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  1. Anyone? Seems everyone forgot the purpose of this thread.
  2. Merino of Socidad or Joan Jordan of Eibar?
  3. Just coz they scored the goals? Ratings are not done game to game or a goal or two. It's an accumulation of variety of things in a period of time.
  4. Painful. Why instead of completing the league they did so many random players is confusing.
  5. So that's Salzburg done? No rise for Prevaljk and Dabbur (he might get it with Sevilla though).
  6. Not sure about fair but I would take Kimmich easily. As good as Gomez can be he will not surpass Kimmich in SM rating for a while.
  7. Demirbay is going to Leverkusen so might have an outside chance of +1.
  8. What is the future of Maehle of Genk? Is he being linked to any top5 European leagues? Is he a national team regular? After his rise I want to be sure if I should cash in on him since Belgian review is only once a year.
  9. Thanks for the information (I ran out of reactions for the day). Can you tell me which clubs are showing interest in Ndoj? He is worth 1m which is quite steep. This question is for everybody. Will the promoted clubs get reviewed with the division 1 teams in their respective leagues?
  10. Hahaha yes actually I found a thread TMCosta shared a link here after I posted my comment. Just to get it out there must buy means young, affordable price (2.4m in this case) who will only rise. I am in agreement with you, Alfa Semedo isn't a must buy.
  11. @zsp2 do you follow Serie B? If so which young players are worth buying from Brescia and Lecce, except Tonali? I was looking through Lecce's defence and they are all 30+ years old. You must get think of opening a new Italian A and B thread like TMcosta and Thorgan Lesar did?
  12. Is Alfa Semedo of benfica a must buy?
  13. This is an unchartered territory. A player handed in transfer request. Two clubs put bids in and as both got accepted in due time both clubs withdrew. Now how many days will it take for the new bids to be accepted?
  14. Cristante or Andre Gomes who is likely to get +1 this coming review? I know Rahul's prediction but need another one or two to be sure about it.
  15. It usually comes a day after the first competitive match or the second at worst.
  16. I can tell you Gaya is no Ruben Dias. Ruben Dias > Gaya. Hallelujah
  17. Will Tyler Adams lose his full back positions and Hermoso his LB position?
  18. Says the guy who chose Alena and instantly contradicted his own choice. How much did you watch of Neres and Alena?
  19. Paqueta and Ruben Dias. Neres comes a close 3rd choice.
  20. Why does Amiri of Hoffenheim always comes on as a sub? He plays well and scores almost every time he is brought in but hardly gets a start. Why is that?
  21. Woohoo Austria. Been waiting for that one for a long time. Though I think Danbury will be reviewed with Sevilla and not Salzburg. SM did Belgium pretty quickly. Nice.
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