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  1. Re: Counter formations Guys how can i beat this formation : His avg rat is 90 and mine 87. After 12 league matches this guy hasn't lost one single game, hopefully if I win I go first. Gotta give him a lesson somehow. P.S: It's a home game if that makes things better. Thanks in advance
  2. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) What do you think of Yohan Mollo ? Any chance to rise to 87/88 between the next 2 reviews of Ligue 1 ? Cheers
  3. Re: Jupiler pro league (belgium) How's Frederic Bulot doing with Liege ?
  4. Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013 I heard Scocco is doing great with Newell's. I have him in many of my GC's. Do you think I must keep him or shall i sell him for a younger player ? I think he cant go any upper than 86, or not
  5. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- How good is ALDERWEIRELD doing ? Can you see a rise to the 90'ers or a big transfer in the near future? Not that you have a crystal ball but ima bout to get him so i have to know a little something about him tho
  6. Re: Giorgos Katidis (Greece U-19 Captain) Thanks bud' date=' I'm glad you liked it. He's deffo one for the future. Trust me Lol ye thanks and I got to say that you're on the point. Stafylidis & Bougaidis are some fine players too. In fact I was thinking of doing a little something for Stafylidis soon ;]
  7. Sokratis Dioudis Age : 19 Nationality : Greek Position : Goalkeeper Current Club : Aris National Team : Greece U-19 Rating : 75 (today in DB) | 82 (2014) Player Profile : At the U-19 Euro 2012 there wasn't much of a dilemma for the GK position. Kapino had enough experience-quality already so it was kind of an easy decision for the Head Coach. Greece was doing fine and once they've passed through to the Semi-finals they faced England. Although, an unfair decision by the referee and a red card for Kapino was the start of everything for Dioudis. You can see what happened when he came in, on the video below: 1. Semi-finals Eng vs Gre. Kapino's Red Card + Penalty Save by Dioudis amPeBB_dKWs Highlights of Dioudis at U-19 Euro 2012 vs England (Semi-finals) and Spain (final) : 7Z06PLOai9U Participation at U-19 Euro 12' : Semifinals : England - Greece 0-1 Final : Greece - Spain 0-1 His Future : The main GK of his team (Vellidis) had a small fight with the head coach and he didn't even make it to the bench the last 2 league matches. Dioudis replaced him and did fine. Now it's possible for Dioudis to become no.1 goalie of Aris. He is definitely one to watch and I can assure you that there will be possibly Kapino & Dioudis "fighting" for the position of the main GK in the NT of Greece. Time will tell . Age : 19 yrs | SM Rating : 82
  8. Giorgos Katidis Age : 19 Nationality : Greek Current Club : AEK Athens National Team : Greece U-19 (Captain) Rating : 76 (in DB) Player Profile : Katidis is what we call a versatile player in the Mid. His main position is CM/DM and he can handle both defense and offense. He definitely has approved his offensive skills as the Greek captain scored 5 times as DM (!), at U-19 Euro 2012, last summer. Two of which goals came in the deciding group encounter against Portugal which helped the 2007 runners-up into the last four. He also had an invaluable presence in the semi-final against England when Greece were reduced to ten men. The impressive performances of Katidis led Greece to the U-19 Euro 12' final, where Greece finally lost 1-0 by Spain. According to the official website of UEFA Katidis is among the top 10 talents of the European Under-19 Championship 2012 (http://www.uefa.com/under19/news/newsid=1841410.html). Transfer History, 2012 : Right after his top performances at the U-19 European Championship of 2012, Katidis' club Aris Thessaloniki rejected an offer of 400k from Everton. His higher market value was the main issue. Although, because of a minimum fee that has been set by Aris in the past, any Greek club could buy him for a fee of 100k. Obviously, right after the Euro’s, all the Greek giants (Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Paok etc) were also interested for the player, but he finally joined Aek Athens as he mentioned that he was in need of playtime. His Future : Right now Katidis has made 2 league appearances already with AEK and it’s more than obvious that he will probably have a full season as long as he stays away from cards & injuries. Aek Athens are facing tough days, due to financial problems and they’ve been forced to play with almost their whole youth team (Avg. Age: 22.5 yrs). My prediction is that he will keep going higher and higher and it will be matter of time to make the next step to a bigger club. I suggest you to keep an eye on him, so stay tuned for updates . Age : 19 yrs | SM Rating : 76 > [81/82] Rose to 82 (9 Jan 13)
  9. Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II) Any chance for Davide Astori to rise up ?
  10. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- I know this might be out of topic but from what you've seen in Eredivisie, what's your opinion about the future of Nuytinck, who recently moved to Anderlecht ? I recently bought him as back-up but idk if he's one to keep or not.
  11. Re: The issue Word. I'd grab them for sure if I could.
  12. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- What do you think of NUYTINCK, Bram who recently moved to Anderlecht? I mean from what you've seen in Eredivisie is he worth keeping or he will be just a decent mid-rat player?
  13. Re: -Alain Traoré- Happy that I grabbed in my GC. This guy is a real talent
  14. Re: My Scouting Trip To Russia Good thead, keep updating it. You may check these too : OZDOEV, Magomed of Lokomotiv (Next big thing of Rus.) *** Arseni LOGASHOV of Anzhi ** Magomed MITRISHEV of Terek* Cheers
  15. Re: My Scouting Trip To Russia Good thread, keep updating it. Btw, here are some more players that you all have to check out too : Magomed OZDOEV of Lokomotiv : 357 mins, 1 goal (Next big think of russia along with Kokorin) *** Arseni LOGASHOV of Anzhi : 744 mins ** Magomed MITRISHEV of Terek : 111 mins, 1 goal*
  16. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- What about Bram Nuytinck who recently moved to Anderlecht. Will he stay at around 85/86 or do you see anything special on him ? He's still young tho.
  17. Re: Who do I sell? You can sell the Right Back, Ivan Balliu maybe. I don't see how he can join the First Barca's squad. Dani alves is there and Montoya is coming. He's gonna be a decent player probably. Same for Tallo.
  18. Re: Leitner or markovic? Who to sell? I wouldn't sell any of them. They're both fine, keep them
  19. Re: pato or higuain?who to sell?Any Ideas? Agree. Pato is always injured, he will never have a full season.
  20. Re: YBR - Young Brazilian Risers (Predictions on the first page) Top thread man and really helpful. Keep it up ;]
  21. Re: PAPADOPOULOS, MATIP or YANGA-MBIWA Difficult to tell. Max potential is well-connected with the player's club and that's a fact especially on SM. Right now, Yanga is 23 yrs and probably will go up to 90. I'd say his max rat is around 91/92 and only if Montpellier will keep being in top Ligue-1 positions. Not like they're doing atm lol. I'd say that Papadopoulos has higher potential for many reasons but mainly because of his age (20 yrs). He's young, he's having full seasons already and there are many top clubs that want him. If you ask me, in Schalke he can get at max a 90/91 soon enough. But if he ever move for a better/top club then I can see a 92/93 coming. And about Matip, I've no opinion yet
  22. Hey there, Im Michael coming from Greece and Ive been on SM around 5 years. So today I decided to join the forum community. Hope you're all doing fine
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