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  1. Yeah sorry about that, didn't mean to cause any offence. Anyway im trying this 4-3-3 tomorrow and we'll see how it goes. Thanks and again I'm sorry for being impolite.
  2. Well, team instructions is a bit of a pointless discussion here since you don't know what instructions you counter. Other than that 5-4-1 hasnt rly work for me either so far. And 4-3-3 opens a big gap for the opponents "3" on 4-2-3-1.. Although i havent try this so i might as well and we'll see where it goes..
  3. Am I the only one whos struggling so much against this 4231 narrow ? Any suggestions on how to counter it ? 4-5-1 doesnt seem to be working for me so far.
  4. Wow, I just noticed Paco has something like 10 goals in 280 mins ? Thats crazy.. Btw, Abdou Diallo more likely to hit a a +2 imo.
  5. Nicolas Pepe one of the best of his league atm with 1000+ mins, 8 goals, 5 assists and no rise, rly ? Hope they're not done with Lille.
  6. Youcef Attal they kind of player who steps up his game in 0 seconds.Got reviewed twice in a day, attaboy 😎 Unfair rise for Tameze btw.
  7. Btw this -1 for Jose Fonte in the predictions..Why? Fonte getting full game time, Lille 4th in the league plus he's still active in his NT. Not to mention his recent WC apps..idk It doesn't really follow.
  8. Great thread mate. I only knew about Sebastián CÁCERES who btw I remember was linked with a move to Liverpool last summer or something but it didnt happen.Guess he's a keeper after his rise. All the rest look solid for some moneymaking although the profit from 70 rated players isnt the same on SM anymore. Gj again, keep it up.
  9. Great predictions once again..Really helpful for newcomers. -Hermoso is in for a bigger rise imo.. Id say 86 - 88 and 89 by the end of the season. -Sala should rise to 88. Remember how they treated Ekambi of Angers the same way last season. -Gotta update Lirola. +1 to 86, guess you meant to wright 87.
  10. Guess we gotta wait for Inter manager to come out and say some few good words about Icardi in the hope that SM will notice.
  11. Never heard of him but for all I know Shakhtar will probably sell this random Brazilian guy for a good 50m in the future, as usual 😄
  12. I'd take the bet then. Just from judging from today's risers.You got Bereszynski rising to 88 for a 10th Serie A club and Ruiz with even more mins plus goals/assists, playing for the 5th of La Liga. Actually, Ruiz has to be treated the same way Aouar was.
  13. Nah, more than that.He gotta get a nice +5. But what do i know, I'm all for hindsights according to some ppl 😁 Id keep the trio for the long term. But better be patient with toni lato as Gaya just signed a new 5 yr contract, so Lato will be a nice back-up for a little longer.
  14. Trying to pull 12 o clock wheelies without a bike. I've already said Lirola wont rise that much.
  15. Been bit too generous on your predictions about Lirola.With less than 1000mins playtime and Sassuolo finishing 11th he would have never hit 87😏. Other than that great job mate.
  16. Only thing you can expect is more oil exports. They're out already.
  17. Does it matter ? It is what it is mate
  18. Berke Ozer Rody De Boer Q : Are there any predictions for the Spanish BBVA ? Ive been looking on the forum for some time couldnt find any. Cheers anyway.
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