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  1. With Conte being confirmed as Inter manager it's hard to see De Paul fitting in the 532 formation.
  2. Tyler Adams is 80 and he totally deserves 85-86. But as I said he might get Guendouzi treatment and only get +3.
  3. Sure. I feel there's a teeny tiny chance that Adams will not get the rise as expected since he only completed half a season (similar to Guendouzi last review). The second part, many here including me were annoyed with the rise Guendouzi got. But as proven with time, until now, he is more of a headless chicken with average football brain than what I thought of him. No argument, Guendouzi still has time in his hand but I am talking about a specific time period i.e. the last review.
  4. Have a feeling Tyler Adams will get the Guendouzi treatment this review. Kudos to SW for seeing how rubbish Guendouzi is and we thought we knew better.
  5. Does this mean he will lose his M(c) this review?
  6. Another question regarding Ilicic (probably the last one) which position did he play this season? The app I use to follow tactics showed F(c) or second striker most of the times but I always thought he is a central midfielder?
  7. No rise for Ilicic :-(. Are you sure you are a Atalanta fan? 😉
  8. If I were you I would call my bank first, not online banking but MAKE A CALL.
  9. Has there been any transfer confirmation regarding De Paul?
  10. Thanks a lot. So I am guessing if it's Germany they will start with the new promoted teams. In terms of Union Berlin, they still have second leg to play at home. They drew 2-2 away to Stuttgart yesterday. Also thanks for clarifying the value of the players. As mentioned in this thread a player's value doesn't change during even years. So I don't think his value will go down on the 1st since he turned 22 a week ago.
  11. Is SW doing Bundesliga or the promoted teams to Bundesliga?
  12. Can somebody tell me why Ruben Dias (22 y/o, 88 DC) is valued at 16m while Milenkovic (21 y/o, 88 DR and DC) is valued at 10m?
  13. Arent Napoli buying Trippier? That's Trippier and Malcuit
  14. Is Bruno Jordao of Lazio a good prospect to buy? What is his near future limit? @TMCosta asking you the sane question as well since he is Portuguese.
  15. Awesome. Thanks for taking my suggestion. I love Rahul's thread but so many topics were being discussed in there that people who usually replied stopped replying (Rahul, Kev and Soccahappy). It got too congested there.
  16. Is he as good as I read in UK sports news? Would you say he is in the category of F. Anderson of WHU? That WHU got lucky to get him? How good is Brahimi?
  17. Where is Brahimi most likely to go this transfer window?
  18. Plea, Gelson Martins, Kramaric and Berardi Please rank according to the best one to buy before this coming review. More than one opinion is hugely welcomed.
  19. Any of you football fanatics watch Chinese Super League? What do you make of Carrasco, will he drop? When is the CSL review?
  20. Because I am not discussing whatever it is. As it is I use different threads for Belgium and Portugal players unless I want more than 1 opinion.
  21. Nice to know. Don't get me wrong, I rumbled on too on few occasions but then realised Rahul is doing the preds which means he is logging in but not replying to questions which he used to do. Some topics goes on for too long. Hence if anyone opens a thread relevant to that topic we will all pitch in.
  22. Says it all, you wouldn't answer the question but rumble on, on the secondary stuff. If you are offended so be it, which means you have been rumbling on it. It's Rahul's thread and he stopped replying. Why can't you all open a new thread/page?
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