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  1. Dude I completely forgot about it. Was playing at the start but since I started using the app it became a pain, specially using the bonus things. Wish I could shake off SM this easily.
  2. Loum of Porto worth keeping?
  3. Akanji for me. Militao got his hype and his hype got his move to RM. Now it's wait and see. Whereas Akanji is doing it at present.
  4. Loving the random reviews. Keeps everybody on their feet. I feel clubs like Wolves and Getafes will benefit from this.
  5. Lozano! He is being linked to Napoli and Tottenham.
  6. Neves of Wolves OR Fernandes of Sporting?
  7. Definitely! Chong has more chance of playing for utd or on loan. Todibo will be stuck in Barca B team.
  8. So his performance till Dec/Jan just gets erased? This means he will be reviewed after 1 and half years. I know De Jong got reviewed after couple of days but Adams is no De Jong. Not sure how many SW members will knock on their door to let SW know
  9. How did De Vrij make the Serie A winter team of the season? What did I miss?
  10. Been playing SM since 2009 and I have managed my share. I even managed teams that I didn't know existed.
  11. Well I can guarantee you I am a human being with two functioning nuts. I call them hyper and naughty.
  12. Hmm the poorer wolf. I would still go with Akanji+Wolf
  13. Dude what can you tell me about Acuna of Sporting Lisbon, is he worth buying?
  14. Two questions - i) Parejo of Valencia or Banega? ii) What do you make of Gacinovic of Frankfurt?
  15. It's hard to say if Son will increase, he has gone quiet. Pogba and Coutinho. Countinho coz he has age on his side. Koke not bad option either but it seems he is married to Atleti and Atleti is producing dross football atm.
  16. Sterling, Dybala (though must say in SM he didn't do well for me), Son, Insigne, Costa, Morata and then Immobile.
  17. The real clubs (if external) bids between 10-20% above CV and that the highest. Other clubs will bid too if you leave it long but it's like just 100k above CV. In my experience if it's the first time external club is bidding and if you reject it, you will get slightly better offer the second time. But sometimes it takes two weeks for the second bid to come. PS: You have to reject the first bid and not wait for it to be automatically rejected.
  18. I think Bayern will come triumph at the end. BVB will buckle if Bayern take a tiny lead.
  19. Which side you would rather be - Side A (Pogba) = Side B (Ndombele+Ox+15m)?
  20. That's the worst possible answer I have read in this forum.
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