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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Can only buy one of them.Rank these players : 1.De Guzman 2.Alex Teixeira 3.Duarte Bernard
  2. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players Speak for urself,was waiting for this player to rise for 7 months,I'm fine with it
  3. Re: New Custom - NEED IDEAS Yes reverie, your opinion does matter if that's what you ask
  4. Re: Official Eredivisie Discussion Thread Feyenoord fans.Seriously?
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Giving Kramer for Geis + Ayoze Peres ?
  6. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players "I can do this, hold my beer" (SoccerKiwi.org)
  7. Re: New Custom - NEED IDEAS Agree on most with ashtini, no empty squads thought.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Jezus!you might wanna give him your crib as well ? No, just no.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Never had the chance to watch Bellerin before, but what's the special about him?Seriously.
  10. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - 12/13 Winter Predictions Up! - by BRNL||- Bas Kuipers with a +1 rise today. Calm down SW, you're way too generous.
  11. Re: Greek Superleage - Risers/Droppers & Player Analysis 2012 This was my last post in this thread btw.
  12. Re: New Custom - NEED IDEAS Does a bear crap in the woods ?
  13. Re: Respuesta: Serie A Rating Predictions Udinese has great young players like Bruno,Evangelista,Zapata,Widmer and a solid GK line with Karnezis,Scuffet & Meret (who I rate as high as Scuffet).But with Karnezis doing great it may take around 1.5 year to hear news from both of them tbh.That's too long in SM terms so yes, for me the best option is to sell Scuffet and keep an eye on him, he's still way too young to be judged.
  14. Re: Greek Superleage - Risers/Droppers & Player Analysis 2012 Bargain Buys of the Year (2015) 1# Charis Charisis | Rated: 73 Position : Defensive Midfielder Club : PAS Giannena Age : 20 yrs old Infos : Olympiacos & Paok are both interested and he will probably leave PAS soon. SM Rating: 73 > 77/76 2# Theofanis Tzandaris | Rated: 77 Position : Defensive Midfielder Club : PAOK FC Age : 21 yrs old Infos : Rejected contract offer from PAOK, he will be a free agent 3 months by now so he probably won't get any more playtime till the end of the season.Rumours say he's leaving Greece for a bigger league. SM Rating: 77 > 82 3# Christos Donis | Rated: 78 Position : Centre Midfielder Club : Panathinaikos Age : 20 yrs old Infos : Probably the biggest talent of Pana right now.Will keep on rising. SM Rating: 78 > 82/81 4# Arthur Masuaku | Rated: 83 Position : Left Back Club : Olympiacos Age : 21 yrs old Infos: A key player for the first team already, with some exciting performances in both UCL & Greek League. Recent member of the French U-21 NT.Top talent,definitely one to watch. SM Rating: 82 > 85/86 5# Giorgos Masouras | Rated: 70 Position : Centre Midfielder Club : Panionios Age : 21 yrs old Infos : What I like to call "young money".Nothing special, fell free to sell after the rise SM Rating: 70 > 75
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... You have to go with Isco atm.
  16. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Both are overhyped.None of them has world-class potential. Icardi just doesn't have the brains for it and Dybala needs 12 attempts to score one.Dybala actually, isn't even a striker, he should be judged as an AM/SS cause that's what he's going to be, if he ever move to a bigger club.
  17. Re: Young cheap talent Have a look on this thread : http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=171864
  18. Re: My team just can't score!!! If you could share with us your recent tacticts/formation it'd be great thought so we can know what's wrong there.Other than that all I can say as an advice is always use most fit players to get 100% out of them.Even if they're at 92% it really affect its game in a bad way,especially the strikers,so better have that in mind next time.
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