That's Trippier and Malcuit
  2. Is Bruno Jordao of Lazio a good prospect to buy? What is his near future limit? @TMCosta asking you the sane question as well since he is Portuguese.
  3. Awesome. Thanks for taking my suggestion. I love Rahul's thread but so many topics were being discussed in there that people who usually replied stopped replying (Rahul, Kev and Soccahappy). It got too congested there.
  4. Is he as good as I read in UK sports news? Would you say he is in the category of F. Anderson of WHU? That WHU got lucky to get him? How good is Brahimi?
  5. Where is Brahimi most likely to go this transfer window?
  6. Plea, Gelson Martins, Kramaric and Berardi Please rank according to the best one to buy before this coming review. More than one opinion is hugely welcomed.
  7. Any of you football fanatics watch Chinese Super League? What do you make of Carrasco, will he drop? When is the CSL review?
  8. Because I am not discussing whatever it is. As it is I use different threads for Belgium and Portugal players unless I want more than 1 opinion.
  9. Nice to know. Don't get me wrong, I rumbled on too on few occasions but then realised Rahul is doing the preds which means he is logging in but not replying to questions which he used to do. Some topics goes on for too long. Hence if anyone opens a thread relevant to that topic we will all pitch in.
  10. Says it all, you wouldn't answer the question but rumble on, on the secondary stuff. If you are offended so be it, which means you have been rumbling on it. It's Rahul's thread and he stopped replying. Why can't you all open a new thread/page?
  11. Anyone? Seems everyone forgot the purpose of this thread.
  12. Merino of Socidad or Joan Jordan of Eibar?
  13. Just coz they scored the goals? Ratings are not done game to game or a goal or two. It's an accumulation of variety of things in a period of time.
  14. Painful. Why instead of completing the league they did so many random players is confusing.
  15. So that's Salzburg done? No rise for Prevaljk and Dabbur (he might get it with Sevilla though).
  16. Not sure about fair but I would take Kimmich easily. As good as Gomez can be he will not surpass Kimmich in SM rating for a while.
  17. Demirbay is going to Leverkusen so might have an outside chance of +1.
  18. Thanks for the information (I ran out of reactions for the day). Can you tell me which clubs are showing interest in Ndoj? He is worth 1m which is quite steep. This question is for everybody. Will the promoted clubs get reviewed with the division 1 teams in their respective leagues?
  19. Hahaha yes actually I found a thread TMCosta shared a link here after I posted my comment. Just to get it out there must buy means young, affordable price (2.4m in this case) who will only rise. I am in agreement with you, Alfa Semedo isn't a must buy.
  20. @zsp2 do you follow Serie B? If so which young players are worth buying from Brescia and Lecce, except Tonali? I was looking through Lecce's defence and they are all 30+ years old. You must get think of opening a new Italian A and B thread like TMcosta and Thorgan Lesar did?
  21. Is Alfa Semedo of benfica a must buy?
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