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  1. @zsp2 here's a question I hope will make you happy. What is the max rating Gollini can achieve in SM? Is he playing coz Berisha is injured? If so, does that mean Gollini will go back to bench once Berisha is back?
  2. Thanks. I was tilting that way as well but I think Torreira has more chance of a rise than Naby in the summer. Though I think neither will get it as of this moment.
  3. Cencelo: Trent gets unbelievable hype though as a LFC fan I believe he is a weak link. Juve is so strong, they are guaranteed to win double every year. The standard in unbelievably high and not sure if he reaches those in SM's review system. Gimenez and Lenglet: Gimenez's is the weakest of the lot. I think in real life he reached his limit. He is more likely to unsettle the opposing strikers through "dirty" talks and rough tackles than actual defending. Also he will grow concern. Lenglet: I would keep as 5th defender or loan him. But if you want to sell 2, he would be my second. A lot depends on Barca's summer transfers. If they sell Umtiti and buy De Ligt then his role will get limited again. If they keep Umtiti and also buy De Ligt, he literally becomes the 4th defender.
  4. I believe it's 19 and not 23. One cannot loan out his/her second rated GK no matter the rating.
  5. Lucas Torreira or Naby Keita? Politano or Deulofeu?
  6. @Sir Rahul what is your prediction for Maksimovic of Getafe and Maripan of Alves for the summer? Same question to you @Soccahappy Scratch this question. I forgot Rahul did his early predictions. So that the rest knows, he has +1 for both. @Soccahappy
  7. Fellas, unfortunately Havertz has been taken. So now it's - Salah+Torreira/kessie/Bakayo OR Griezmann+Brandt.
  8. We will win both and then Mignolet will get +2.
  9. Guys I got two answers and two very different ones which I appreciate obviously but I am still confused. Anything else wanna give their opinion?
  10. Choose one - Griezman+Havertz OR Salah+Lucas Torreira OR Werner+Havertz/Torreira+Bernardeschi(or any 12-14m winger).
  11. Boateng. I have a feeling he will get a -2 next review.
  12. They all have a chance to rise and there's no bigger club than LFC. Pavard. He is like Schar, great for national team but crap for his club.
  13. Thanks I didn't know that. Way to take things out of context. Chile and Colombian leagues don't interest me, what can I do? What can you do?
  14. By European leagues I meant the ones that are still pending i.e. Russia, Belgium, Austria, Ukraine.
  15. Anyone from SW can tell how long will this useless review go on before it's back to European clubs?
  16. Get Rodri whether he goes to city or not. Suso for me but the guys who follow Serie A have different opinion about him. He is injured and Gattuso still plays him and still the Serie A followers here doesn't think he is crucial.
  17. Me as well. If you look at their previous reviews it stretched from mid April to early May.
  18. Lozano=Gnabry+Gagliardini? Which side of the deal would you be on?
  19. Shaw and Eriksen. Doubt Sandro will ever rise again. Arthur looks good but it we'll take few season for him to get to Eriksen's rating.
  20. Guys thought on Gagliardini please? Any quick reply will be nice. @zsp2
  21. Folks, what are your thoughts on how SM will treat Umtiti? Rumours have it Barca might sell him to fund De Ligt. He has been injured almost all season and, Pique and Lenglet doing well so far.
  22. Dude I completely forgot about it. Was playing at the start but since I started using the app it became a pain, specially using the bonus things. Wish I could shake off SM this easily.
  23. Loum of Porto worth keeping?
  24. Akanji for me. Militao got his hype and his hype got his move to RM. Now it's wait and see. Whereas Akanji is doing it at present.
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