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  1. The whole world started functioning and SM is still on holiday? Where do I apply for a job at SM?
  2. Lingard got a rise so everybody deserves a rise
  3. After the reviews are the following players worth keeping? - Xeka Mendes of Lille Laborde Duda Roca Bamba Baku
  4. How good is Leonardo Balerdi?
  5. Definitely keep. Have patience he will come good in sm.
  6. I came across a gw like this once. Though it sounds interesting it is a joy kill after some time. SM season 4 months to complete at most and the real life transfer windows are 6 months apart. Secondly, when the transfers do occur manager(with or without money) waits for the player to become free agent. Thirdly, a player can be vital to one team and then he is forced to sell due to real life transfer. There are few more negatives but all in all the gw got boring and chaotic to a point. But wish you the best if it suits you.
  7. Just saw Argentina was done in Feb and Dutch in March. So any idea which league comes after soon to finish EPL, probably English Championship?
  8. Those 95s aren't coming 😞 but +2 - +3 for VVD is
  9. You wish. It will be just 6 Tottenham players
  10. Players don't get +1 for sitting on the bench 😉
  11. It's gonna be like that. You can't get one world-class player without giving another. Having Buffon I would do it and buy another okay defender to fill Koulibaly
  12. Who are you? What is your sm world name? How do you know so much about me?
  13. Last time(5 mins ago) after I ate biscuits I got diarrhea. You are the Devil of biscuits. Proof? got diarrhea. I am typing this sitting in my commode. Oh good there's no toilet roll in the holder.
  14. Very interesting to see for how long United legend @Sir Rahul will persist +1 for VVD. +2 easily
  15. +2?? Give him +5 and make him the best defender like he really is! He will surely get +2 and I have a feeling +3 might be on the card (1 for performance, 1 for media attention and 1 coz I said so!). YNWA
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