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  1. LB - Reguilon, Vinagre. For other recommendations why not use the search engine and then drop names that are at external and people here can give their opinions? We will just be saying names and they might be taken.
  2. @Kev I forgot to mention under 20m 🙂 They are both same. And since you mentioned long term then I would go with Suso coz he is the mainstream of that Milan side and will be more visible. Bernardeschi made the wrong call joining Juve I feel. He can now only go to a handful of clubs that's better than Juve and he will never be eye catching at Juve. Juve getting linked to Chiesa is bad news for him.
  3. Semedo of Barca the best right back in SM after Carvahal?
  4. Mostly I agree with but my issue was in the very first post where you said Jorginho is being played out of position. Good or bad wasn't the discussion. I disagreed with you saying Jorginho is not been played on his best position, which he clearly is.
  5. You make no sense. What you are saying is there are two kind of "Sarriball" - Italian and English? In Italian Sarriball Jorginho played as CM but in English Sarriball Jorginho plays as DM? And in your own words "Sarri's style seems to be rigid" but you are saying Sarriball changed Jorginho's position. Add to that you are saying in Italian Sarriball Jorginho played CM which means they had a very reliable DM but according to Sarri Kante isn't as good and reliable hence he changed his position? Do you know what you are saying? Or did you understand correctly what MOTD pundits were saying?
  6. Kante is not being played in his best position but Jorginho is.
  7. Socca good to hear from you. I have actually changed Zaha for Wijnaldum (I had the same bid for Suso as well). I am just trying to not have same players in more than 2 GWs. SM is boring me at the moment. PS: I prefer Zaha over Suso.
  8. You said Jorginho is not being played in his preferred role which is absolutely wrong. And, then I tried to explain...
  9. You are totally wrong Kev! Jorginho is playing in his preferred and only position he knows how to play i.e Carrick like CM. Jorginho didn't replace Kante's role. Kante used to break up play whereas Jorginho builds up play. Jorginho is utter rubbish, can only play one position and he is not even the best in it. Since Jorginho is being played in his preferred position, Kante was moved. It's 433 and Jorginho's role is to control the pace of the game which did I mention he is rubbish at? It suited him at Napoli coz most Italian teams play tactical, chess-like football where he was hardly pressed. It's called Sarriball coz it was something new and refreshing than waiting for oppositions to make mistake. @Milanista1 sell Jorginho ASAP!
  10. For them surely you are the stubborn one for refusing to sell Mbappe and stagnating the market.
  11. I would keep Telles or go with Davies. Guerreiro may lose his LB any time. Considering all the players' leagues have already been reviewed I would wait to see where Telles goes in the summer.
  12. I have no idea. It is just one of those signing(which there are many) where I went with my instinct. I didn't even know his club's full name until few days ago. Felipe is a very popular name.
  13. Are you sure I am not the one? 😉 I have been buying him since he was a baby
  14. Luiz Felipe of Zorya Luhansk. I get him in every GW I can.
  15. Is Calero still worth buying? This weekend his team conceded 4 goals.
  16. I will not be giving that for Depay. If Depay stays put I don't see how he can rise, may be +1 at a pull. Netherlands is his best chance. Rodri he plays under one of the best defensive manager. So why would you give a DM away when he will only rise?
  17. Shepelyev, Deulund (both dynamo Kyiv), Bijol, Bistrovic(CSKA Moscow), Maresic (though I am not sure of his favoured position irl).
  18. Schlager from Salzburg, Oblyakov (CSKA MOSCOW), so many. Names are slipping through my head atm
  19. Do Russia and Ukraine reviews get done back to back?
  20. Politano, Poulsen of Leipzig, Rebic or Kramaric?
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