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  1. I have 5 CM named below M'VILA, Yann VIDAL, Arturo KHEDIRA, Sami WILSHERE, Jack Kagawa Shinji and i need to get rid of one but which one? im thinking M'Vila but then does Khedira have a future at Madrid? and Wilshere is a pile of ***t at the moment so will he improve? and Kagawa seems to have no part to play at United. Thoughts?
  2. Re: Need a young LB Didnt think of Shaw actually but yeh he will be a solid riser for years to come. cheers guys for the advice
  3. Re: Need a young LB Yeah i suppose he is more of a CB. he should play last season he was tearing it up for them! So is this Murru likely to go up?
  4. Re: Need a young LB Cheers man. Dont rate Umtiti then?
  5. So I have Alaba but i need a younger back up future star. Who out the selection should i get? Im thinking Umtiti but i know that both Digne and Rodriguez have potential too. Any ideas? Bruno INDI MARTINS Jon AURTENETXE Samuel UMTITI Lucas DIGNE Ricardo RODRÍGUEZ
  6. Re: Squad Purge....need help! ok cheers i will look into those players. Well even so pastore will expect a greater wage than belhanda so it doesnt help me financially.
  7. Re: Help needed! Sell the ones in Bold and keep Hart, having a bit of a bad spell but a quality quality player who is sure to rise imo.getting rid of him would be a mistake. Him and courtois are an awesome pairing to have.
  8. Re: Squad Purge....need help!
  9. Re: Squad Purge....need help!
  10. Re: sahin worth a buy?
  11. Hi guys Im in a competitive world and i am loosing money. I need to get rid of some players and get younger risers in their place that are cheaper. Here is my squad. GK AHAMADA, Ali PERÌN, Mattia Defenders SAKHO, Mamadou CAULKER, Steven MANGALA, Eliaquim SMALLING, Chris SANDRO, Alex VERTONGHEN, Jan AZPILICUETA, César FERNANDES, Mário AKÉ, Nathan Midfielders MOUTINHO, João WARD-PROWSE, James MKHITARYAN, Henrik ERIKSEN, Christian REUS, Marco RODRÍGUEZ, James TEIXEIRA, Alex BELHANDA, Younès Strikers JOVETIĆ, Stevan DAMIÃO, Leandro BENNETT, Mason Any ideas?
  12. Re: *** the new best player *** Went for... 1.Gotze 2.Wilshere 3.Isco 4.Alaba
  13. he is available...will he drop rating wise anytime soon? cheers
  14. which one should i choose?
  15. Re: Sandro of Porto no rise??! err still no rise...are the actually serious?
  16. Re: Isco/Eriksen or M'vila?? cheers guys much appreciated!
  17. who should i go for? i know they play kinda different positions but who will continue to rise?
  18. Re: Sandro of Porto no rise??!
  19. forgive me if im wrong but i was under the impression that sandro deserves a rise??! mangala too perhaps??
  20. Re: Khedira, Vidal or Hamsik? ok thanks!
  21. Which one is the better prospect? Vidal and Hamsik have already risen so would khedira be the better option? cheers
  22. Tee

    yann m'vila

    Re: yann m'vila well that would certainly be a good move! if he does that then he is worth keeping. He is a bit of a balotelli tho.
  23. Worth keeping him? If QPR buy him will his rating drop...defo it they get relegated! what do you guys think??
  24. Re: ozil or fabregas cheers guys much appreciated!
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