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  1. Not yet. See where De-Ligt ends up first then you will have a pretty good idea how quickly he will rise. Same for Rice.
  2. The United prediction needs to be revisited.
  3. Gomez to Westham United. So this 1 "dying" is dead in ratings.
  4. @Sir Rahul in the first page under Prediction Done section, are those the ordersl of the leagues (country) you expect the reviews to be done before top5?
  5. VVD, VVD, VVD, Varane then Koulibaly.
  6. Can anybody shed a light what is wrong with Andre Silva, Milan/Sevilla, striker? Always gets marginalised after great starts.
  7. No way. The only Madrid players that have potential for rises are the young ones.
  8. Won't Dabbur get +1 keeping in mind he will move to Sevilla. So even if Salzburg have a rating cap it doesn't apply to him?
  9. @zsp2 what is DE PAUL's future? Udinese is fighting relegation with a good squad.
  10. Does Henderson merit AM after playing there for just 2 matches? How many matches does a player needs to play in a position for SM to add it to him?
  11. This Colombian review is going on forever.
  12. Yes is value will go down on the 1st day of the following month after his bday.
  13. I would go with Neuer. Both likely to get -1 specially Neuer.
  14. Don't you keep saying stats don't tell the whole story?
  15. He was a flop coz he was performing at a certain level which got him a move to BM. And since his move to BM he never reached that level, declining every season. Yes he was good but not up to the expected level. Though, if I remember correctly, Gotze was suffering from the same problem/disease that Ronaldo of Brazil had to deal with at the latter stage of his career. That is, whatever they ate/eat turns into fat. No matter how healthy or how little. Hence, they looked unfit and picking up injuries regularly.
  16. Kample(sp?) of Leverkusen OR Henderson of mighty LFC
  17. @zsp2 here's a question I hope will make you happy. What is the max rating Gollini can achieve in SM? Is he playing coz Berisha is injured? If so, does that mean Gollini will go back to bench once Berisha is back?
  18. Thanks. I was tilting that way as well but I think Torreira has more chance of a rise than Naby in the summer. Though I think neither will get it as of this moment.
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