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  1. Respuesta: Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    I think these ppl are the real deal from BBVA so far' date=' what do you think B):


    James 91 > 92 Not IMO. He got 91 not long ago. Probably later.

    Carvajal 90 > 91/90 Yes

    Ronaldo 98 > 99/98 Yes (If not now, then never)


    Bravo 89 > 90 Yes

    Neymar 93 > 94 94/93. He has 50/50 of rising or staying.

    Mathieu 90 > 91 Yes

    El Haddadi 78 > 83 Yes


    Bacca 90 > 91 Yes.

    D.Suarez 85 -> 86 Yes

    Krychowiak 87 -> 88 Yes

    Aleix Vidal 86 > 87/88 Yes


    Paco 87 > 88 IMO he should be 89.

    Gaya 82 > 86/85 Yes.


    Moya 88 > 89 Yes

    In bold my opinions. And also IMO:

    Otamendi 89 > 90

    Mustafi 87 > 88

    Andre Gomes 86 > 87/88

    Parejo 90 > 90/91

    Barragan 86 > 87/88

    Radoja 83 > 85

    Nolito 88 > 89

    Sandro Ramírez 80 > 82/83

    Tiago Mendes 89 > 90

    And some more....:D

  2. Respuesta: Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    What's the common consensus on the ratings of these players? Thanks.

    Vezo 83---85

    Bagnack 82---82

    Ie 80---80

    Alba 92---92

    Grimaldo 82---83/84

    Carvajal 90---91/90

    Patric (Gabarron) 83---83

    Koke 92---92

    Gil 86---86

    Cartabia (Fede) 86---86

    De Paul 85---85

    Roman (Joan) 82---83/84

    Dongou 84---84/85

    Araujo (Vinicius) 83---83

    El Haddadi 78---83/84

    In bold my opinions.

  3. Respuesta: Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Does anyone think Siqueira or Ansaldi could hit 90 in the next review? Both have been rotated but Ansaldi seems to be the slightly better performer.

    Also' date='

    Moya +1 [b']YES[/b]

    Orban +1 No, he is not playing enough.

    Cheryshev +1/2 Yes. He is playing very good.

    Pereira Douglas +1/2 No, not at all. He will not rise.


    In bold my opinions.

  4. Respuesta: Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread


    Season 1 Player Of The Year


    -William Carvalho-

    Games Played - 41

    Goals Scored - 24

    Assists - 11

    MOTM's - 8

    Season 1 Young Player Of The Year


    -Tyias Browning-

    Games Played - 18

    Goals Scored - 1

    Assists - 1

    Diego Milito (READING) in my team has scored 25 goals and has given 14 assists; and he has been "Man of Match" 11 times (the most). And he has played only 33 matches. So I think Milito has been the best player of the season IMO. :D

  5. Respuesta: Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Godin - Stay

    Courtois - Stay

    Miranda - Stay

    Turan - +1

    Gabi - Stay

    F. Luis - +1

    Koke - Stay

    R. Garcia - +1

    Tiago - Stay

    Please' date=' what are you talking about. You have no idea of the Spanish league with all due respect.

    Courtois 93

    Miranda 92

    Turan 92

    Filipe 92

    Koke 92

    Tiago 90

    R. Garcia 90

    Juanfran 91/92

    Gabi 91/92

    Costa 93/94

    Villa 92

  6. Respuesta: Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Ronaldo has clearly been better than messi the whole season so he should be rated higher.

    Please, Messi won 5 leagues, 3 UCL, 4 Golden Balls and many more titles to get the rise to 99. Cristiano has won 1 league, 2 cups, 1 UCL and 2 Golden Balls since he is at Real Madrid. He can not be at the same rating as Messi yet.

  7. Respuesta: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    hi all I'll put the jugadore sque can think up

    Casillas 93

    pepe 92-93 I think pepe opportunities to have up to 93

    ramos 95-96

    di maria -94

    carvajal 90-91

    modrick 94

    95 bale

    increases and more and not think there

    good because now I put the athletic madrid

    Curtois 93-94

    juanfran 90-91

    filipe 91-92

    Raul Garcia 90

    burn 91-92

    Costa 93-94

    Villa 91-92

    Ramos and Bale will not rise, and Carvajal will rise to 90 if SM is fair.

    Juanfran, Garcia and Costa will rise for sure.

  8. Respuesta: Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    I analysed Liga BBVA best clubs(Real' date='Barca,Ath.Madrid,Bilbao).

    What is your opinion?

    Pepe-93 [b']Clearly yes. Great level. I don't know yet why he dropped. :confused:[/b]

    Benzema-94 NO. Very irregular player. As a striker is not effective in front of goal. 93 is ok for him IMO and also he dropped in November, so it's soon to rise him again.

    Modric-94 Yes, he has done a great performance. The best midifielder of Real Madrid this season.

    Di Maria-94 Good season too, but I doubt on his rise. If Madrid win UCL I think he will get 94.

    Carvajal-90 Yes, he has played good enough for a rise to 90.

    Jese-89 NO. 89 absolutely not becasue he is injured, but 88 with the level he was demonstrating YES. Anyway, he is a fantastic player for future, he will reach TOP ratings.

    Morata-89 NO. Not in the level of Jese, but a good player who accomplish when playing.

    Sanchez-93 NO, iregular player.

    Puyol-90 Yes, it's evident

    Xavi-95 Yes, his level is dropping too. Normal because of his age

    Costa-94 Yes. Awesome season.

    Courtois-93 Please, now. The best GK.

    Godin-93 NO, he has to be in the same rating as Miranda IMO.

    Miranda-92 Yes, undoubtedly.

    Koke-92 Yes clearly.

    Garcia-91 NO. I think he will get only 90

    Flipe-92 Yes, the best LB in Liga BBVA this season

    Turan-92 Yes, clearly.

    Laporte-89 Yes, great season of the young CB and Bilbao qualifying for UCL

    In bold my opinions.

  9. Respuesta: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Bernard or Jorginho & Sarr? Position is no concern' date=' thanks.[/quote']

    IMO the duo. Jorginho similar potential to Bernard; and it looks like that Sarr has good skills.

    Sakho or Gundogan.

    Sakho will start.

    Gundogan won't.

    I love Gundogan, so I would pick up him.

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