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  1. Re: Gold Championship 1 News It's been an interesting couple of months at TSG Hoffenhiem, with a reshaping of my midfield almost being completed, there have been a few New Signings:- Fernandinho joined from Derby County in exchange for Jordan Henderson and Joel Campbell Andrea Poli joined from Celtic along with Federico Macheda in exchange for Mathieu Debuchy Jakub Blaszczkowski joined from Real Betis in exchange for Dejan Lovren and Abel Hernandez I've also made a new signing up front with Jackson Martinez arriving, also from Real Betis in exchange for Nacho Monreal and Koen Casteels I'm now looking to make some improvements in defence...given my new look midfield, the following players are available in exchange for defenders:- Renato Augusto (90 AM RLC) Alberto Aquilani (90 M,AM C) Walter Gargano (89 DM,M C) Marko Marin (89 AM RLC) And Others... Happy to consider any deal for any 89+ rated defender, PM me.
  2. Re: New view of the website I work in change management and I've been disappointed for a number of years with how SM make changes... Here are some of the issues I have with the latest layout changes:- 1. Poor approach to testing. The layout appears OK in Google Chrome but is buggy is IE. How on earth was this allowed to go live? this indicates poor UAT and/or Operational Readiness testing. 2. Non existent communication. If you're going to change something tell your customers/users why you're making the change and what the benefits are...This NEVER happens on SM. 3. Priority/Resource Management. I get the impression SM is not a big company with a huge team of developers, so they need a strong way of prioritising what development should be completed. Constant changes to the UI seems like a poor return on investment when the customers have been saying for a number of years that there are more important things to develop. 4. UI design. The way SM layout the screens is not intuitive. Even someone who understands the very basics of User interface design can tell you about eye movement and what is a natural way to view a web page, going from left to right (as in the new news feed) rather than top to bottom is not natural.
  3. Re: Game World News Feed - updated A couple of suggestions that could be enhancements.... 1. Think about the priority of how messages should appear in the news feed, if there is a news item with lots of comments you don't want it to disappear the next time a batch of transfers complete. 2. Have a prompt to ask a player to comment on stories relevant to their club when they enter the club page, this could be a recently completed transfer, result or title win. It could also be a response to a comment made by a rival manager - Maybe have an option to turn this feature off in case some managers don't like it... 3. Match build up messages/banter. It would be great if before a game (or after the last round has completed) a manager is prompted to add a comment about up coming important matches, these could be used more frequently when its an important match i.e. against rivals, in the build up to a cup final or title/relegation decider. 4. Impact on squad/player moral. If there was a way of recording the type of comment made (via a drop down box or radio buttons etc) a manager could demonstrate if a comment was positive, negative, a complaint, speculation on title chances etc and they could have an impact on player concerns... i.e. Mess's concerns might increase if the manager played down the chances of winning the title etc but if a manager made comments that he had confidence in his squad and they would win the title and didn't the chairman might get unhappy.. 5. Media speculation. If a manager wants to short list a player they could have the option of posting it in the news and adding a comment about i.e select from a drop down that they would be first choice or an important squad player etc - depending on that players current situation it could impact their concerns so if a player wasn't playing regularly at their current club but would be first choice (based on rating) at the club that is interested this might increase his concerns unless his current manager responded to the speculation in the right way..lots of interest from lots of managers could force a players concerns up quite quickly if they aren't playing - this shouldn't impact youth players unless they are good enough to be in the first team. 6. Rewards for regular contributors. Give regular contributors SM credits.
  4. Re: Game World News Feed - updated The idea in principle is a good one, the more involved a player is in a game world the more likely they are to stay, which means more managed clubs... But some of the layout decisions involved in this change are quite poor, as others have said there is now too much wasted space and it makes the news feed much harder to read and the icons make the club news much harder to read too. Here's a suggestion, use a small comment symbol like the BBC do (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/) and put a number after it to show how many comments there are..a player then clicks on the symbol and a light box opens up (that's the technical term for a box that opens and floats on screen - just like when you click on a players name) or if you're using an older browser you are redirected to another page - this would give you plenty of space for a comments box and plenty of space to show all comments and would give you space to add in the ability to insert pictures etc later as suggested by tonyba. Changing to this layout would allow each news item to use up only one line on screen making it much easier to read... Secondly, drop the symbols - maybe replace them with a drop down filter like the one added to the news feed to select news from a league??
