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  1. 1 hour ago, KERSPALT! said:

    Sterling had a higher rating ceiling in my opinion. 


    Another assist for Bruno Fernandes. I'd say his chances are 90/10 for a +1 and is only hindered by the lack of CL qualification. Dying to know where him and a few others will end up during the summer. I have him, Pepe and Gomez of Celta Vigo in my main game world, all will move but to where!?

    Gomez to Westham United. So this 1 "dying" is dead in ratings.

  2. On 4/20/2017 at 3:33 PM, Sir Rahul said:


    RB Salzburg:

    Haland +4 to 80- yes

    Samassekou +1 to 88

    Schlager +2 to 87

    Ramalho +1 to 87

    Junuzovic -1 to 87

    Ulmer +1 to 86

    Haidara +1 to 86

    Pongracic +3 to 85

    Wolf +2 to 85

    Stankovic +2 to 84

    Prevljak +2 to 84

    Walke -1 to 84

    Yabo +1 to 83

    Mwepu +2 to 80

    Daka +2 to 80

    Van der Werff +2 to 75

    Won't Dabbur get +1 keeping in mind he will move to Sevilla. So even if Salzburg have a rating cap it doesn't apply to him?

  3. 12 minutes ago, vitor_mfc said:

    Hence he wasn't a flop, a flop is a crash and burn situation like Sanchez at United or Sanches at Bayern for example.

    When people start calling a attacking midfielder that delivers +- 15 goals + 15 assists a season a flop, you better start calling it to all of world players because they are always not reaching someones expectations.

    I knew he was suffering from a metabolic disorder, Myopathy.

    Don't you keep saying stats don't tell the whole story?

  4. 8 hours ago, vitor_mfc said:

    Why was he a flop at Bayern though? I get that we wasn't as good as expected, but he's first two seasons he was still good and the third, if not for he's injured he still did okay.

    He was a flop coz he was performing at a certain level which got him a move to BM. And since his move to BM he never reached that level, declining every season. Yes he was good but not up to the expected level.

    Though, if I remember correctly, Gotze was suffering from the same problem/disease that Ronaldo of Brazil had to deal with at the latter stage of his career. That is, whatever they ate/eat turns into fat. No matter how healthy or how little. Hence, they looked unfit and picking up injuries regularly. 

  5. 6 hours ago, TMCosta said:

    I pretty much agreed with everything u said...no one near him yet but for me Francisco Ferro is the big surprise...classy CB.

    From north of Portugal :) im throwing Fabio Silva, Romario Baro and Diogo Costa (Porto), David Carmo and Trincão (Braga) to the mix as the most likely to suceed

    Outside Portugal maybe Domingos Quina.

    Maybe time for a foreign coach? But total respect for Mister Fernando Santos

    No evergreen Quaresma? 😮

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