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  1. 30 minutes ago, Roachy said:

    I will have a total of 40 million not a great amount so maybe 2/3 players

    You should buy Timo Werner if he is at external or available. 

    With 40m it will be difficult to change the structure now. Stick with it. Win a trophy collect the prize money. 

    During the season many clubs will not like where they are and they will need a quick fix and often go for 30+ year olds. Sell them when appropriate and for good cash. 

    I feel Werner will become a great player and if you have a chance get him. 

  2. 20 minutes ago, vitor_mfc said:

    Mathias Olivera of Getafe, anyone has seen him play regularly? Anyone thinks he can rise to 84/85 in this review? 

    I'm expecting around that, as he seemed to had a very good season and Getafe ending the season at 5th place in La Liga, and getting EL Football. Also he's apparently being targeted by some very good teams.

    Romero just got a +6 to 86 playing for a low end table team(although with a bit more playing time), so maybe they are feeling generous.

    Any thoughs?

    Seems to be taken in every GW I am in. So by that he should get good rise. 

  3. 6 hours ago, RobboEFC said:

    He won both end of season awards + 3 player of the month awards. For the end of season 1 was player voted and 1 fan voted. I get your logic but there's popularity contests then a player winning awards because he's genuinely been their best player of the season. Watch enough United games and you'll see that players hyped up (Rashford, etc) are overrated while Shaw has shown he's 1 of the only gems in a poor season for them


    Never once have I said Gueye is better or equal to him? Saying he's up there with him based on stats is me literally saying he has defensive stats better or similar to kante, I can't bs stats...? Saying he's challenging kante for best defensive mid like I did in the thread is like saying Immobile either last year or the year before was challenging Ronaldo and Messi for best scorer in Europe because he was up there based on goals. If Gueye could do as well on the ball as he could off it would definitely put him up there as top 3 cdms in the prem. 


    So what you're saying is you don't watch or see United or Everton games hmm? 😉 Pogba definitely did not deserve team of the season, Hazard should've gotten in. Like I said above I get the popularity content thing but Shaw winning 5 awards total this season was not because of that


    Everton did use 3 back which was largely down to Coleman struggling at the start but for at least 75% of our games we used a 4 defence of Digne, Keane, Zouma, Coleman. Digne is a fullback because he doesn't do the overlapping runs almost every attack like Robertson and Trent do for Liverpool

    Holy cow who am I talking to? League position shouldn't have any bearings in ratings? But winning some internal award counts? 

    You must be a real football person. You know how I know that coz LFC and Neverton both played 4 at the back and coz the real Robo and Trent overlap all the time they are wing backs. I bow to you sir. Sir, I have a question for you though how did Europe's best LB Digne get 4 or whatever the number assists? 


  4. 38 minutes ago, RobboEFC said:

    How does league position and money a teams spent determine a players quality? 🤔


    I've proven multiple times on this thread I'm not biased...? Shaw was voted Uniteds player of the season, Gueye has had stats up there with Kante for 3+ years, the fact you don't know that yet want to tell someone to watch actual football says alot about you man. How about disproving everything I've said with your superior football knowledge? 🙃🤔

    So league position doesn't have a say but a player getting voted by fans somehow makes your argument? 

    Well I have realised I am wasting my time here (I still see no stats to back your claim). 

    A club that finished 5th and runners up in Europa had their LB given a -1 to 89. And I would like to end my argument with that.

    Pickford should get +2, he saved penalties for England and got voted the best player in his family by his family.

  5. 13 minutes ago, RobboEFC said:

    None were standout performers? Digne for the whole season was competing with the best left backs in Europe let alone the prem, Shaw was Uniteds best player yet because of how he looks physically not many people pay attention to that

    Your comments on Ndidi and Gueye are also a bit off, gueyes been competing with Kante for best defensive mid in the prem for over 3 years now and Ndidi has had 2 brilliant seasons yet neither have done enough to warrant a boost to 90? 😉

    I tried to stay out of this but can you back the highlighted part?

  6. 43 minutes ago, AlfonDaddy said:

    I have no problem understanding that stats are included on deciding rating changes. 

    Pogba more goals yes.

    Pogba more hype yes.

    This season Pogba better? NO. 

    Have you watched many of his performances this season? Excluding the short patch after OGS stepped in at Utd he was awful before it and awful after it. Rubbish for France in recent games too. 

    Lukaku has more goals than Eriksen this season but does that mean he had a better season? Again NO


    Essentially isn't that what I am saying? According to SW/SM Pogba has had a better season depending on stats and hype. 

    I don't have any other way to put it. 

    This is my 2nd and final attempt. 

  7. 50 minutes ago, AlfonDaddy said:

    You’ve got to be joking!? No way in hell he deserved a +1. The guy has been ridiculously inconsistent since joining Utd. 

    The high points have been few and far between  

    If he deserves a 94 Eriksen should be a 96 lol. At Juve he showed great talent and one day he will possibly deserve a 94 but not even close at this point in time

    It can't be difficult to understand that ratings depend on stats and not SM/SW watching every single player playing in every single match. 

    Pogba has more goals than Eriksen. Have better hype/media than Eriksen. 

    What more does SW need? 

    I won't be surprised if Pogba gets +1. In fact I am 60-40 in him getting an increase.

  8. 2 hours ago, Sir Louis Cower said:

    to prevent players' concerns I'm gonna start selling some of them, can you guys help me?

    Who would you sell between:

    Davinson Sanchez/Militao/Pavard ? I'm really unsure. I also have Lenglet on loan so I need to sell one of them

    Chiesa/Dembele/Havertz/Sancho ? I need to sell at least one of them and I chose Chiesa, but finding space for 3 youngsters while I also have Son, Sterling and Pépé in the team will be tough

    Zielinski/De Jong/Arthur (I think he'll be rated 90 soon) ? I'm selling Zielinski because he's already 25 y/o and I think he won't rise in the future.

    Icardi/Gabriel Jesus/Jovic (on loan) ? I don't like Jesus IRL but Icardi's situations is very strange at the moment...

    Easy peasy. Sell Sanchez, Dembele and Arthur. Since you made up your mind on the last option, the sellers look to be Sanchez, Dembele and Zielinski

  9. 2 hours ago, AlfonDaddy said:

    Possibly finish PSG tomorrow so still time. 

    VVD is looking good for the +2 I’d say after Marquinhos getting 93

    From my observation defenders are done before. Only attackers are done on the 2nd day. So I don't think Bernat will rise.

    VVD will guaranteed get +2

  10. 1 hour ago, AlfonDaddy said:

    Yeah surely. A surprise +2 for Pepe to put him above the rest at Lille and with a move imminent?? 

    I don’t see it happening lol. SM does love to throw a curveball 🤣

    Pepe will get +2 guaranteed.

    Also the way Ajax and Lyon players got 91s I will repeat myself LFC players should be 92+.

    10 minutes ago, Yuasa said:

    Is a good deal Umtiti + cash for de ligt?thanks

    I would do that deal if I was getting De Ligt.

  11. 1 hour ago, Atkin92 said:

    I’m looking to buy Lenglet.

    I see his birthday is approaching when he will turn 24.

    Should I try and buy him after his birthday in the hope his value will drop? Or what happens to players value when they turn 24?

    Can I save abit of money trying to buy him between his birthday and his rise?

    Values only drop on odd years and 30+. If the age is even it will remain the same

  12. What did you make of Belotti this season? 

    In SM terms you think his end of the season form and rumours of a move to Roma are enough for +1? 

    Side note: The unusual sequence of SM this review where England is getting done before Italy makes me think big and unexpected reviews are coming for Serie A.

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