  5. Re: Gold Championship 1 News I have a tough decision to make!! I've been offered the Real Madrid job, they have quality players and an insane amount of cash! But my TSG Hoffenhiem team is my favourite Soccer Manager team, when I took them over they were bottom of the German 2nd division and had nothing in their squad and i've built them up from that!! I've managed them for 450 games, but only won one trophy... I was disappointed not to win the shield recently (well done James) and I've been struggling for a couple of seasons with my league form... Not sure what to do...does anyone have any thoughts?
  6. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Update from TSG Hoffenhiem It's taken 6 months but i've finally been able to sort out my goalkeeper situation! back in February I trade Stephane Ruffier with Flamengo for Mathieu Debuchy (who subsequently rose to a 90) + £15m, I was very happy with the deal at the time, but I found it impossible to sign a replacement. In July I thought I could sign Ali Ahamada when the manager of Wolfsberg (now at UNAM) went crazy and traded all his best players for dross at unavailable clubs (maybe so he could resign them for UNAM...just like he attempted to..). Despite selling 6 goalkeepers to maximise what my chairman would let me pay, I missed out on Ahamada when his transfer ban was up to James Bolton, manager of FC Schalke, well done on the promotion and welcome to the Germany 1st division!! Anyway, 2 weeks ago I finally agreed a deal, a straight swap with Barcelona, Rene Adler for Jeremy Mathieu. I have also been conducting epic discussions with West Ham - which went on for the best part of a month - over various deals, we finally agreed a swap deal, with Andy Carroll and Daniel Williams departing TSG with Martin Kelly and Mehmet Ekici coming the other way. I'm very happy with the deal despite Kelly getting injured playing for Liverpool the day after the deal completed! Ekici is a player i've been monitoring for a while and I'm very happy that he'll be available alongside Lewis Holtby and Tom Cleverley for the CM/AM position(s). I'm always looking for deals contact me if you're interested in doing a trade, I'm looking for any position apart from AM and GK. Plus I will trade almost any player.
  7. Re: Gold Championship 1 News TSG Hoffenhiem Update I've been doing a few deals to try and rebalance my squad... New Arrivals Lewis Holtby arrives from FC Porto in exchange for Christopher Samba plus £4m. Vila Didac arrives from Shakhtar in exchange for Giandomenico Mesto. John Guidetti re-signs from Juventus for £6m. I'll be playing Didac and Adbennour at left back next season so I'm looking to trade Jeremy Mathieu (89, LB/LM, 28, Valencia) ideally for a goalkepeer, message me if you'd like to do a deal.
  8. Re: Gold Championship 1 News I'm looking to make a few changes to my squad... I'll discuss deals for any of the following players:- Mathieu - LB/LM 89 Mesto - RM/RM 89 Zapata - CB/RB 89 Samba - CB 88 Cohade - CM/DM 88 Henderson - CM/RM 88 Cerci - Wing/Fwd 88 Ngog - CF 86 I'm looking for full backs, 1 central midfielder, wide midfielders and a forward.
  9. Re: Gold Championship 1 News I completely agree, you could sort that squad in no time. I thought Thaliwal was going to be an interesting addition to GC1 after I enquired about Benatia, and his opening offer was an exchange for Jordan Henderson, Abel Hernandez AND Alberto Botia...
  10. Re: Gold Championship Format I started this thread a while ago, but didn't have any responses...I thought I'd bump it back up the list! I'm hoping SM will introduce the new match engine early this year, I hope that is followed by an improved GC format...maybe something along the lines of what I posted previously?
  11. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Dynamo Kiev GC3 Eastern Europe. 1 x 89 (Lomearts) 5 x 88 (Griezmann, Wesley, Danic, Ospina & Danze) 80 man squad, oldest player is 29, only 4 players over 25. Other decent players include Kucka (signed with Inter, on load at Genoa until the end of the season) and De Bruyne (rumoured to be signing for Chelsea). £82.5m in the bank. Top teams in the oldest GCs never become available and even half decent ones like this are quite rare!
  12. Re: Many changes to the game comming up Does anyone have any ideas what the media centre might be?
  13. Re: Gold Championship 1 News TSG Hoffenhiem Update Almost a third of the season has already gone and its been an interesting start in Germany. After 11 games Hoffenhiem are 3rd on 18 points, 7 behind leaders Bayern Munich. The improvements made to my defence and in goal since last season have made a big difference, I'm conceding 1.09 goals per game this season compared to 1.65 last season, an improvement of 0.56 goals per game!! Only 3 teams have conceded fewer goals so far this season. I've lost 1 game so far, only Greuther Fürth who are undefeated but sit 11th have lost fewer. I have drawn 6 though, the 3rd worst in the league so I will be looking to tweak my attack over the coming weeks. I don't think i'll be pushing for the title but I expect to be challenging for the SMFA Cup/Shield places and domestic cups.
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