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  1. Re: Where do I need to improve? could not find a decent thread on him so here goes nothing
  2. Re: |- Kurt Zouma -| Clearly you can miss the money, so go for it!
  3. Re: Wojciech SZCZESNY + 20m= J.Hart?? Towards the end of his career if the game was boring he would regularly go and get a stool to sit on in goal.
  4. Re: NEW Custom Gameworld: Football Legends signed this guy for a few of my teams a while back after coming across him on Soccerway
  5. Re: Joel Pohjanpalo - Huge Talent. Use the money you get for rio to buy a few young CB's?
  6. Re: Thiago Silva or Mats Hummels to replace Ferdinand at Man Utd been mentioned in previous post
  7. Re: Young players to buy? If you want to move the ball quickly and accurately you can do so with Direct passing.
  8. Re: Help needed - Coventry city Tactic I'd be embarrassed if I failed to pick up three points against Juventus.
  9. Re: How to fix the finance situation! they are up to 6th in their league, just a point off the play offs.
  10. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - The Battle for the Big Break I am trying every attacking formation out and hardly having any luck. currently get more draws than wins.
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