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  1. For them surely you are the stubborn one for refusing to sell Mbappe and stagnating the market.
  2. I would keep Telles or go with Davies. Guerreiro may lose his LB any time. Considering all the players' leagues have already been reviewed I would wait to see where Telles goes in the summer.
  3. I have no idea. It is just one of those signing(which there are many) where I went with my instinct. I didn't even know his club's full name until few days ago. Felipe is a very popular name.
  4. Are you sure I am not the one? 😉 I have been buying him since he was a baby
  5. Luiz Felipe of Zorya Luhansk. I get him in every GW I can.
  6. Is Calero still worth buying? This weekend his team conceded 4 goals.
  7. I will not be giving that for Depay. If Depay stays put I don't see how he can rise, may be +1 at a pull. Netherlands is his best chance. Rodri he plays under one of the best defensive manager. So why would you give a DM away when he will only rise?
  8. Shepelyev, Deulund (both dynamo Kyiv), Bijol, Bistrovic(CSKA Moscow), Maresic (though I am not sure of his favoured position irl).
  9. Schlager from Salzburg, Oblyakov (CSKA MOSCOW), so many. Names are slipping through my head atm
  10. Do Russia and Ukraine reviews get done back to back?
  11. Politano, Poulsen of Leipzig, Rebic or Kramaric?
  12. Pogba. By the time Melo hits 91-92 Pogba might hit 95. Also with Barca signing few CM players someone will fall foul of that and the price they paid for Frenkie, it will not be him.
  13. So he is not in the database yet? Or is Tuta his nickname and if so what's his good name?
  14. Who is this Tuta that Frankfurt signed from Sao Paulo? Cannot find him in SM.
  15. There's no way Militao will get reviewed tomorrow.
  16. @Sir Rahul can you do Austria, Sturm and above?
  17. Will get reviewed in few days after sm receives million complaints
  18. I am not sure if he will drop. He can only rise if he goes to RM or Barca.
  19. I wouldn't do it. You already have good attacking players. Mbappe has the most potential to catch Neymar the quickest in SM. Add to that, Pulisic will just rot in your team and develop concern. Keep Mbappe! I would sell Alaba while his price is still high. Partey and Hysaj.
  20. Eddie Howe replied to this and a couple more answers would help.
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