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  1. After all the time away from here, I just had to come back on a day with transfer news like these. Is Raz still touring this part of the Internet? Read the last couple of pages of this thread. Nothing has changed really. Bitter result for United tonight.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread According to BILD, Klopp will take time off to recharge and won't accept another job straight away.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Two things: 1) That result is massively blown out of proportion. The supposed effects this is gonna have are downright ridiculous. 2) Klopp ain't the right man for Liverpool.
  4. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Funny what difference a week can make. I am absolutely stoked. Lovely choreography from our supporters as well setting the tone for the evening. That third goal has to be one of the team goals of the season. Direct passing across half the field.
  5. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Thought that was in. Nice play via the left wing
  6. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread We let the worlds best sports medicine expert go. Hopefully Uli can soothe the waters. Guardiola needs to learn to shut the hell up regarding things he got no clue about. Nobody wants his Spanish doctors. When it rains, it pours.
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Don't see that happening. We still won't have Robben, Ribery, Schweinsteiger, Alaba, Benatia and Javi Martinez next week. We can't compensate that. Both of Porto's fullbacks are suspended next match but we can't capitalize as we got no wingers ourselves. We might win but I don't see us winning enough.
  8. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I am gonna phrase it neutrally and say "entertaining game". Off to cry myself to sleep. See you next year.
  9. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Quaresma is a prick. Plays one good game in the last 10 years and that has to be today.
  10. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread True. Plus Xabi Alonso hasn't exactly set a new standard for def mids today either. He has just been as bad. And Dante. And the other 9 men....
  11. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Boateng now as defensive midfielder. I'd be worried if it was the first time ever he played that position but... Oh wait....
  12. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Bernat lol. We somehow forgot how to play basic football
  13. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Ref just interrupts our attack. Interesting.
  14. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Screw this. Shocking.
  15. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I'll take that loss if someone guarantees me that it stays 2:1 for Porto. Completely uncharacteristic game from us. Passing is atrocious. Ball control (Xabi Alonso almost with his second howler) even worse. Must be the Portuguese air. We are lucky if we leave that stadium being only one goal down. Nobody on the bench as injury-ridden.
  16. Re: Official Manchester City Thread I find it somewhat amusing that you want a manager and 2-3 players from a team that has been nothing but woeful this season. I have no idea how players like G√ľndogan and Subotic can still have that high a reputation abroad when they have been either injured or shocking the last couple years.
  17. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread These have to be the worst 20 minutes I have seen us play this season. Can't string 2 passes together. Dante is trying his best to get subbed off again after 30 minutes
  18. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread I think Klopp will take a year off and then go to an EPL club. Edit: Scratch that. Just seen the press conference where he said that he is supposedly not in any contact with another club but that he also doesn't plan to take a year off. Riiiight...
  19. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread I'd say Gladbach who, according to DoF Eberl, are still in contact with him or potentially Brazil. He is 31 already; don't see him starting off completely new anywhere. Gladbach bought Stranzl as a 31-year old and it worked out well for them. I see them doing the same for Dante if he is willing to take a big pay cut. His problem is that he still hasn't come to terms with the 7:1 loss against Germany. Completely different player since then. Has lost all confidence and it's showing big-time.
  20. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Dante subbed off after an abysmal first 30 minutes of his. He was already complaining about not playing in recent weeks. He ain't gonna be there come next season.
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